Ethika Vs. PSD Boxers: Which Brand Is Best For Men?

When it comes to men’s underwear, nothing beats a comfortable, quality pair of boxers. Ethika and PSD Underwear are two of the top boxer brands for men. But which is better?

In this detailed comparison, we’ll examine the pros, cons, features, and key differences between Ethika and PSD boxers. Learn how they compare on fit, fabrics, patterns, performance, and more.

Whether you prioritize style, comfort, or value, read on to discover which boxer brand is the best choice for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

FitAthletic and performance-basedTailored and everyday wear
FabricTechnical fabrics like FulctrlNatural fabrics like Modal
StyleBold, colorful printsSolid neutrals and minimal designs
Size Range28-44” waists with extended sizing28-38” waists in standard sizes
Lengths6”, 9”, 11” inseamsClassic 9” inseam
Price$18-$30 per pair$16-$36 per pair
ActivewearExcellent for sports and trainingBetter for casual everyday wear
CareDurable, color-fastProne to some pilling

Brand Overview

First, let’s look at a quick rundown of Ethika and PSD:



  • Founded in 2001 in California
  • Known for bold, unique prints and graphics
  • Wide range of fabrics and technical innovations
  • Athletic and fashion-forward styling

PSD Underwear

  • Launched in 2013 in Los Angeles
  • Focus on high quality fabrics and craftsmanship
  • Minimally branded modern basics
  • Emphasis on comfort and fit

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Key Differences Between Ethika And PSD Underwear

While both are California brands, their styles and philosophies differ. Now let’s see how their boxers specifically compare.

  • Fit and Comfort

Arguably the most important factor in any underwear is comfort. How do Ethika and PSD boxers fit and feel?

Ethika places a major emphasis on technical performance and innovative fabrics that move with you. Boxers feature their Flex-Fit band that offers 4-way stretch.

PSD utilizes ultra soft Modal and MicroModal fabrics for luxurious comfort. Their classic tailored fit provides support while remaining lightweight.

So whether you prefer athletic materials or buttery softness, both deliver outstanding comfort. It just depends which feels best for your needs.

  • Style and Design

Men’s underwear should also look good and reflect personal style. Here’s how Ethika and PSD boxers compare aesthetically:

Ethika is known for its bold, colorful, and playful prints. Boxers feature unique graphics like flamingos, pineapples, and more. The look is fun and eye-catching.

PSD focuses on classic, masculine styles using solid neutrals and occasional tonal patterns like stripes or grids. The vibe is sleek, refined, and understated.

Ethika leans youthful and funky while PSD offers timeless sophistication. Choose the look you feel best suits your personality.

  • Available Fabrics

The types of fabrics used impact the fit, feel, and performance. Here are the main materials for each brand:

Ethika uses technical fabrics like:

  1. FulCtrl: 4-way stretch
  2. Modal: Soft blend
  3. AirLux: Lightweight and breathable
  4. TechMesh: Ventilation

PSD favors natural fabrics like:

  1. Modal: Luxuriously soft
  2. Supima Cotton: Premium cotton
  3. MicroModal: Ultra soft
  4. Tencel: Sustainable eucalyptus
  5. Silk: Luxurious feel

Ethika’s high-tech blends are ideal for athletic activities while PSD’s natural fibers provide exceptional everyday comfort.

  • Size Range and Fit
PSD Underwear
PSD Underwear

You want a boxer with the perfect fit. Ethika and PSD offer these size options:

Ethika boxers come in waist sizes 28” through 44” with a full spectrum of fits from slim to XXL. The athletic cuts accommodate muscular builds.

PSD offers more limited waist sizes from 28” to 38” in regular and big sizing. The tailored fit works best for average to slim body types.

Ethika provides more size diversity, especially for athletic guys needing extended sizing. PSD covers the standard range of men’s waists.

  • Length Options

In addition to waist sizing, boxer lengths range from short to long:

Ethika has conventional 9” inseam boxers along with 6” short and 11″ long lengths.

