Ooni Vs. Alfa Pizza Oven: Which Should You Buy?

For any pizza lover looking to take their pie-making to the next level, an outdoor pizza oven is an excellent investment. Two of the most popular options on the market today are the Ooni and Alfa pizza ovens. But with different features, sizes, and price points, how do you choose between the two?

In this detailed comparison guide, we’ll break down the key factors you need to consider when deciding between Ooni and Alfa.

We’ll compare heat output, size options, ease of use, features, portability, accessories, and more. By the end, you’ll have all the info you need to select the right outdoor pizza oven for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

Temperature RangeUp to 932°F (gas models) <br> Up to 800°F (pellet models)Up to 930°F (gas models) <br> Up to 700-800°F (wood-fired models)
Pizza Capacity13-16 inches11-16 inches
Ease of UseVery easy with automated temperature controlEasy for gas models, wood-fired models have learning curve
PortabilityExcellent, most models under 30 lbsModerate for gas models, wood-fired model is stationary
Fuel OptionsGas, wood pelletsGas, wood
Temperature ControlPrecise with gas and automated pellet feedPrecise for gas, manual for wood-fired
Price Range$299 – $999$600 – $2,500
Accessories IncludedPizza peel, burner, tray, turner, thermometerPizza peel, thermometer

Oven Heat Output

Ooni Pizza Oven
Ooni Pizza Oven

One of the most important factors in baking good pizza is generating enough heat. You want an oven that can quickly reach and maintain high temperatures for that ideal crispy crust and melty cheese.

Both Ooni and Alfa ovens can hit very high temps, but there are some differences:

  • Ooni – Their gas-powered ovens reach up to 932°F. The wood pellet ovens go up to 800°F.
  • Alfa – Their gas ovens reach over 930°F and the wood-fired models can hit 700-800°F.

For most home pizza making, both brands offer more than enough heat output potential. The Ooni gas models may be able to eke out a slightly higher max temp, but both can easily achieve the ideal 700-900°F range.

Oven Size Options

Pizza oven dimensions determine how much pizza you can cook at once. Ooni and Alfa provide a range of size options:

Ooni – They offer 3 main oven sizes:

  • Ooni Koda/Fyra (13″ pizza)
  • Ooni Karu (16″ pizza)
  • Ooni Pro (16″ pizza)

Alfa – Their ovens come in 2 sizes:

  • Fornetto (11″ pizza)
  • Forno (16″ pizza)

Ooni offers more size flexibility, from personal 13-inch pizzas up to 16-inch family-sized pies. Alfa’s sizes are still highly functional, but won’t handle extra large pizzas.

Alfa Pizza Oven
Alfa Pizza Oven

Ease Of Use

You want an outdoor pizza oven that’s simple and convenient to use. Here’s how Ooni and Alfa compare:

  • Ooni – Extremely easy to use. Gas models get hot at the turn of a knob. Pellet ovens require filling the hopper with pellets. But temperature regulation is automated after lighting.
  • Alfa – Also very easy to use. Gas models are controlled with a knob. Wood-fired versions require manually controlling the fire, so the learning curve is a bit steeper.

For effortless pizza making, Ooni takes the crown for simplest ease of use. But Alfa still offers a solid user experience, especially with the gas models.


Another key factor is portability. Do you want an oven you can easily move around your yard or take camping? Here is how they compare:

  • Ooni – Excellent portability across the range. The smallest models weigh only 10-30 lbs and fold up compactly. The Ooni Pro is the only exception at 90 lbs.
  • Alfa – Gas models weigh 35-75 lbs, so medium portability. The wood-fired oven weighs 150 lbs, so it’s stationary.

Overall, Ooni offers better portability if you plan to move your oven frequently. But Alfa’s gas models still work well for taking to a friend’s backyard or on a camping trip.

Design And Durability

You want your outdoor pizza oven to last for many years of use. Here is how the brand’s constructions compare:

  • Ooni – Sleek modern design using durable stainless steel for fireboxes. Machined parts and tight construction. The Pro has a ceramic interior for greater heat retention.
  • Alfa – Also built with stainless steel components. Dense brick lining for insulation. Exposed brick exterior for a more traditional wood-fired look.

Both Ooni and Alfa ovens are designed for longevity with quality materials and construction. Ooni has a more modern and polished look, while Alfa offers a classic brick oven aesthetic. But either should provide great durability.

