Australia Luxe Vs. UGG: Battle of the Sheepskin Boots

When it comes to soft, cozy sheepskin boots, two major brands come to mind: Australia Luxe and UGG. Both offer boots lined with plush shearling that keep your feet warm and comfy.

But with similarities in materials and style, you may be wondering – what’s the difference between Australia Luxe and UGG? Should you pay more for the original UGG boots or opt for the potentially more affordable Luxe alternative?

To help you decide which brand is better for your needs, below we compare Australia Luxe and UGG head-to-head. We’ll analyze the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next pair of fuzzy boots.

Australia Luxe Vs. Uggs Comparison Table

FeatureAustralia LuxeUGG
MaterialsSheepskin, suedeSheepskin, suede
TractionModerateLess grip
Water resistanceSpray-on treatmentScotchgard treatment
Style varietyFewerMany styles
SizingRuns smallTrue to size
Country of originAustraliaChina

Now let’s dive into the details on each brand.

All About Australia Luxe Boots

Australia Luxe boots are made by the Australian footwear company Australia Luxe Collective. As you may have guessed from the name, their boots are designed and crafted in Australia.

The materials used include premium grade sheepskin and plush Australian shearling. The boots feature a suede upper and a rubber sole. They’re known for having great traction that can handle wet surfaces.

Australia Luxe boots come in a few classic silhouettes like traditional Uggs along with some unique styles like their Cozy Knit boots. You can buy waterproofing spray to treat the suede. They run on the small side so sizing up is recommended.

Here are the main pros and cons of Australia Luxe boots:


Australia Luxe boots
  • Made in Australia from quality materials
  • Durable rubber sole with good traction
  • Warm and comfortable sheepskin lining
  • Waterproofing spray can protect suede
  • Traditional Uggs-like look


  • Expensive – $200+ per pair
  • Limited style selection
  • Runs small, so sizing can be tricky
  • Not as well known as Ugg brand

If you want timeless sheepskin boots made in Australia with excellent construction, Australia Luxe delivers. Just keep sizing and style variety in mind.

All About UGG

UGG are arguably the most famous and recognizable sheepskin boots worldwide. The boots originated in Australia but expanded globally as the UGG brand grew.

UGG consist of suede uppers lined with plush sheepskin shearling. The outsole is made from lightweight and flexible EVA. The soles provide less traction than rubber would. Many UGG styles are treated with Scotchgard protector to resist water and stains.

Beyond the classic boot, UGG offers a huge selection of boots, shoes, and sandals in colors from neutral tan to bright patterns. Their sizes generally fit true to size.

Here are the major pros and cons for UGG:


UGG boot
  • Very soft sheepskin lining
  • Wide range of styles and colors
  • Scotchgard treated suede
  • True to size fit
  • Brand name recognition


  • Made in China to lower costs
  • EVA soles lack traction
  • Expensive – $150-$300 per pair

Uggs are the go-to brand for plush sheepskin boots with lots of styling options. Just expect to pay more for the brand name.

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Direct Comparison of Australia Luxe Vs. UGG

Now let’s directly compare some of the biggest factors between Australia Luxe and UGG:

Materials and construction quality

  • Australia Luxe uses thicker sheepskin and sturdier rubber soles.
  • UGG use softer sheepskin with more delicate EVA soles.

Comfort and warmth

  • Both offer premium cozy sheepskin lining though UGG may have a slight edge in softness.
  • The fit of Australia Luxe runs smaller than UGGs’ true-to-size boots.

Style choices

  • Australia Luxe has a narrow selection focused on traditional silhouettes.
  • UGG offers dozens of colors and unique styles like flats, sneakers and more.

Traction and grip

  • The rubber soles of Australia Luxe provide much better wet/snow traction than UGGs’ EVA soles.

Water resistance

  • Both brands offer waterproofing sprays to treat the suede exterior.

Price and value

  • Australia Luxe has a moderate price-point while UGG cost more for the brand name.
  • But Australia Luxe is considered good value for the quality while UGG pricing is seen as inflated.

Country of origin

  • Australia Luxe boots are made in Australia.
  • UGGs are made in China which cuts costs but has drawn criticism.

Overall, Australia Luxe wins for durability while UGG excel in variety and brand cache. But there are excellent reasons to consider either sheepskin boot brand depending on your preferences.

