Ogee Vs. Seint: Comparing Two Innovative Makeup Brands

Finding the right makeup that combines performance, quality ingredients, and ethical standards can be a challenge. Two emerging cosmetic brands – Ogee and Seint – aim to check all those boxes. But how exactly do these modern makeup lines compare?

This in-depth guide stacks up Ogee and Seint across key factors like ingredients, finish, price, and more. Read on for a detailed comparison and discover which innovative brand is best for your beauty routine!

At a Glance Overview

Before diving into the details, here is a high-level overview of how Ogee and Seint makeup compare:

PositioningGreen beautyClean clinical beauty
Key FeaturesOrganic, vegan, cruelty-freeScience-based actives, clean
Price Point$$$$$
Foundation FinishRadiant glowVelvet matte
Shade Range14 shades40 shades
Return Policy60 days30 days
Brand ReputationPositiveExcellent

In a nutshell, Ogee focuses on organic ingredients while Seint uses clinical active ingredients. Seint has lower prices and more foundation shades. But Ogee offers a glowy finish and longer returns. Keep reading for more details!

Ingredient Quality Comparison

One of the most critical factors in any makeup is the ingredient quality and formulations. Here is how Ogee and Seint compare:

Ogee Ingredients


Ogee takes a green, clean beauty approach with:

  • Organic extracts and oils
  • Plant-based pigments
  • No synthetic chemicals, fillers, GMOs
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable

They avoid any controversial ingredients and use organic botanicals like rosa mosqueta oil and calendula extract to nourish skin.

Seint Ingredients

Seint focuses on clinically-proven active ingredients like:

  • Peptides for collagen production
  • Hyaluronic acid for hydration
  • Ceramides to reinforce skin barrier
  • Niacinamide for brightness

While not 100% organic, they exclude roughly 3000 potentially harmful ingredients.

Ogee offers fully organic beauty, while Seint opts for science-backed actives. Ogee is better for purists while Seint gives your skin care benefits. Depends if you prefer natural or clinical ingredients!

Formula Finish Comparison

The right makeup finish can either create a flawless complexion or cake up. Here is how Ogee and Seint foundations compare:

Ogee Foundation

Ogee’s liquid foundation finish is:

  • Radiant glow with light coverage
  • Illuminates skin with a dewy look
  • Sheer and breathable on skin
  • Buildable to medium coverage

It lets natural beauty shine through. But those wanting full coverage may need concealer.

Seint Foundation


Seint’s foundation finish is:

  • Velvet matte full coverage
  • Minimizes pores and imperfections
  • Controls oil and stays put all day
  • Photo-friendly, non-cakey

It gives flawless polish for events or filming. Can be drying for dry skin.

Ogee gives you effortless glow. Seint provides camera-ready full coverage matte perfection. Choose radiant and sheer vs velvet and flawless!

Price and Value Comparison

Pricing plays a key role in choosing quality cosmetics that fit your budget. How do Ogee and Seint compare cost-wise?

Ogee Pricing

As a premium green beauty brand, Ogee prices sit on the higher end:

  • Foundation: $68
  • Concealer: $42
  • Lipstick: $36
  • Eyeshadow Palette: $85

You pay more for organic ingredients and ethical production. But the glowy finish and skin care benefits make it worthwhile for green beauty fans.

Seint Pricing

Seint prices are mid-range:

  • Foundation: $45
  • Concealer: $25
  • Lipstick: $18
  • Eyeshadow Palette: $39

Their clinical actives provide results at an accessible price point. Significant savings versus designer or green brands.

Ogee costs about 1.5x more across the board. But Seint also forgoes expensive organic ingredients. Seint gives great bang-for-buck, while Ogee offers premium green beauty.

Shade Range Comparison

Finding an exact shade match for your complexion is so important. How do the brand’s ranges stack up?

Ogee Shades

Ogee foundation comes in 14 flexible shades from light to deep. Adjustable coverage helps further customize the match.

Their streamlined range aims to simplify choosing. But less options make finding an ideal match trickier.

Seint Shades

Seint foundation offers 40 shades spanning fair, medium, tan, and dark skin with neutral, cool, warm undertones.

Their expansive range makes color matching seamless. The exact right shade for you is likely available.

Seint far surpasses Ogee with nearly 3x more foundation shades. More options make nailing your perfect match much easier.

For hard-to-match skin, Seint is the clear winner. Ogee’s minimal shades are limiting.

Additional Product Comparisons

How do other key products from the two brands compare beyond complexion?