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Fuel Options

Ooni and Alfa offer ovens in both gas and wood fuel configurations:

  • Gas – For easiest use and temperature control. Ooni gas ovens use propane, Alfa uses natural gas or propane.
  • Wood Pellet – Ooni’s Karu and Fyra models offer this convenient pellet fuel option. Automatically regulates pellet feed.
  • Wood Fired – Alfa’s wood ovens provide authentic wood-fired cooking, but require manually controlling the fire.

Ooni offers the most fuel flexibility. But Alfa still provides the key gas and wood-fired options. Choose based on your fuel access, experience level, and desired convenience.

Temperature Control

Accurate temperature control is key for consistently cooking pizza after pizza. Here is how Ooni and Alfa ovens allow you to control your heat:

  • Ooni – Gas models have manual knob with precise flame adjustment. Pellet models regulate pellet feed automatically after lighting.
  • Alfa – Gas ovens also have manual knob control. Wood-fired models require manual adjustments to logs and air flow for heat regulation.

Ooni gas and pellet ovens provide reliable, precise control for getting evenly cooked results. Alfa still offers solid control for gas, but the wood-fired models have a learning curve.

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Both brands offer a variety of pizza making accessories:

  • Ooni – Provides a pizza peel, wood pellet tray, gas burner attachment, pizza turner tools, thermometer, and more.
  • Alfa – Comes with an aluminum pizza peel and thermometer. Additional accessories available.

Ooni includes more high-quality accessory items right in the box. But Alfa still provides the essentials, and you can purchase extras separately if needed.

Pizza Baking Performance

At the end of the day, it comes down to how well each oven can bake pizza. Here’s how they compare:

  • Ooni – Excellent pizza baking qualities. Gets very hot for nicely charred crusts. Large openings fit bigger pies. Multiple fuel options.
  • Alfa – Also bakes delicious wood-fired pizza. Smaller openings limit size capacity but still work great. Wood-fired models require practice.

Both ovens can make incredible pizza. Ooni may have a slight edge for usability and size capacity. But Alfa still produces authentic wood-fired taste and texture.

Price Comparison

Lastly, let’s look at how pricing shakes out for these two brands:

  • Ooni Fyra – $299-$349
  • Ooni Koda – $399-$499
  • Ooni Karu – $599-$699
  • Ooni Pro – $599-$999
  • Alfa Fornetto – $600-$700
  • Alfa Forno – $2,000-$2,500

Ooni models range from budget-friendly up to professional level. Alfa ovens are more expensive but offer premium wood-fired quality. The larger Forno is a serious investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best pizza oven on the market?

Based on performance, features and overall value, the Ooni Karu 16 is likely the best outdoor pizza oven for most home chefs. It reaches incredibly high temperatures up to 950°F, can bake 16-inch pizzas, and offers easy-to-use propane or wood pellet fuel options. Plus it comes in under $700.

Is a Ooni pizza oven worth the money?

Ooni pizza ovens are absolutely worth the investment for serious pizza lovers. Models like the portable Ooni Koda 16 deliver professional-quality Neapolitan pizza for under $500. Ooni ovens are well-built, heat up quickly, and make it easy to create incredible wood-fired pizza any night of the week.

Which pizza oven is better Bertello Vs. Ooni?

Between the Bertello and Ooni pizza oven brands, Ooni is generally regarded as the superior option. Ooni ovens reach hotter temperatures, use higher quality materials like stainless steel, come with more accessories, and have larger community support. Bertello is a decent budget option but Ooni ovens are worth the extra investment.

Where are Alpha pizza ovens made?

Alfa pizza ovens are designed and manufactured in the USA. The company hand-builds each oven at their workshop in Maine using high quality materials. The bricks lining Alfa pizza ovens are made from American clay. An Alfa pizza oven provides a 20-year warranty due to outstanding craftsmanship and materials.

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Final Recommendation

Based on this detailed comparison, here is my verdict between Ooni and Alfa:

For most home pizza makers, Ooni is likely the better choice. Their ovens excel at controlled high-heat baking, offer great portability, and provide easy-to-use gas and pellet fuel options. Models like the Koda and Karu are excellent mid-range choices.

However, Alfa wood-fired ovens are also fantastic for authentic wood-fired pizza flavor. Their premium build quality and traditional design justify the higher price for serious pie aficionados. Between the two sizes, the larger Forno 16 is ideal for big families or entertaining.

You really can’t go wrong with either brand. Your fuel type preference, budget, and Desired capacity will determine whether Ooni or Alfa is a better fit. Both make incredible outdoor pizza ovens that will step up your pizza nights at home.

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