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Which is Better: Australia Luxe or Uggs?

With this comparison in mind, which brand comes out on top – Australia Luxe or UGG?

For shoppers who want:

  • A lower price – Australia Luxe is the better value choice.
  • Traditional UGG styles – Either brand fits the bill here.
  • More unique boot options – UGG offers far more variety.
  • A durable and well-made boot – Australia Luxe is the winner.
  • Known brand name – UGG has much wider global recognition.
  • Made in Australia – Go with Australia Luxe.

For many shoppers, it comes down to cost versus quality:

  • If you want an affordable sheepskin boot, UGG is likely the better option.
  • If top-notch construction is important, choose the Australia Luxe boot.

Both brands will keep your feet ridiculously comfortable and warm. Focus on factors like budget, preferred styles and sizing to choose the right sheepskin boot for you between Australia Luxe and UGG.

Watch this video about UGGs boots!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What boots are better than UGG boots?

While UGGs are very popular, some other boot brands exceed them in certain areas:
Durability – Brands like Timberland, Dr. Martens, Blundstone, and Redback make longer-lasting boots.
Weather protection – Sorel, Kamik, and Baffin offer better protection in cold and wet conditions.
Traction – Icebug and other hiking boot brands provide superior grip for slippery surfaces.
Support – Mephisto, Ecco, and Dansko have better arch support for foot pain issues.
Insulation – Extreme cold weather boots from Canada Goose, Sorel, and Kamik retain more warmth.
Work use – Boots from Wolverine, Caterpillar, and Dr. Martens hold up better to heavy work and construction use.
So while Uggs excel at plush comfort for casual wear, other boots beat them for performance attributes like weatherproofing, support, and durability.

What is the difference between UGG boots and UGG Australia?

UGG and UGG Australia refer to the same company and brand of boots. Originally founded in Australia, here’s how the naming works:
1. UGG is the brand name that has become synonymous with sheepskin boots.
2. UGG Australia is the original company that manufactures UGG boots. They added “Australia” to emphasize the boots’ Australian roots.
3. Deckers Outdoor Corporation owns UGG Australia and distributes the UGG brand worldwide.
So UGG and UGG Australia use different wording but they refer to the same boots from the same company. The UGG branding is more commonly used in marketing and advertising the famous boots. But the parent company remains UGG Australia.

Is Australia Luxe a good brand?

Yes, Australia Luxe is considered an excellent sheepskin boot brand by both experts and customers:
They earn strong reviews from fashion and footwear sites regarding their materials, construction quality, comfort and value.
The boots are crafted from premium grade sheepskin and suede. The rubber soles add durability lacking in many Uggs.
Reviews praise the plush warmth and comfort of the natural wool lining.
Customers say Australia Luxe boots hold up well for years of consistent wear.
Made in Australia and avoid outsourcing seen in other brands.
Classic styles remain on-trend for years versus more fleeting fashion trends.

What are UGG boots called in australia?

In Australia, UGG boots are simply referred to as “ugg boots” – the term is generic rather than referring to the specific UGG brand.
“Ugg” is short for “ugly” in Australian slang, which referred to the boots’ initially unattractive appearance before they caught on as a fashion trend.
In Australia, “ugg boots” can refer to any type of boot made from sheepskin and shearling, not just the UGG brand.
Generic ugg boots have been worn in Australia for decades as comfortable footwear around the home.
It wasn’t until the 1970s when Australian surfer Brian Smith brought ugg boots abroad and founded the UGG brand that the boots became a global fashion item.
So in Australia, ugg boots are a generic product rather than a brand name. The term is used to describe the sheepskin boot style that originated in Australia and New Zealand before the UGG company made them famous worldwide.

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When comparing premium sheepskin boots, both Australia Luxe and UGGs stand out as high quality options. The choice between the two brands really depends on your priorities.

For shoppers who value made in Australia quality and construction, Australia Luxe is the winner. Their attention to sheepskin grade and sturdy soles brings good value at a bit lower cost than UGGs.

Those wanting the famous UGG name along with the largest selection of colors and silhouettes should go for UGGs. Their plush comfort and brand cache comes at a higher price point.

Ultimately you can’t go wrong with either boot brand. Focus on your personal preferences for cost, style, and sizing to pick the fuzzy sheepskin boots that are your perfect match. Your feet will thank you!

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