  • Ogee: Dewy radiant finish, organic ingredients
  • Seint: Full coverage matte, peptides & caffeine to depuff


  • Ogee: Buttery shimmers, bold mattes, organic oils
  • Seint: Smokey neutrals, soft glitters, buildable pigment


  • Ogee: Vibrant satin creamy finish, organic oils
  • Seint: Velvety matte formula, plumping peptides


  • Ogee: masks, oils, cleansers from botanical extracts
  • Seint: treatments with actives like retinol, vitamin C

Ogee excels at glowy, natural makeup with green cred. Seint delivers coverage, smoothing, and skin care.

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Return Policies

The return policy gives peace of mind if a product doesn’t work out.

Ogee offers a generous 60 day return window to get a full refund, no questions asked!

Seint has a standard 30 day return policy for lightly used products.

For risk-free trial, Ogee is tough to beat. You have double the time to try products.

Brand Reputations

Both brands have stellar reputations and satisfied customer bases.

Ogee is beloved for their organic ingredients, ethical production, and founder’s inspirational story recovering from burns. Fans rave about the glowing, natural finish.

Seint has won praise for high-quality formulas that rival luxury brands at more affordable prices. Customers are amazed by the flawless coverage results.

Overall, you can trust both brands make well-formulated, top-notch makeup that enhances – rather than harms – your skin.

Key Pros and Cons

To recap the main pros and cons of each brand:

Ogee Pros

  • Organic, vegan, cruelty-free
  • Radiant, light-reflecting foundation
  • Generous 60 day returns
  • Positive brand reputation

Ogee Cons

  • Expensive price points
  • Limited foundation shades
  • Lower coverage

Seint Pros

  • Extensive range of foundation shades
  • Smooth full coverage matte foundation
  • Clinical active ingredients provide results
  • Reasonable mid-range pricing

Seint Cons

  • Harsher chemical-based formulas
  • Shorter 30 day returns
  • Can look cakey if applied heavily

Which Brand is Best For You?

With this comprehensive comparison in mind, which brand suits your makeup priorities?

Ogee is ideal for:

  • Those wanting organic, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics
  • People with dry or mature skin who want a dewy glow
  • Shoppers willing to pay more for green beauty
  • Makeup minimalists needing only light coverage

Seint is better for:

  • Anyone wanting smoothing full coverage foundation
  • People needing an extensive range of exact-match shades
  • Those with oily skin who prefer a matte finish
  • Budget-conscious shoppers who still want quality
  • Skin care lovers wanting clinically-proven actives

Both brands make outstanding makeup. Choose based on your specific preferences and style!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the top Seint makeup artist?

Here are the key things that make Seint makeup special:
Seint uses clinically-proven ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and ceramides to actively improve skin. This gives real skincare benefits beyond just coverup.
Their foundations provide buildable full coverage with a flawless matte finish that wears beautifully all day. The velvety texture never looks cakey.
Seint offers an extensive range of 40 foundation shades to match any complexion, including fair, medium, tan, dark, neutral, warm, and cool undertones.
The formulas use clean, non-toxic ingredients and exclude over 3000 potentially harmful chemicals.
The prices are very reasonable for the quality, making Seint an affordable luxury brand.

How does Seint makeup compare to other brands?

Compared to designer brands, Seint provides similar results and wear at a fraction of the price. Compared to drugstore brands, Seint formulations are much more advanced.

What products are similar to Ogee?

Some products similar to Ogee that also offer organic, natural makeup are Kosas, Ilia, and RMS Beauty. Like Ogee, these brands make cosmetics with plant-based ingredients and a focus on skin health.

What is so special about Seint makeup?

One of Seint’s top makeup artists is Michelle Rosen. She is a celebrity makeup artist who works with models and actors like Kate Bosworth. Michelle helped develop Seint’s innovative foundations. She frequently posts Seint makeup looks on her Instagram showcasing the brand.

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Ogee and Seint represent two innovative options in the cosmetics world. Ogee commits to organic, vegan ingredients and a radiant sheer finish that lets natural beauty shine through. Seint focuses on skin-enhancing actives and buildable full coverage for flawless perfection.

The right choice comes down to your priorities and preferences:

  • If going green with botanical ingredients is important, Ogee is likely the better fit.
  • If you want major coverage payoff from your makeup, Seint has you covered.
  • Those wanting premium quality at affordable pricing will appreciate Seint.
  • For larger shade ranges and oil control, Seint excels.
  • If you have sensitive skin, Ogee’s gentler formulas may work best.

While the two brands have contrasting approaches, they share a commitment to pushing the industry forward through clean ingredients, ethical standards, and skin-loving formulas. Ultimately, you can feel good about choosing either brand. Apply your ideal finish, find your perfect match, and enhance – never harm – your complexion.

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