Letsfit Vs. Apple Watch: Making The Right Choice For Your Needs

When it comes to smartwatches, the Letsfit and Apple Watch are two popular options. But how do these wearable devices compare?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll evaluate the key differences between the Letsfit Smart Watch and Apple Watch lines across factors like features, accuracy, battery life, durability, compatibility and cost. Read on to determine which may be the better smartwatch for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureLetsfit Smart WatchApple Watch
Price$40 – $80$200+
CompatibilityiOS and AndroidOnly iPhone
Battery Life5-10 days~24 hours
Health SensorsBasic heart rate monitorAdvanced ECG, blood oxygen, more
Fitness TrackingStandard workout modesSophisticated metrics and apps
Water ResistanceIP68 rating5ATM rating
CustomizationLimited optionsHighly customizable
Ease of UseSteeper learning curveVery user-friendly
SupportEmail onlyPhone, chat, email, retail

Overview of Letsfit and Apple Watch

First, let’s provide a quick rundown of these two smartwatch brands:

Letsfit Smart Watch
Letsfit Smart Watch

Letsfit Smart Watch

  • Affordable smartwatch by Chinese company Letsfit
  • Models for both men and women
  • Tracks steps, calories, heart rate and more
  • Receives notifications and customizable watch faces
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Typically $40-$80 price range

Apple Watch

  • Smartwatch created by tech giant Apple
  • Multiple generations and models like Series 8
  • Advanced health sensors and mobile features
  • Seamlessly pairs with iPhone
  • Luxury design and metal construction
  • $200+ for most models

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Key Differences Between Letsfit Smart Watch And Apple Watch

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s see how these watches stack up across key categories.

  • Features and Functions

The features available make or break a smartwatch’s usefulness. Here’s how Letsfit and Apple Watch compare:

Letsfit provides essential health and fitness tracking like:

  1. Steps, calories and distance
  2. Heart rate monitoring
  3. Sleep tracking and staging
  4. Multi-sport tracking modes
  5. Stopwatch and timers
  6. Weather forecasts
  7. Music controls
  8. Call, text and app notifications

Apple Watch includes more advanced capabilities like:

  1. Precision health sensors for ECG and blood oxygen
  2. Fall detection and emergency SOS
  3. Fitness tracking with custom metrics and goals
  4. Swimproof water resistance
  5. GPS for pace and route mapping
  6. Cellular LTE connection on some models
  7. Apple Pay contactless payments
  8. Thousands of apps available

The Apple Watch is the clear winner for in-depth features. But the Letsfit covers all the basic tracking and notifications at a fraction of the price.

  • Ease of Use

You want a smartwatch that’s intuitive to use, even for tech novices.

Apple Watch

Letsfit has a user-friendly interface, but some reviewers find the smartphone app clunky. It provides all needed functions, but takes time to learn.

Apple Watch is designed for seamless simplicity. The digital crown makes navigation a breeze. And it pairs perfectly with iPhone right out of the box.

For a fuss-free experience, first-time users may prefer Apple’s straightforward, polished OS. Letsfit has more of a learning curve.

  • Display and Design

A smartwatch should also look stylish on your wrist. Here are display and design differences:

Letsfit smartwatches have basic rectangular plastic cases in black or pink. Screens are typically 1.3″ LCDs without touch capability.

Apple Watch features a premium squared metal case in colors like black, silver, gold, blue and red. Displays are high resolution OLED Retina touchscreens.

For luxurious design, premium feel and vibrant screen, the Apple Watch certainly outshines the budget-friendly Letsfit. But Letsfit offers practicality at a fraction of the price point.

  • Health Metrics Accuracy

When it comes to health tracking, accuracy is vital. How precise are these devices?

Letsfit smartwatches provide decent accuracy for basic metrics like steps and heart rate. However, advanced data like sleep stages may be less reliable.

Apple Watch uses cutting-edge sensors and algorithms for clinical-grade precision in heart rate, ECG and blood oxygen monitoring. You can trust the Apple Watch for medical-level health insights.

If medical oversight is your goal, the Apple Watch is the clear accuracy winner. For casual wellness tracking, the Letsfit gets the basic job done.

  • Fitness Tracking

In terms of fitness capabilities, here’s how the watches differ:

Letsfit offers various exercise modes like outdoor run, walking, cycling, yoga and more. It covers the essentials but lacks advanced metrics or customization.

Apple Watch provides in-depth tracking for dozens of workouts. Customize metrics, goals, and automatic tracking. Apple’s first-party apps integrate seamlessly for fitness.

The Apple Watch also connects with GymKit equipment and captures nuanced performance data like VO2 max. So it’s the superior choice for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Smartphone Compatibility

It’s important to consider which smartphones sync with each watch:

Letsfit pairs with both iOS and Android smartphones via the VeryFitPro app. However, some users report bugs with Android connectivity.

