ASRV Vs. Lululemon: Which Activewear Brand Is Best?

Activewear has become a wardrobe staple for many, appealing to fitness enthusiasts and athleisure fans alike. Two popular brands in the activewear space are ASRV and Lululemon. But which one should you choose for your workout and weekend wear? Here’s an in-depth comparison of ASRV and Lululemon to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

Founding2015, California1998, Vancouver
FabricsRecycled nylon, polyesterProprietary Luon®, NuluTM
FitRuns small, less size optionsMore true to size, expanded sizing
StyleMinimalist, sporty, mix & matchSleek, modern, novelty designs
Performance Features4-way stretch, moisture wickingSpecialized sweat-wicking, UV protection, anti-stink
SustainabilityRecycled materials usedConcrete eco-friendly goals & initiatives
Brand ReputationCult following, new brandElite status, loyal community

Overview Of ASRV


ASRV is a California-based activewear brand founded in 2015 by Korean designer Carol Lim. The brand was inspired by Lim’s love of climbing and the outdoors, with a goal of creating functional and stylish performance apparel.

Some key features of ASRV:

  • Made from high-tech, sustainable fabrics like recycled nylon and polyester
  • Athletic yet fashion-forward designs for workout and everyday wear
  • Core products include leggings, tops, outerwear, shorts and more
  • Mixed minimalist aesthetic with bold colors and prints
  • Focuses on technical details like fabric breathability and stretch
  • Products designed in the United States and manufactured in China
  • Direct-to-consumer ecommerce model with relatively affordable prices

Overview Of Lululemon

Founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada, Lululemon is one of the biggest and most recognizable names in athletic apparel. Lululemon pioneered the concept of fashionable workout clothing for women.

Some key features of Lululemon:

  • Premium athletic fabrics like Luon® and NuluTM designed for performance and comfort
  • Innovative technical features such as sweat-wicking, four-way stretch, and shape retention
  • Variety of tops, leggings, shorts, sweatshirts, swimwear, and more
  • Sleek and modern athleisure aesthetic for streetwear appeal
  • Higher price point with premium quality and brand reputation
  • Products designed in Canada and manufactured globally
  • Combination of online and large network of brick-and-mortar stores

Now let’s take a deeper look at how the two brands compare across some key factors:

Detail Comparison Of ASRV And Lululemon

  • Fabric and Quality

Both ASRV and Lululemon emphasize high quality, technical fabrics engineered for performance and style. However, Lululemon is recognized as the leader for fabric innovation and quality.

Lululemon’s proprietary fabrics Luon® and NuluTM are renowned for their four-way stretch, shape retention, sweat-wicking, and softness. ASRV uses sustainable fabrics but they are not as specialized for athletic performance.

In terms of construction and durability, Lululemon tends to edge out ASRV with better quality stitching and longer-lasting pieces.

For those seeking the highest performing technical fabrics, Lululemon is the way to go. ASRV offers great quality too but is better suited for casual everyday wear Vs. hardcore workouts.

  • Fit and Sizing

Finding the right fit is crucial for activewear. Both brands cater to athletic body types with a lot of stretch and a fitted silhouette.

ASRV runs on the smaller side and customers often recommend sizing up, especially in leggings and bras. Lululemon is more true-to-size but some styles do fit snug.

Lululemon offers more size options, going up to size 20 in most products. ASRV currently only goes up to size XL.

For curvier figures, Lululemon provides a better and more inclusive range of sizes. ASRV fits are flattering too but the brand has fewer options for larger body types.

  • Style and Design

Fashion-forward colors and prints are hallmarks of both brands. They combine street style with technical details for the ultimate athleisure look.

ASRV leans minimalist and sporty with a lot of mix and matchable staples. The color palette veers neutral punctuated by bold hues. Prints skew abstract and graphic.

Lululemon has a wider range of styles, from sleek and modern to fun novelty pieces. The color palette is dominated by neutrals but with occasional bright pops. Prints range from abstract to photorealistic. Designs are generally more subtle compared to ASRV.

For versatile everyday style, ASRV has the advantage. For bolder statement pieces and novelty designs, Lululemon is preferable.

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  • Performance Features

Both brands design their apparel to perform for fitness activities and everyday use. Technical features enhance both function and style.

ASRV incorporates four-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabrics, and breathability into most of their pieces. Pockets and other discreet details add functionality.

