Marco’s Pizza Vs. Domino’s Pizza: Which Is Better?

Marco’s Pizza and Domino’s Pizza are two of the most popular pizza chains in the United States. Both chains offer convenient delivery and carryout options for customers looking for a quick pizza fix.

But how do Marco’s and Domino’s really stack up against each other? Here’s an in-depth comparison of Marco’s Pizza and Domino’s Pizza to help you decide which pizza chain deserves your business.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryMarco’s PizzaDomino’s Pizza
HQ LocationToledo, OhioAnn Arbor, Michigan
Number of Locations900+17,000+
DoughFresh, never frozenFrozen, shipped
CrustFluffier, artisan styleThinner, more uniform
SauceSecret recipe, herbaceousBold, tangy
CheeseProprietary blendMozzarella, provolone
Specialty PizzasUnique combinationsInnovative offerings
Other Menu ItemsOven-baked subs, wings, saladsPastas, sandwiches, wings, desserts
Ordering TechnologyOnline ordering, mobile appPizza tracker, pizza builder, AI
Delivery SpeedAverageEmphasis on fast delivery
Customer LoyaltyQuality and freshnessConvenience and tech innovation

Overview of Marco’s Pizza

Marco’s Pizza

Marco’s Pizza was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio.

The chain now has over 900 locations across 35 states.

Marco’s markets itself as “America’s Most Loved Pizza” and is best known for its original Italian pizza recipes.

Some key features and menu offerings at Marco’s Pizza include:

  • Fresh, never-frozen dough – Marco’s prides itself on making dough in-house daily using all-natural ingredients. The dough is never frozen or shipped in. This results in a lighter, fluffier crust.
  • Proprietary pizza sauce – Marco’s uses its own secret recipe pizza sauce, seasoned with a blend of herbs, spices, and vine-ripened tomatoes.
  • Specialty pizzas – Unique specialty pizzas like the White Cheezy, Deluxe, and All Meat pizzas are popular options.
  • Build-your-own options – Customers can build their perfect pizza choosing from a variety of crusts, sauces, cheeses and toppings. Gluten-free crust is also available.
  • Oven-Baked Subs – Sub sandwiches, baked hot in the pizza oven, are a Marco’s specialty. Most locations also serve wings, salads, desserts and more.

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Overview of Domino’s Pizza

Founded in 1960, Domino’s Pizza now has over 17,000 stores worldwide. It’s one of the most recognized pizza brands in America. Domino’s is known for embracing technology and pizza delivery.

Notable menu features and offerings at Domino’s include:

  • Hand-tossed dough – Fresh dough is hand-stretched and topped to order in store. It’s not as thick as a classic pan pizza or as thin as a crispy flatbread crust.
  • Robust sauce – The tomato sauce is bold, tangy and slathered generously on pies.
  • Domino’s cheese – A proprietary blend of mozzarella and provolone cheese tops most pizzas.
  • Innovative specialty pizzas – Domino’s often unveils unique new offerings like pan pizzas, deep dish, Brooklyn style and more.
  • Half-and-half pizzas – Customers can order half one pizza and half another on the same pie.
  • Pasta, sandwiches, wings and desserts – The menu has expanded beyond pizza to other Italian fare.
  • Technology focus – Order tracking, pizza builders, smart phone apps and AI ordering are embraced.

Marco’s Pizza Pros

So what are the best reasons to choose Marco’s Pizza over competitors like Domino’s?

  • Fresher dough and ingredients – Marco’s dough is made fresh on-site daily, never frozen. Ingredients like vegetables and cheese feel higher quality.
  • Better crust – Marco’s crust is consistently lighter and fluffier. It has a more authentic artisan pizza shop texture.
  • Broader appeal – Marco’s specialty pizzas cater to more tastes thanks to unique sauces and ingredient combos.
  • Oven-baked subs – The hot, melty subs are a nice change from cold sandwich fillers.
  • Family friendly – Marco’s feels geared more towards family dining than quick convenient pizza like Domino’s.
  • Vintage vibes – Marco’s restaurants have an inviting, retro diner style ambiance.

Domino’s Pizza Pros

What are the best reasons to pick Domino’s Pizza instead of Marco’s?

