Vooglam Vs. Zeelool: Which Online Glasses Retailer Is Better?

If you’re in the market for a new pair of prescription glasses, you may be considering two popular online retailers: Vooglam and Zeelool. Both companies offer eyeglasses and sunglasses at affordable prices shipped directly to your door.

But how do you choose between them? Here’s an in-depth overview of Vooglam and Zeelool, including the key features, pros and cons of each to help you make the best choice for your vision needs and style.

A Brief Comparison Table

PricingCompetitive pricing with frequent coupons & salesLower start prices but lens add-ons cost more
Frame Selection8000+ frame styles and brands1000+ frame styles and brands
Lens OptionsSingle vision, bifocal, progressive, readingSingle vision and progressive only
Shipping Time1-3 business days1 business day
Return Policy30 days free returns100 days but with restocking fees
Customer ServiceGood reviewsMixed reviews
Virtual Try-onWebcam try-on available3D virtual try-on available

Overview Of Vooglam

Vooglam (formerly known as Voogueme) is one of the original online prescription glasses companies. Founded in 2009, Vooglam aims to make eyewear more affordable and accessible to customers by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to consumers online.

Some of the key features of Vooglam include:

  • Huge selection – Vooglam offers over 8000 styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women and kids. You’ll find top brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley as well as Vooglam’s own line of frames.
  • Prescription lenses – All glasses can be customized with your prescription, coatings, and tints. Vooglam offers single vision, bifocal, progressive, and reading glasses lenses.
  • Virtual try-on – Use your webcam to virtually try on frames and see how you’ll look. This makes it easy to find frames that fit and suit your face shape.
  • Price – Glasses and sunglasses start at just $6 with lens packages from $39. Vooglam also offers frequent sales and coupons for additional savings.
  • Fast shipping – Orders ship quickly, usually within 1-3 business days. Shipping is free for orders over $55.
  • Return policy – Vooglam provides a 30 day return policy if you’re not satisfied. You’ll get a full refund if you return your eyeglasses in new condition.

Overview Of Zeelool

Zeelool is a relatively newer online glasses retailer that launched in 2019. Like Vooglam, they focus on providing affordable prescription eyewear directly to customers online.

Some key features of Zeelool include:

  • Large selection – Zeelool stocks over 1000 styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women and kids. Brands include Ray-Ban, Oakley, GUCCI, and Zeelool’s own frames.
  • Prescription lenses – Single vision and progressive lenses available with customization options like blue light blocking and glare reduction.
  • Virtual try-on – Use 3D virtual try-on to see frames on your face shape before ordering.
  • Prices – Glasses and sunglasses start at $6. Lens packages from $29. Zeelool also offers sitewide sales and first pair discounts.
  • Fast shipping – Orders ship within 24 hours and arrive within 7-12 business days. Free shipping on orders over $49.
  • Return policy – 100 day returns allowed on unused glasses. Refunds provided minus shipping costs.

Now that we’ve covered the key features of Vooglam and Zeelool, let’s compare the pros and cons of each in more detail.

Pros And Cons Of Vooglam And Zeelool

Vooglam Pros

  • Huge selection of over 8000 frame styles and brands
  • Established company since 2009 with proven customer experience
  • Virtual try-on helps you find frames to fit your face
  • Frequent sales and coupons for maximum savings
  • 30 day returns with full refunds allowed

Vooglam Cons

  • Higher prices compared to newer online retailers
  • Limited basic lens options
  • Some complaints of long shipping times

Zeelool Pros

  • Very affordable pricing starts at just $6 per pair
  • Sitewide sales for discounted pricing
  • 24 hour quick shipping turnaround
  • 100 day return window
  • Large selection of brands and frame styles

Zeelool Cons

  • Smaller selection compared to other online retailers
  • Limited to only single vision and progressive lenses
  • Higher restocking fees for returns
  • Shorter 1 year warranty on products
  • Mixed reviews of customer service

Now that you know the pros and cons of Vooglam and Zeelool, let’s directly compare the key factors to consider when choosing an online glasses retailer.

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Vooglam Vs. Zeelool: Key Comparison Factors

  • Pricing

While Zeelool offers lower start pricing, Vooglam frequently offers coupons and discounts that makes its pricing competitive. Vooglam also includes more lens options in its packages whereas Zeelool nickle-and-dimes lens add-ons.

  • Selection

Vooglam wins when it comes to frame selection variety with over 8000 styles to choose from. Zeelool still offers a decent 1000+ frame options but Vooglam has more choice.

  • Lenses

Vooglam provides more lens types like bifocals, progressives, and readers. Zeelool focuses just on single vision and progressives.

  • Shipping

Zeelool offers faster 1 day turnaround on shipping. But Vooglam’s shipping is still quick at 1-3 days and offers free shipping on bigger orders.

  • Returns

Vooglam has a more generous 30 day return window with free, easy returns. Zeelool does allow 100 day returns but charges restocking fees.

  • Customer Service

Vooglam generally has better reviews for customer service response times and resolution. Some complaints of delays with Zeelool customer support.

  • Virtual Try-On

Both Vooglam and Zeelool offer handy virtual try-on tools to test out frames digitally. Vooglam’s may be slightly more advanced.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the alternative to zeelool?

The top alternative to Zeelool is Vooglam. Vooglam offers a much larger selection of frames and lens options, competitive pricing with more discounts, quicker shipping, better return policy, and superior customer service compared to Zeelool.

Is eyeglasses com a legit site?

Yes, Eyeglasses.com is a legitimate, safe site to order prescription glasses and sunglasses online. They are a well-established online retailer founded in 1995. Eyeglasses.com offers over 6000 styles of frames, prescription lenses, and good customer service policies. They are a good option to consider along with Vooglam and Zeelool.

Did voogueme change their name?

Yes, Voogueme changed its name to Vooglam in 2022. Vooglam was originally founded under the name Voogueme in 2009, but rebranded to Vooglam. All previous Voogueme customer accounts and order history automatically transferred over to the new Vooglam name.

How do I return to Vooglam?

Returning eyeglasses to Vooglam is easy. Simply login to your Vooglam account and select the “Returns” tab to start a return request. Print out a prepaid return shipping label that they email you. Pack up the unused glasses in the original packaging and ship them back within 30 days of delivery.
Once received, you’ll be issued a full refund to your original payment method.

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The Bottom Line

For most customers, Vooglam comes out ahead as the best overall option between these two popular online glasses retailers. Vooglam has competitive pricing with more frequent discounts, a massive selection of brands and frames, and good customer service backing its products. The extended 30 day no hassle returns are also attractive.

Zeelool is a decent budget-friendly alternative, especially for very simple prescriptions. But the smaller frame selection, limited lens options, and mixed reviews make Vooglam our top choice for online eyeglasses for most needs. Try out the virtual try-on for both sites to find your perfect look.

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