Apple Watch only works with iPhone. There is no Android compatibility due to Apple’s closed iOS ecosystem.

For Android users, Letsfit provides needed compatibility, although imperfect. Apple Watches are exclusively for iPhone users.

  • Battery Life

You want a smartwatch with battery life that lasts. Here’s how they compare:

Letsfit delivers 5-10 days of use per charge depending on usage. Keep notifications limited for longer runtimes between charges.

Apple Watch must be charged nightly. The Apple Watch SE and Series 8 last around 24 hours max per charge with normal use.

For extended battery life, the Letsfit Smart Watch is the winner. But convenient nightly charging may be worthwhile for Apple Watch’s advanced capabilities.

  • Water and Rugged Resistance

Can these watches withstand the bumps and splashes of daily wear?

Letsfit smartwatches have IP68 water resistance rating for swimming and showering safety. However, long hot showers aren’t recommended.

Apple Watch carries a 5ATM rating for pool, open water and shallow diving use. Saunas, hot tubs and showers are also approved.

While suitable for most wear, Letsfit’s budget construction makes it more vulnerable to damage compared to the premium Apple Watch’s durability credentials.

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  • Customization

Personal customization allows you to make your smartwatch truly yours. Here’s what each brand offers for individualization:

Letsfit provides various colored watch strap options along with different watch face backdrops to personalize your smartwatch. But customization is limited.

Apple Watch shines here by allowing you to tweak everything from watch face design to specific metrics displayed. Change bands for a unique look. Download third-party apps to enhance functionality. The options for personalization are virtually endless.

If you want to tailor your smartwatch experience, Apple offers unmatched customizability.

  • Price and Value

One of the biggest considerations for shoppers is price. Here’s how cost compares:

Letsfit smartwatches retail between $40-$80 on average. The affordable price makes these watches a great value for casual use.

Apple Watch starts around $200 for previous generations. Current Series 8 models retail for $399+. So this is a far pricier investment.

But you get what you pay for – the unparalleled capabilities and quality of the Apple Watch make it worthwhile for iPhone devotees who rely on its advanced integration.

For budget buyers, Letsfit provides satisfying smart features without the sticker shock. But serious technophiles find Apple Watch’s functionality and ecosystem worth the premium price tag.

  • Customer Support

It’s important to consider the customer support experience offered:

Letsfit provides responsive email support, but no phone contact. Instruction manuals help with setup and troubleshooting.

Apple delivers exceptional technical support via chat, phone, email, or in person at Apple stores. User resources like forums are also helpful.

Apple’s best-in-class customer service gives them another advantage, especially for less tech-savvy users.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Letsfit compatible with iPhone?

Yes, Letsfit smartwatches are compatible with iPhones. To pair your Letsfit watch: Download the VeryFitPro app on your iPhone, Enable Bluetooth, Open the VeryFitPro app and follow prompts to connect, Your Letsfit watch data will sync with the VeryFitPro app. The app supports health and fitness tracking, notifications, customization and more.

Is the Letsfit smart watch waterproof?

Most Letsfit smartwatches have an IP68 waterproof rating. This means they can withstand swimming, showering, and other wet conditions but shouldn’t be worn diving or in hot tubs and saunas. Check your model for its specific water rating.

What is the main purpose of an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch serves many functions, with key purposes including: Advanced health tracking with ECG, blood oxygen, heart rate sensors, Fitness metrics, tracking and motivation, Seamless iPhone notifications and communication, Music storage and audio controls, Contactless payments with Apple Pay, Highly customizable apps, watch faces and more. It’s an all-in-one smart device for health, fitness, productivity and everyday convenience.

Is Apple Watch good for everyday use?

Yes, the Apple Watch is an excellent smartwatch for everyday use for these main reasons: Provides convenient access to iPhone notifications, Lets you stream music, podcasts and audiobooks, Fitness and movement tracking helps you stay motivated, Heart rate and health monitors provide vital insight, Useful features like Apple Pay, reminders, alarms, Highly customizable for your personal needs
For an iPhone user, the Apple Watch seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

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The Bottom Line

To recap, key differences include:

Letsfit Smart Watch

  • Affordable price under $100
  • Basic health and fitness tracking
  • 5-10 day battery life
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Limited customization options

Apple Watch

  • Sophisticated health sensors and apps
  • Cutting-edge fitness metrics and tracking
  • 24 hour battery requires nightly charge
  • Exclusive to iPhone
  • Highly customizable with downloadable apps

For iPhone users wanting a top-tier smartwatch, Apple Watch has no rival. But for budget-friendly functionality with both iPhone and Android, Letsfit gets the job done.

Evaluate your smartphone ecosystem, fitness needs, budget and more to decide which smartwatch fits your lifestyle best. Both Letsfit and Apple offer compelling options with their respective benefits.

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