Casetify Vs. Case-Mate: Which Brand Offers Better Phone Cases?

Finding the perfect phone case to protect your device while also reflecting your personal style can be a challenge. Two popular case brands—Casetify and Case-Mate—both offer fashionable designs. But how do they compare in terms of features and quality?

In this detailed guide, we’ll examine the pros, cons, key differences, and similarities between Casetify and Case-Mate. Learn how the cases stack up on drop protection, customization, price, durability, and more. Discover which brand may be the better choice for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Protection LevelSlim, basic protectionRugged, heavy-duty available
Case VarietyFocused selectionWider range of case types
CustomizationFully customizable casesLimited custom options
StyleTrendy patterns and collaborationsFun patterns, licensed cases
Price Range$35-$85$20-$50+
DurabilityLess durable slim casesRugged cases most durable
FeaturesMinimal featuresScreen protectors, kickstands, etc
Target AudienceTeens and young adultsBroad appeal

Overview of Casetify and Case-Mate

First, let’s start with a quick look at what defines these two case brands:


Casetify Phone Case
Casetify Phone Case
  • Founded in 2011
  • Based in Hong Kong
  • Trendy, artsy aesthetic
  • Customizable case designs
  • Focus on sleek, slim protection


  • Established in 2006
  • Based in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Range of stylish, whimsical cases
  • Licensed brand collaborations
  • Rugged, impact-resistant styles

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Key Differences Between Casetify And Case-Mate

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s see how the cases themselves compare.

  • Protection Levels

The most important job for any phone case is protecting your device. So how do they rate for drop defense?

Casetify’s slim, minimalist cases provide basic protection against scratches, scuffs, and low-impact drops. But they aren’t the most heavy-duty.

Case-Mate offers a spectrum of protection levels. Rugged styles like the Twinkle Stardust Glitter case have 10-foot drop protection. But slimmer cases sacrifice some toughness.

For maximum impact absorption, Case-Mate’s rugged styles are your best bet. But Casetify covers the basics if you prefer a low-profile case.

  • Case Styles and Options

The companies offer a wide selection of case styles and types:

Casetify focuses on slim cases like:

  1. Snap cases
  2. Transparent bumpers
  3. Leather and vegan leather
  4. Wallet folios
  5. Printed grips

Case-Mate has greater variety:

  1. Slim protective cases
  2. Rugged 2-piece frames
  3. Glitter floating cases
  4. Waterfall liquid glitter
  5. Wallets
  6. Built-in screen protectors
  7. And more

Case-Mate wins for sheer range of innovative case types for every need.

  • Customization

Both brands let you customize select case styles:

Casetify is renowned for its customizable cases. Upload your own photos and designs or customize text for a personalized case.

Case-Mate offers monogramming on certain cases as well as its Design It Yourself studio where you can create collages. But custom options are more limited.

For made-to-order uniqueness, Casetify is the undisputed champion of custom phone cases.

  • Appearance and Colors

These brands both offer beautiful and fun case designs:

Casetify features trendy patterns and artistic themes like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Their aesthetics are geared toward teens and young adults.

Case-Mate provides classy patterns, glitter floating effects, and bold colors suited for teens to adults. Licensed cases feature brands from Disney to Vera Bradley.

Both CASETIFY and Case-Mate provide plenty of stylish options. It just comes down to your favored looks.

  • Price Range

Pricing is another key consideration. Here’s how they compare:

Casetify cases cost approximately $35-$85 based on the design. Custom cases are at the higher end.

Case-Mate cases range from $20 for simple styles up to $50+ for luxury collaborations. Custom cases cost extra.

Casetify’s higher style quotient comes at a premium. But both offer quality cases at reasonable price points for the designs.

  • Durability

You want a case that will last. How long will these cases stand up?

Casetify’s slimmer minimalist cases may show wear sooner. Some users report splits at the edges after 6 months or less.

Case-Mate’s bulkier styles have thicker sides and corners to better handle drops and dings. Rugged cases last over a year with proper care.

If you’re tough on cases, Case-Mate’s durable construction is the winner for longevity. Prioritize Casetify for sleekness instead.

  • Case-Friendly Features

Certain case features help maximize your phone’s functionality:

Casetify cases emphasize aesthetics over function. But some have handy ring bands.

Case-Mate offers more case-friendly features like:

  1. Built-in screen protectors
  2. Folding wallet compartments
  3. Ring bands
  4. Camera protectors
  5. Adjustable kickstands

Case-Mate focuses more on enhancing functionality—a key advantage.

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  • Brand Reputation

Both companies have strong brands, but here is how consumers perceive them:

Casetify is viewed as trendy, artsy, fashion-forward and designed for younger crowds. Their unique designs are a key selling point.

Case-Mate has a reputation for protection thanks to rugged case styles. Their fun patterns appeal broadly to teens, tweens, and young adults.

Casetify gets points for stylishness, while Case-Mate wins for protective qualities. Pick what matters most to you.

  • Environmental Impact

Eco-conscious consumers should consider the brands’ sustainability:

Casetify has partnered with organizations like Carbonfund to offset carbon emissions. Some cases use recycled materials like upcycled phone cases.

Case-Mate uses some recycled plastics in cases and packages. But they have fewer environmental initiatives than Casetify.

For eco-friendly phone cases, Casetify is the leader in sustainable practices currently. There’s room for both brands to improve further.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Casetify special?

Some key things that make Casetify phone cases unique include: Their wide range of customizable case options – add your own photos, texts, designs, Stylish, artistic-inspired case graphics and prints, Slim, modern case shapes crafted for various iPhone and Android models, Partnerships with brands and artists for novel looks, Environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices. With Casetify, you can create a case as unique as your sense of personal style.

How long should Casetify cases last?

With proper care, most standard Casetify phone cases should last 6-12 months before signs of wear if used daily. The slimmer cases may split at the edges or corners after 6 months. More heavy-duty styles may last over a year. Avoid dropping the case to maximize its lifespan.

What are Case-Mate cases made of?

Case-Mate crafts their protective phone cases from durable materials like: Rigid polycarbonate plastic for structural support, Thermoplastic polyurethane for impact absorption, Acrylic for decorative accents
Leather or vegan leather. These high-quality materials provide both protection and style.

How long does Case-Mate take to ship?

Case-Mate offers standard shipping and express 2-day shipping. Standard shipping takes 3-7 business days via USPS. Express shipping delivered in 2 business days costs extra. Order by 2 PM EST for same day processing. Add a day for processing otherwise. International shipping takes 4-15 days.

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The Bottom Line

To recap the key differences:


  • Slim, minimalist protection
  • Maximum customization available
  • Trendy patterns and collaborations
  • Higher pricing but unique designs
  • Targets mainly teens and young adults


  • Rugged, durable styles available
  • More case types and features
  • Fun patterns and licensed cases
  • Reasonably priced
  • Broad appeal across ages

Choose Casetify if you want a customized, Instagram-worthy case. Pick Case-Mate for rugged protection and built-in features. Either brand makes a fantastic case. It just comes down to matching their strengths with your priorities.

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