PSD currently only offers one classic 9″ boxer inseam. No short or long fits are available.

For alternative boxer lengths, Ethika offers more choices to suit your height and preference.

  • Price and Value

Affordability is a consideration for most shoppers. How do Ethika and PSD compare cost-wise?

Ethika boxers retail for $18-$30 each depending on the style. The price reflects their trademark designs and performance fabrics.

PSD boxers cost $16-$36 per pair. You’re paying for the luxurious textures and quality construction.

Overall, Ethika and PSD cost about the same on average. Both are premium underwear brands that deliver value proportional to price.

Watch this review video:
  • Working Out and Sports

Do these boxer brands work well for athletic activities and training?

Ethika boxers are optimized for working out thanks to moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch fabrics. They’re ideal for sports.

PSD boxers work fine for everyday wear, but silk and modal won’t cut it for intense training. Cotton options may fare better.

So Ethika has a clear advantage for active use. But PSD is unmatched for casual luxury.

  • Care and Durability

You want boxers that will last. Here’s how they compare in wash and wear:

Ethika utilizes color-fast technical fabrics and quality construction. Boxers maintain their fit and performance after many washes.

PSD focuses on natural fibers like modal that may pill more over time. But the elastic retains its stretch and recovery wash after wash.

Follow garment care instructions and both brands will last over a year under normal use and washing. Ethika may have a slight edge in durability.

  • Social Responsibility

An important consideration is how ethically brands manufacture their products.

Neither Ethika nor PSD produce boxers in the USA currently. Both manufacture in China or similar countries to allow for more affordable pricing.

Both brands have room to improve when it comes to sustainable manufacturing and fair labor certification. However, they deliver exceptional products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are PSD boxers made of?

PSD uses premium natural fiber fabrics to create their luxuriously soft boxers, including: Modal: Silky soft semi-synthetic derived from beech trees, MicroModal: Ultra-fine lightweight modal, Supima cotton: Extra long staple cotton for softness, Tencel: Sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood pulp, Silk: Decadent and temperature regulating natural silk. These high-end materials make PSD boxers exceptionally comfortable.

Why are PSD boxers so popular?

PSD boxers have gained a loyal following among men thanks to: Ultra soft fabrics like Modal that feel great against skin, Flattering tailored fit that provides support, Classic and minimalist styles fashionable for modern men, High quality construction and materials, Brand’s focus on comfort, fit and simplicity. Their devotion to crafting the perfect basic boxer is why the brand has been so successful.

When did Ethika boxers come out?

Ethika was founded in 2001 by former professional volleyball player Brian McKinney. The brand started out making athletic performance underwear like boxer briefs.
Ethika later expanded into boxers as well, applying their technical fabric innovations to styles like the Flex-Fit boxer brief with 4-way stretch. The unique bold prints in their boxers debuted around 2010.

What material is Ethika made out of?

Key technical fabrics used in Ethika’s boxers include: Fulctrl: Proprietary fabric blend featuring 4-way stretch, Modal: Silky soft blend of modal, cotton and spandex, Airlux: Lightweight, breathable microfiber
Tech Mesh: Mesh fabric panels for ventilation. These fabrics wick moisture, allow airflow, and stretch for freedom of movement – making them perfect for activewear.

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The Bottom Line

To summarize key differences:


  • Bold, colorful prints
  • Athletic and modern styling
  • Diverse size availability
  • Technical performance fabrics
  • Optimal for working out


  • Understated neutral colors
  • Classic and tailored aesthetic
  • Standard size range
  • Ultra soft natural fiber blends
  • Luxurious everyday wear

For active men wanting moisture-wicking performance, Ethika is the clear winner. But for unmatched comfort and minimalist style, choose PSD.

Consider your priorities in terms of features and fit. Either brand offers outstanding quality and craftsmanship to elevate your underwear game.

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