Firmoo Vs. Zenni: Eyeing The Top Online Eyewear Retailers

If you’re in the market for a new pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, you may be considering ordering online to save money. Two of the most popular online eyewear retailers are Firmoo and Zenni Optical.

But how do you choose between them? Here’s an in-depth comparison of Firmoo and Zenni to help you decide which is better for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table Of Firmoo And Zenni Optical

CategoryFirmooZenni Optical
Frame Selection10,000+ styles, designer inspired10,000+ styles, name brands
Lens OptionsPlastic, polycarbonate, mid-indexPlastic, polycarbonate, high-index
Prescription Range-20.00 to +20.00-20.00 to +20.00
Price Range$29-$100+$6.95-$200+
Shipping10-18 days standard7-10 days standard
Returns365 days60 days
Customer ServiceEmail, phoneEmail, phone, live chat

Overview Of Firmoo And Zenni


Firmoo and Zenni Optical are both online retailers selling affordable prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and other eyewear products directly to customers.

Firmoo was founded in 2005 and is based in China. They offer over 10,000 styles of frames including designer-inspired frames and name brand frames like Ray-Ban.

Prescription lenses, coatings, and other lens options are available.

Zenni Optical launched in 2003 and operates out of California. They have a massive selection of over 10,000 eyeglass frames including proprietary designs and stylish frame brands.

Zenni’s focus is affordable but quality prescription eyewear.

Both companies bypass traditional optical shops and sell directly online so customers can buy glasses at significantly reduced prices. But there are some key differences between the two retailers.

In-Depth Comparison Of Key Features Of Firmoo And Zenni Optical

Product Selection

One of the most important factors when choosing an online eyewear company is their available selection. Both Firmoo and Zenni offer an extensive catalog of men’s, women’s and kids’ eyeglasses and sunglasses in different frame shapes and sizes.

Firmoo carries over 10,000 styles of eyeglass frames and sunglasses. Many frames are designer-inspired and replicate popular brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley. Firmoo also offers name brand frames from companies like ALPINA and MERCEDES.

Their collection includes metal, plastic, rimless, and semi-rimless frames. For sunglasses, Firmoo has fashion, sports, polarized, and driving sunglasses.

Zenni claims to have the largest selection of frames online with over 10,000 options to choose from. Frame brands carried include Blokz, Caterpillar, Disney, and more.

Zenni frames encompass metal, acetate, plastic, rimless, semi-rimless and double bridge styles. Their sunglasses selection includes fashion, polarized, sports, driving and more. Zenni also offers flat top bifocals and Occupational progressive lens.

Both companies provide frame size measurements, views from multiple angles, and often customer images to aid the selection process.

Overall, Firmoo and Zenni are neck-and-neck when it comes to their vast collections of stylish and affordable frames to suit different tastes.

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Prescription Lens Options

In addition to choosing the perfect frames, selecting the right prescription lenses for your vision needs is critically important. Here’s how Firmoo and Zenni compare when it comes to lens options:

Firmoo offers single vision, bifocal, and progressive lenses. Lens materials include plastic, polycarbonate and mid-index. Available lens treatments and coatings include anti-reflective coating, UV protection, scratch resistant coating, tinted lenses like transition lenses, and polarized sunglass lenses. Prescription range is -20.00 to +20.00 for spherical prescriptions.

Zenni provides single vision, bifocal, trifocal, and progressive lenses. Lens material options are plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex, and high index. Zenni offers basic blue light blocking to advanced blue light blocking lenses. Their coatings include anti-reflective, photochromic (transitions), polarized, UV protection, scratch resistant, and impact resistance.

Prescription ranges go up to +/- 20.00 for spherical powers just like Firmoo. Zenni also has a larger selection of advanced digital free-form progressives compared to Firmoo.

Zenni appears to have a slight edge over Firmoo when it comes to lens materials and coating options for added eye protection and visual clarity. But both companies can accommodate most prescriptions.

Ordering Process

How easy and convenient is it to order eyeglasses online from Firmoo versus Zenni? Here’s an overview of what the ordering process looks like for each company:


The Firmoo online ordering process involves:

  • Entering your prescription details
  • Selecting your frame style, size, and color
  • Choosing lenses and any add-ons like blue light blocking
  • Previewing your completed eyeglasses
  • Placing order

Zenni has a user-friendly online ordering system:

  • Select your glasses frame style, color, size
  • Upload your prescription
  • Choose lenses (material, coatings, extras like tinting)
  • View and customize completed glasses preview
  • Place order

For both companies, first-time customers will have to enter their prescription details. Renewing customers can reuse their prescription on file for convenience.

Firmoo and Zenni both have intuitive virtual try-on tools and previews so you can see your selected eyeglasses together before purchasing.

