Leon Scrubs Vs. Chisec FIGS: Which Should You Choose?

Medical scrubs are essential gear for healthcare professionals. With long shifts on your feet, you need scrubs that are comfortable, durable, and stylish. Two popular scrub brands are Leon Scrubs and Chisec Figs. Both offer modern scrubs made from proprietary fabrics.

But should you go with Leon or Chisec for your next set of medical scrubs? This comprehensive guide compares the key factors between Leon and Chisec Figs to help you decide. We’ll look at performance, comfort, fit, pricing, and more. Time to find your perfect match!

At a Glance Comparison

Before we dive into the details, here is an overview of how Leon and Chisec Figs stack up:

FeatureLeon ScrubsChisec Figs
Core FabricProprietary CottonUltraProprietary FION sentirTM
Fabric Weight7 oz (heavyweight)4 oz (lightweight)
StretchMinimal 2-way stretch4-way stretch
Moisture WickingNoYes
Pockets6 pockets2 pockets
FitClassic, roomy fitSlim, fitted silhouette
Size RangeXS-4XLXS-3XL

Key differences are Leon’s heavyweight fabric versus Chisec’s lightweight, stretchy material. Leon has more pockets while Chisec offers a slimmer, modern fit. Chisec costs more but is moisture-wicking. Keep reading for more details!

Detailed Feature Comparison

Now let’s dive deeper into how Leon Scrubs and Chisec Figs stack up across major features.

Fabric and Materials

The fabric is arguably the most important factor in medical scrubs. It determines the comfort, durability, and performance you get.

Leon Fabric

Leon Scrub

Leon Scrubs are made from their proprietary CottonUltra fabric. It’s a cotton-rich blend that incorporates performance fibers like polyester and spandex.

Key fabric features:

  • Heavyweight – 7 oz thick material
  • Minimal 2-way stretch
  • Durable, wrinkle resistant
  • Antimicrobial treated

Chisec Figs Fabric

Chisec Figs uses their proprietary FION sentirTM performance fabric. It’s a lightweight polyester/spandex blend.

Key fabric features:

  • Lightweight – 4 oz material
  • 4-way stretch for better mobility
  • Moisture-wicking and quick-drying
  • Antimicrobial treated

Leon’s heavyweight CottonUltra fabric stands out for its durability and structure. Chisec’s lightweight FION material provides more stretch and breathability. It comes down to your preference – durable and sturdy vs stretchy and moisture-wicking.

Pockets and Storage

Having ample pockets to carry tools and supplies is a must for medical apparel.

Leon Scrubs offer an advantage here with 6 total pockets, including:

  • 2 hip pockets
  • 2 cargo pockets
  • 1 back hip pocket
  • 1 chest pocket

Chisec Figs have just 2 front hip pockets. Less storage overall.

If you need lots of pockets, Leon is the clear winner. For minimalists, Chisec’s sleeker 2 pocket design may appeal.

Fit and Sizing

Finding scrubs with just the right fit for your body type is crucial for long-lasting comfort.

Leon Fit

Leon Scrubs have a classic, roomy fit. They are designed to allow easy movement and unrestricted bending, stretching, and reaching.

The roomy cut provides comfort, but some may find it less flattering.

Chisec Figs Fit

Chisec FIGS
Chisec FIGS

Chisec Figs have a slim, modern, tailored fit. The stretch fabric contours and shapes to your body.

The slimmer cut has a more stylish, flattering silhouette. But it may feel restrictive for some body types.


Both brands offer an extensive size range:

  • Leon: XS-4XL
  • Chisec: XS-3XL

Chisec has less sizes, lacking 4XL. For plus sizes, Leon is better.

Overall, Leon offers roomy comfort while Chisec provides a sleek, tailored look. Choose the fit that suits your needs and style preferences.

Price and Value

Let’s compare the pricing and value you get between the two brands:

Leon Scrubs

Leon Scrubs cost between $20-$40 per piece. Tops and jackets cost more, around $40-$55.

Given their proprietary thick CottonUltra fabric and abundance of pockets, Leon Scrubs offer excellent quality and features for the moderate price point.

Chisec Figs

Chisec Figs prices range from $50-$80+ per piece. Tops and jackets can run up to $90.

The pricing is on the high end. But you’re paying for the proprietary performance fabric and modern, contoured fit.

Chisec Figs cost noticeably more across the board. But fans feel the premium features and styling justify the higher price tag.

Leon Scrubs offer great value at the lower price point, if you don’t need the stretch and fitted silhouette of Chisec.

