Crown & Caliber Vs. Chrono24: Top Pre-Owned Watch Marketplace

The pre-owned luxury watch market has grown tremendously in recent years. For buyers and sellers alike, online marketplaces like Crown & Caliber and Chrono24 provide convenient ways to transact pre-owned timepieces.

But how do these two popular platforms compare? This comprehensive guide examines the key features, pros and cons of each marketplace.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureCrown & CaliberChrono24
Inventory SizeSmaller inventory of 2,500+ watchesMassive inventory of 500,000+ watches
Watch ConditionThoroughly inspected; only sell watches in excellent conditionNo screening; condition varies greatly
PricingCompetitive market pricing; no buyer feesSeller sets price; buyers pay up to 18% markup
Warranty1 or 2 year warranty includedNo warranty
Watch TypesModern watches onlyBoth modern and vintage watches
BrandsFocus on most popular brands like Rolex, Omega, BreitlingAll major luxury brands plus obscure names
SellersApproved professional sellers onlyOpen marketplace of dealers & individuals
Buyer ProtectionStrong; watches authenticatedBuyer beware environment
LocationU.S. focused seller & buyer baseInternational marketplace
Fees15% seller commissionNo listing fees; transaction fees
AuctionsNo auction listingsAuction & fixed price listings

Overview Of Crown & Caliber

Founded in 2013, Atlanta-based Crown & Caliber is an online marketplace specializing in pre-owned luxury watches. The company examines, authenticates and certifies every watch sold through its platform. Crown & Caliber focuses exclusively on modern watches from reputable brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling and TAG Heuer. Vintage watches are not sold on Crown & Caliber.

Crown & Caliber

Pros of Crown & Caliber

  • Curated Inventory: Crown & Caliber handpicks watches to sell on its marketplace, ensuring quality and authenticity. This gives buyers confidence in what they are purchasing.
  • Warranty: Watch purchases come with a 1 or 2 year warranty covering mechanical failures. This provides buyer protection post-purchase.
  • Fair Pricing: Prices are market-based and competitive. The company prides itself on fair prices for both buyers and sellers.
  • Excellent Condition: Watches sold are rated based on condition, from ‘good’ to ‘pristine’. Most inventory is in exceptional pre-owned condition.
  • Transparent Fees: Crown & Caliber charges sellers a 15% commission. Buyers pay market prices with no hidden premiums.
  • Photography: Watch listings feature high quality photography showing the actual watch for sale. This avoids surprises or deception.
  • Brick-and-Mortar Presence: Crown & Caliber has a showroom in Atlanta where buyers can see watches in person.

Cons of Crown & Caliber

  • Limited Inventory: With a curated selection of watches approved for sale, inventory size is much smaller than some other marketplaces.
  • No Vintage Watches: Vintage watch buyers will need to look elsewhere. The focus is exclusively modern, collectible luxury watches.
  • Pricing Not as Low as Auctions: Prices may be higher than auction-format marketplaces, but are generally more stable and predictable.
  • Limited International Sellers/Buyers: Crown & Caliber’s buyers and sellers are predominantly located in the domestic U.S. market.

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Overview Of Chrono24

Germany-based Chrono24 is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for pre-owned luxury watches. Founded in 2003, it connects buyers and sellers across the globe. Chrono24 sells both modern and vintage timepieces from a huge range of brands. It also offers other luxury goods like jewelry, writing instruments and accessories.


Pros of Chrono24

  • Massive Inventory: With over half a million watches listed by dealers and individuals, Chrono24 offers an enormous selection of unique timepieces.
  • Global Marketplace: Buyers and sellers come from around the world, making for a diverse international marketplace.
  • All Watch Types: Chrono24 spans both contemporary and vintage watches, in a wide range of price points.
  • No Listing Fees: Sellers are not charged fees to list their watches for sale on the platform. Chrono24 makes commission on completed sales.
  • Volume Discounts: Sellers who transact higher volumes have access to discounted commission rates.
  • Top Brands: All major luxury brands are well represented, from Rolex and Omega to Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. Hard-to-find models abound.
  • Auction Capability: Watches can be listed at auction with competitive bidding, in addition to direct ‘buy now’ sales.

Cons of Chrono24

  • Mixed Inventory Quality: With no curation of sellers, watch conditions and authenticity vary greatly. More risk is placed on the buyer to ascertain quality.
  • Limited Protections for Buyers: Buyers may be exposed to more risk of fraud and bait-and-switch tactics from disreputable sellers.
  • High Buyer Fees: Buyers pay as much as an 18% premium on top of the seller’s listing price. This extra fee is not always transparent.
  • Questionable Listing Practices: Criticisms of Chrono24 point to weak quality controls, allowing doctored images, inflated prices and relists of unsold watches.
  • Segmented Experience: The mix of auction and fixed-price listings makes browsing and price discovery a more disjointed experience compared to sole fixed-price marketplaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the alternative to Chrono24?

The top alternative online marketplace to Chrono24 is Crown & Caliber. Crown & Caliber offers a more curated, trusted buyer experience through its pre-screening of watches for sale. Both platforms connect buyers and sellers to transact pre-owned luxury timepieces.

Is Crown and Caliber a good place to buy a watch?

Yes, Crown & Caliber is an excellent place to buy pre-owned luxury watches. The biggest benefit is the peace of mind that comes from its authentication processes and watch warranty program post-purchase. For those new to watch buying, it is a lower risk way to enter the market.

What percentage does crown and caliber take?

Crown & Caliber charges a 15% seller’s commission on watch sales. This is taken from the final sale price. The remainder of the sale amount goes to the seller. This commission percentage is consistent and transparent.

Is crown and caliber safe?

Yes, Crown & Caliber has a clean reputation and is considered a safe marketplace for buyers and sellers alike. Owned watches are thoroughly examined and authenticated. Escrow arrangements also provide transaction safety. As with any online platform, buyers should remain prudent for extremely high-value purchases.

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While both Crown & Caliber and Chrono24 offer advantages, in a head-to-head matchup, Crown & Caliber takes the edge for the buyer experience with its focus on curation, quality and transparency. For buyers, Crown & Caliber simplified purchasing, warranties and excellent inventory photos result in a trustworthy marketplace and great pre-owned watch selection.

Chrono24 however cannot be beaten when it comes to selection size. For hard-to-find watch models, Chrono24’s global seller base and auction capabilities open up acquisition possibilities beyond just the popular standards. The ideal solution may be to use both, narrowing the search on Crown & Caliber while keeping an eye on Chrono24 for rare opportunities.

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In the growing global market for pre-owned luxury timepieces, leading marketplaces like Crown & Caliber and Chrono24 each offer unique advantages. Crown & Caliber excels in curation and service around the most popular luxury watch models, while Chrono24 leads in selection breadth and auction capabilities.

For many buyers, the ideal strategy may be purchasing from Crown & Caliber while exploring Chrono24 for hard-to-find watches. Taking time to understand the pros and cons of each platform helps buyers make informed marketplace choices to meet their collecting needs. With the rise of pre-owned watches, both Crown & Caliber and Chrono24 offer safe, convenient ways to buy and sell previously owned timepieces.

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