Overall, Firmoo and Zenni have simple and hassle-free ordering processes that make buying glasses online easy.

Zenni offers a handy price estimate alongside frame selection to see costs change in real-time. But the process is smooth for both retailers.

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Pricing and Payment

Affordable pricing is a major appeal of online eyewear stores like Firmoo and Zenni. But how do their prices really compare?

Firmoo eyeglasses start at around $29 for a basic single vision plastic lens frame package. Photochromic glasses start around $59.

Higher end frames with upgraded lenses can cost $70-$100 or more. Additional lens coatings and features raise the price.

Zenni Optical eyeglasses start at $6.95 for a basic single vision plastic lens frame, their lowest price point.

With standard lens coatings and features like tinting or transitions, Zenni frames with lenses are around $30-$60. Higher index materials and digital progressive lenses raise costs to $100-$200.

Based on those base prices, Zenni comes out as the cheaper option for basic prescription eyeglasses, while Firmoo is more affordable for upgrades.

Both companies accept major credit cards, PayPal, and other online payment methods. Zenni offers financing through Affirm and Klarna that allows customers to split payments over time.

Shipping and Returns

How do Firmoo and Zenni compare when it comes to shipping your new glasses, and exchanging or returning them if needed?

  • Firmoo Shipping: Free standard shipping takes 10-18 business days worldwide. Expedited 1-5 day delivery costs extra.
  • Zenni Shipping: Free standard shipping takes 7-10 days. Faster 1-3 day and overnight shipping options available for added fee.
  • Firmoo Returns: 365 day hassle free returns. Return shipping label provided.
  • Zenni Returns: No questions asked return policy for up to 60 days. Return label included.

Firmoo edges out Zenni when it comes to return policy, with full year refund eligibility. But Zenni often has faster standard shipping options to get your glasses sooner.

Both offer prepaid return labels for easy and convenient returns or exchanges.

Watch the video to learn more!

Customer Service

Having responsive customer service can help resolve any issues with your online order. Here’s an overview of support for Firmoo and Zenni:

  • Firmoo: Email support. Phone number provided. Responses within 24 hours.
  • Zenni: Email, phone, live chat support. Very responsive.

Zenni appears to offer more ways to get timely customer assistance. But both companies aim to deliver friendly service and quick responses to customer inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are Zenni top competitors?

Zenni’s biggest competitors in online prescription eyewear are Warby Parker, EyeBuyDirect, GlassesUSA, and Firmoo. These companies all offer affordable prescription glasses directly to customers online.

Is zenni optical high quality?

Yes, Zenni Optical is known for having high quality prescription lenses and frames given the affordable pricing. They use durable materials like polycarbonate plastic, mid-index plastic, and stainless steel. Advanced digital lens technology is also offered. The frames are well-constructed and designed to last.

Why are glasses from Zenni so cheap?

There are a few key reasons Zenni optical can offer low prices:
Online direct-to-consumer business cuts out expensive overhead of physical stores
Large volume manufacturing results in lower production costs per unit
Minimalist packaging and marketing keeps costs low
Frames are manufactured in house rather than contracting with luxury brands
Efficient digital supply chain connect factories with customers.

Is zenni optical better than warby parker?

Zenni and Warby Parker both offer stylish, affordable prescription glasses online. Zenni usually has lower starting prices for basic prescriptions, while Warby Parker offers higher end brands and retail experience. Zenni has a wider selection of frames and lens options overall. But quality and service are excellent with both companies, choosing between them comes down to personal preferences.

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The Bottom Line – Firmoo Vs. Zenni: Which Is Better?

So when it comes down to Firmoo Vs. Zenni, which online eyewear retailer comes out on top? Here’s a quick overview of the key differences:

  • Selection: Draw – both have 10,000+ frames
  • Lens options: Slight edge Zenni
  • Ordering process: Draw – smooth for both
  • Pricing: Zenni cheaper for basic, Firmoo can be cheaper for upgrades
  • Shipping: Draw – free standard shipping
  • Returns: Edge Firmoo (365 days Vs. 60 days for Zenni)
  • Customer service: Slight edge Zenni for more options

In summary, Zenni Optical beats out Firmoo when it comes to lower prices for basic prescription eyeglasses. However, Firmoo can compete on pricing with higher end packages, and offers exceptional return policy flexibility.

For the widest selection of prescription lens materials and coatings, Zenni has an advantage. But Firmoo still has robust options to match most prescriptions. Both companies make ordering fast and easy.

With speedy shipping, convenient returns, and responsive customer service, you really can’t go wrong with either retailer.

Firmoo and Zenni Optical give you amazing options for finding stylish, affordable prescription eyeglasses online. Comparing them head-to-head shows strengths and advantages for each company.

Focus on your budget, preferred styles and lenses, and look for occasional sales and promos to get the best deal on your perfect pair of new glasses.

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