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Additional Factors

Beyond the major features above, here are some other considerations:


Both brands offer a wide range of fun, vibrant colors from solids to prints. Lots of options for self-expression.

Wrinkle resistance

Leon’s thick CottonUltra fabric holds up well against wrinkles. Chisec’s lightweight material is prone to more wrinkling.

Family matching

Chisec Figs offers matching styles for the entire family – kids, men, maternity. Great for coordinating.

Leon currently only makes women’s scrubs.


Chisec uses sustainable manufacturing processes and recycled materials, better for the environment.


Chisec provides a wider range of scrub hats, shoes, masks, and scrub jacket options to complement your scrubs.


Both companies have outstanding reputations, reviews, and satisfied customers. Quality brands.

Key Pros and Cons

To summarize the main pros and cons:

Leon Scrubs Pros

  • Roomy, flexible fit
  • Durable heavyweight fabric
  • 6 pockets for storage
  • Affordable pricing
  • Sizes up to 4XL

Leon Cons

  • Less stretchy
  • Not moisture-wicking
  • Limited matching family options
  • Less stylish fit

Chisec Figs Pros

  • Lightweight, stretchy fabric
  • Moisture-wicking, quick-drying
  • Slim, modern tailored fit
  • Matching styles for whole family

Chisec Figs Cons

  • Only 2 pockets
  • Runs small, less plus sizes
  • Expensive, higher price points
  • More prone to wrinkling

Which Brand is Best For You?

With the key comparisons in mind, which brand is better for your specific scrub needs?

Chisec Figs is ideal for:

  • Those who prefer lightweight, stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics
  • People who like a slim, tailored, flattering silhouette
  • Medical professionals able to afford the higher price points
  • Matching entire families in coordinating styles

Leon Scrubs is better for:

  • Anyone wanting durable, wrinkle-resistant heavyweight fabric
  • Those who need lots of storage pockets
  • People seeking comfort with a roomy, flexible fit
  • Plus size wearers needing sizes up to 4XL
  • Shoppers looking for quality on a budget

Both are excellent brands. Choose based on your fit, fabric, style, and budget preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Chisec and Leon?

Here are the key differences between Chisec and Leon scrubs:
Chisec uses a lightweight, stretchy, moisture-wicking proprietary fabric called FION sentirTM.
Leon uses a thicker, durable proprietary fabric called CottonUltra that is wrinkle-resistant.
Chisec has a slim, fitted, tailored silhouette.
Leon has a looser, roomier fit for maximum comfort and movement.
Leon has 6 pockets for lots of storage.
Chisec has just 2 front pockets for a sleeker look.
Chisec Figs cost $50-$90 per piece, on the expensive end.
Leon Scrubs cost $20-$55 per piece, more budget-friendly.
In summary, Chisec offers stretchy athletic performance while Leon provides durable classic comfort. Choose based on your preferences.

What brand of scrubs is closest to Figs?

The scrub brand closest to Figs is likely Jaanuu – they also use antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fabric and have a tailored fit. But Figs still stands out as the original innovator.

What is Chisec?

Chisec is a scrub brand that manufactures stylish, high-performance athletic scrubs similar to Figs. They use proprietary fabric called FION sentirTM designed for stretch, moisture-wicking, and comfort.

What’s so special about figs scrubs?

What makes Figs scrubs special is they were the first to truly modernize medical uniforms. Their proprietary FIONTM fabric provides stretch, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial properties unmatched by traditional scrubs. The athletic tailored fit is also more stylish. Figs essentially elevated scrubs from boxy and basic to comfortable and confidence-boosting. Their innovations have influenced the entire industry.


Leon Scrubs and Chisec Figs both make professional, comfortable medical apparel using high-tech proprietary fabrics. Key differences come down to Leon’s roomy classic cut and durable thick fabric versus Chisec’s slim modern styling and stretchy lightweight material.

For most shoppers, the decision will be based on fit and pricing. Leon offers outstanding value for budget-conscious buyers. Healthcare professionals who can invest more will appreciate Chisec’s moisturizing performance material and flattering silhouette.

Hopefully this detailed comparison gives you a clear overview of how Leon and Chisec stack up. Whether you choose signature CottonUltra or innovative FION sentirTM fabric, enjoy the confidence and comfort that comes with wearing quality medical scrubs.

Leon Scrubs and Chisec Figs both make professional, comfortable medical apparel using high-tech proprietary fabrics. Key differences come down to Leon’s roomy classic cut and durable thick fabric versus Chisec’s slim modern styling and stretchy lightweight material

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