Zeelool Vs. Voogueme: Which Online Eyewear Retailer Is Better?

Online eyewear retailers like Zeelool and Voogueme are changing the way people shop for prescription glasses and sunglasses. With huge selections of stylish frames and lens options at affordable prices, these e-commerce companies make it easy to find the perfect pair of glasses delivered right to your door.

But with so many choices, how do you decide between Zeelool and Voogueme? This comprehensive guide examines the key differences between the two retailers to help you determine which is the best match for your eyewear needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

Frame brandsOwn brandsDesigner brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Armani
Frame prices$6 – $39$50 – $300
Lens optionsCR-39 plastic, polycarbonateHigh index, polycarbonate
Lens treatmentsUV protection, blue light filter, anti-glarePremium coatings and tints
Prescription lensesIncluded free with frames$50+ additional cost
Virtual try-on3D augmented reality2D overlay
Return policy30 days30 days
Customer serviceEmail onlyPhone, email, live chat
Overall valueBest pricesHigher quality

Overview Of Zeelool


Founded in 2020, Zeelool is a relative newcomer in the online eyewear space. This company aims to make prescription glasses and sunglasses accessible and affordable for all. Zeelool offers a wide range of men’s, women’s, and kids’ frames in different styles, shapes, and colors to suit any look. Most frames cost between $6 to $39 with single vision lenses included free.

Zeelool frames are made from lightweight materials like TR90 nylon and acetate. The company claims these durable frames can withstand drops, scratches, and bends. All lenses come with UV protection and anti-glare, blue light filtering, or transitional options are available. Zeelool also sells prescription sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses, and readers.

Some key benefits of Zeelool include:

  • Huge selection of budget-friendly frames and lenses
  • Frames start at just $6 with basic lenses free
  • Lightweight, durable frame materials
  • 30-day returns and exchanges
  • Virtual try-on tool shows frames on your face
  • 1-year warranty against defects

Overview Of Voogueme

Voogueme launched in 2016 as an online retailer focused on premium designer eyewear. The company aims to make luxury glasses more affordable and accessible. Voogueme offers over 100 designer brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, GUCCI, and Armani with savings up to 60% off retail prices.

Most Voogueme frames cost between $50 to $300. The company offers a range of styles from classic aviators to on-trend cat eye and geometric shapes. All Voogueme eyeglasses are made with high quality materials like acetate and stainless steel. Prescription lenses come with standard anti-reflective and UV protection.


Key benefits of Voogueme include:

  • Massive selection of designer, name brand frames
  • Significant savings compared to retail prices
  • Carefully inspects frames for defects before shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • 1-year manufacturer defects warranty
  • Virtual try-on tool

Comparing Frames And Lens Options

One of the biggest differences between Zeelool and Voogueme is the breadth of their frame selections. Zeelool has over 500 frames to choose from, covering a range of modern styles and trends. Frame shapes include classic wayfarers, angular geometrics, round John Lennon styles, cat eyes, and more. With such a huge catalog, you’re very likely to find a frame you love.

Voogueme has around 130 designer brands and thousands of SKUs. But because they focus solely on luxury brands, the selection is not as diverse. You’ll find lots of stylish acetate frames but fewer bold, funky plastic frames. For classic, timeless eyewear designs, Voogueme dominates.

Both companies offer single vision and progressive lenses in a range of materials. Zeelool lenses are made from CR-39 plastic or polycarbonate, which are budget-friendly options. Voogueme uses high index 1.67, 1.6, and 1.5 lenses plus polycarbonate for enhanced optics, durability, and lightweight comfort. Voogueme also offers premium lens coatings and treatments that Zeelool does not.

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Comparing Online Shopping Experiences

One advantage that Voogueme has over Zeelool is a superior online shopping experience. Voogueme’s website is modern and polished with detailed product information and specs. Finding frames is easy with robust search, filters, and curated collections of bestsellers and trends.