Lululemon takes performance features a step further. Signature fabrics like NuluTM are specially designed to feel almost weightless during workouts. Pieces also have sweat-wicking, anti-stink, UV protection, and chafe-reducing properties.

For hardcore athletes and yoga lovers, Lululemon’s specialized fabrication really shines during intense activity. ASRV is ideal for all-day wear but not for peak athletic performance.

  • Price

When it comes to cost, ASRV is generally more affordable while Lululemon sits at a luxury price point.

ASRV leggings run $80-$140 depending on style. Tops are around $60-$100 and outerwear $150-$350.

Lululemon leggings start at $98 and go up to $168 for specialty performance fabrics. Tops run $58-$128, with outerwear from $148-$528.

You’re paying for the premium quality with Lululemon’s higher prices. ASRV offers great value, especially for casual wearers who don’t need specialized performance fabric.

For budget-conscious shoppers, ASRV has the price advantage. Lululemon commands luxury prices but goes on sale periodically.

  • Sustainability Practices

Eco-conscious activewear has become increasingly popular. Both ASRV and Lululemon have taken steps towards more sustainable production.

ASRV uses recycled fabrics in many of its pieces and lists sustainability as one of its brand values. Information is limited though on specific eco-friendly practices.

Lululemon has set concrete sustainability goals including making 80% of products with sustainable materials and end-of-use solutions by 2025. The brand also offers trade-in and resell programs to extend garment lifespans.

For full transparency on eco-friendly initiatives, Lululemon is ahead of ASRV. But both brands incorporate sustainability into their products which is a plus.

  • Brand Reputation and Loyalty

When it comes to brand reputation, Lululemon is one of the most recognizable and coveted activewear labels. ASRV has a cult following but lacks the brand dominance of Lululemon.

Lululemon enjoys incredibly high brand loyalty, especially among yogis who swear by the fabric and fits. The company pioneered the athleisure fashion movement and has maintained its elite status.

ASRV is relatively new but has built a dedicated customer base drawn to the brand’s minimalist aesthetic and sustainability efforts. The brand doesn’t benefit from the international scale and longevity of Lululemon however.

For prestige and quality assurance, Lululemon is hard to beat. But ASRV offers great value for the growing conscious consumer segment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is ASRV a Korean brand?

No, ASRV is not a Korean brand. It was founded in Los Angeles, California by designer Carol Lim who is Korean-American. The activewear is designed in the United States but manufactured in China.

Who is the owner of ASRV?

ASRV was founded in 2015 by fashion designer Carol Lim. Lim previously co-founded the popular contemporary label Opening Ceremony. She serves as the creative director and owner of ASRV.

Why is Lululemon so expensive?

There are a few key reasons why Lululemon commands premium pricing:
Proprietary high-tech fabrics like Luon and Nulu with patented technology
Innovative performance features for sweat-wicking, stretch, breathability etc.
High quality construction and stitching for durability
Eco-friendly materials and sustainability initiatives
Brand reputation as a top activewear company known for excellence
Discretionary income target market willing to pay more for quality athleisure
Signaling high price as an indicator of prestige and status
The combination of technical innovation, brand prestige, and loyal customer base allows Lululemon to price at a luxury level. The quality and performance justify the higher prices for many consumers.

Is Lululemon really worth it?

Whether Lululemon is ‘worth it’ depends on your budget and needs. The brand is recognized for its excellent quality and high-tech performance fabrics engineered for athletic activities. So for hardcore yogis, runners, and gym-goers, Lululemon’s premium price often pays off via performance and durability.
The sleek styles and brand prestige add further value for many consumers. However, more casual wearers may find Lululemon too expensive for everyday loungewear and prefer a brand like ASRV instead. Ultimately it comes down to how much use and value you will derive from Lululemon’s specialized performance activewear.

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In conclusion, both ASRV and Lululemon produce high-quality activewear loved by many. ASRV stands out for its bold prints and designs, focus on sustainability, and lower prices. Lululemon is known for its technical fabrics, flattering fits, and premium branding.

Ultimately there is no definitive “best” – it comes down to personal preference and budget. Customers seeking affordable, eye-catching workout clothes will likely prefer ASRV, while those wanting high-performance gear and luxury cachet may opt for Lululemon.

Try pieces from both brands to see which suits your lifestyle and fitness routine best. With outstanding options from two industry leaders, you can’t go wrong in choosing stylish activewear to motivate your next sweat session.

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