Domino's Pizza
  • More locations – With over 17,000 stores, Domino’s has over 10 times more locations than Marco’s for convenience.
  • Faster delivery – Domino’s is obsessed with fast delivery, even offering pizza delivery by autonomous robots and vehicles in some markets.
  • Tech innovation – From ordering apps to Pizza Builders to GPS tracking, Domino’s embraces technology.
  • Bigger menu – Beyond pizza, Domino’s serves pastas, sandwiches, wings, desserts and more menu items.
  • Specialty pizzas – Domino’s frequently releases trendy, innovative pizzas, like deep dish or Brooklyn style.
  • Order tracking – Domino’s Pizza Tracker lets you follow your pizza being made and the delivery driver’s route.
  • Coupons and deals – Domino’s offers more frequent coupons, deals and specialty offers through apps.

Comparison of Taste, Quality and Price

When it comes down to the three key factors of taste, quality and price, how do Marco’s Pizza and Domino’s really fare head to head?

  • Taste – Marco’s Pizza edges out Domino’s when it comes to better flavor and ingredients. The sauce tastes fresher and more herbaceous. The dough and crust have a homemade artisan quality. And the cheese and toppings don’t seem as greasy.
  • Quality – Marco’s wins for ingredient quality too. The vegetables look and taste less processed. The meat toppings avoid having a salty canned taste. And the dough and sauces kick up the quality factor.
  • Price – Pricing is similar at both chains. Marco’s regular menu prices might be slightly higher than Domino’s, but both offer good coupons and deals. Either chain can be budget-friendly with right promos.

Which Pizza Chain Is Best Overall?

So is Marco’s Pizza or Domino’s Pizza the better chain overall? It depends on your priorities.

For fresher, tastier ingredients, better crust and a more authentic artisan pizza shop experience, Marco’s Pizza is the winner. The quality and care put into making the pizzas really shines through.

But if you prioritize convenience, technology innovation, delivery speed and menu variety beyond pizza, Domino’s Pizza can’t be beat. Domino’s wins for those wanting a quick, easy pizza fix without hassle.

Ultimately it’s a tie between two pizza giants. Marco’s is ideal for pizza purists craving quality above all. Domino’s takes the crown for those focused on fast, convenient pizza delivery and ordering.

Depending on your preferences, either Marco’s or Domino’s could emerge as your new favorite pizza place.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still trying to choose between Marco’s Pizza and Domino’s? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions comparing the two pizza chains.

What makes Marcos pizza different?

Marco’s Pizza stands out for its fresh, never-frozen dough that is made daily in stores. Its original Italian pizza recipes and secret sauce recipe also differentiate Marco’s. The pizza has an authentic artisan style and taste.

Which brand pizza is best?

It depends on your priorities. Marco’s is best for fresh, quality ingredients, great crust and artisan flavor. Domino’s is best for fast delivery, ordering tech and big menu variety beyond just pizza.

Is Marcos America’s most loved pizza?

That’s Marco’s slogan, though Domino’s and Pizza Hut are also hugely popular national pizza chains. Marco’s emphasis on quality and its passionate franchise owners do inspire loyalty and love from customers.

Who is Domino’s biggest competitor?

Domino’s biggest competitors are Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Little Caesars. But locally owned pizzerias also take business from Domino’s. Domino’s continually innovates to stay ahead.

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The Final Verdict

When comparing Marco’s Pizza versus Domino’s Pizza, it’s really a battle of quality freshness against convenience and innovation. Marco’s prides itself on ingredient quality and authentic pizza recipes. Domino’s focuses more on technology, speedy delivery and menu variety beyond pizza.

Pizza fans searching for that perfect crust and craveable flavor will love Marco’s Pizza. Those seeking a quick pizza fix, specialty pies or extras like wings and pasta will prefer Domino’s. Depending on your pizza priorities, you’ll find satisfactions at either Marco’s or Domino’s.

Ultimately, it’s about choosing fresh homemade pizza verses fast convenient pizza. Both Marco’s Pizza and Domino’s serve up delicious options that make them two of America’s most popular go-to pizza chains.

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