Zeelool’s website feels a bit dated and cluttered by comparison. Large images make the frames look appealing, but product descriptions are thin. The search filters need improvement to better refine by color, shape, brand, etc. However, Zeelool delivers when it comes to trying frames virtually. Their 3D try-on tool taps augmented reality for lifelike previews. Voogueme still uses 2D image overlays.

Zeelool offers free basic lenses with all frames, so you only pay for upgrades. Voogueme charges separately for lenses, coatings, and other add-ons. But Voogueme frequently offers site-wide sales that discount frames, lenses, and packages. Zeelool rarely offers deals aside from holiday sales.

Voogueme also edges out Zeelool when it comes to customer support. Voogueme offers phone, email, and live chat support 7 days per week. Zeelool only provides email support and a handful of online resources. Return policies are similar at 30 days for both brands.

Zeelool Vs. Voogueme: Pricing Comparison


Pricing and overall value is where these two retailers differ the most. As an ultra low-cost provider, Zeelool wins hands down for budget shoppers. Voogueme takes the prize for quality and designer brands at reasonable prices.

Zeelool frame prices start at an incredible $6 with single vision lenses included free. If you want the cheapest possible glasses, you can’t beat their combo deals. For example, a pair of frames with lenses starts around just $30. Premium add-ons like high index lenses, photochromic lenses, and premium coatings raise the price but max out around $100.

Voogueme frames range from $50 to $300, with most sitting between $80 to $200. Lenses cost at least $50 for basic plastic single vision. With premium lens materials, treatments, and coatings, the total for frames and lenses usually reaches $200 to $400. But remember, these are 30% to 60% off retail prices for luxury brands.

Here are some examples of real eyeglasses costs for each retailer:

  • At Zeelool, a pair of cat eye frames with basic 1.50 lenses costs $29. Upgrading to 1.67 high index photochromic lenses adds $45 for a total of $74.
  • At Voogueme, a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster frames with basic 1.50 lenses costs $178. Adding transflective coating, 1.67 high index lenses, and blue light blocking brings it to $358.

While Voogueme has pricier frames upfront, they come with a guarantee of designer quality. Zeelool’s basement pricing seems tempting, but some frames may feel flimsy. Voogueme’s upgraded lenses also deliver better aesthetics, durability, and optics compared to Zeelool’s budget lens materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are the competitors of Zeelool?

Zeelool’s main competitors are other budget online eyewear retailers like Eyebuydirect, 39DollarGlasses, and Zenni Optical. These companies all offer prescription glasses and sunglasses at very low prices to make them accessible to most consumers.

Who is the manufacturer of zeelool?

Zeelool frames and lenses are manufactured by partners and suppliers in China. The company does not actually make the products themselves.

How long does zeelool take to deliver?

Zeelool offers free standard shipping that takes 10-15 business days. Expedited shipping options can reduce the time to 5-7 business days for an added fee.

Can you put a prescription in zeelool glasses?

Yes, Zeelool can fill your prescription in any of their frames. When ordering, you enter your prescription details like sphere, cylinder, axis, pupillary distance, etc. Zeelool’s lab then crafts lenses specific to your vision needs.

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The Verdict

Determining the right online eyewear retailer for your needs depends on your budget, style, and priorities. Here’s a quick recap of how Zeelool and Voogueme compare:

Zeelool pros:

  • Much lower prices for frames and lenses
  • Huge selection of men’s, women’s, and kids frames
  • Free basic prescription lenses with frames
  • Modern virtual try-on tool

Zeelool cons:

  • Cheaper quality frames and lenses
  • Website navigation needs polish
  • Limited customer service support

Voogueme pros:

  • Luxury, designer brand name frames
  • Better materials and lens options
  • Good prices for premium eyewear
  • Robust online shopping experience
  • Top-notch customer service

Voogueme cons:

  • More expensive than Zeelool
  • Smaller selection of frame styles
  • Extra costs for lenses and coatings

Overall, Zeelool is ideal for shoppers who prioritize low prices and want a huge selection of fun, trendy frames. Voogueme shines for its refined catalog of designer brands and superior quality. But bargain hunters can still save big on premium eyewear through Voogueme.

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