NZXT Vs. Maingear Gaming PCs: How Do They Compare?

Serious gamers know that having the right gaming PC is crucial. NZXT and Maingear are two popular custom PC builders that allow you to customize high-powered rigs.

But how do NZXT and Maingear gaming PCs stack up when it comes to pricing, hardware, customization, customer service, and more?

This detailed guide compares the key strengths and weaknesses of each gaming PC brand.

A Brief Comparison Table

PricingMore affordable pre-configured modelsPremium pricing for custom builds
HardwareQuality components for 1080p+ gamingTop-tier parts for max performance
CustomizationFewer base models and limited optionsHighly tailored and personalized
SupportMixed reviews on responsivenessRenowned customer service and lifetime support
SoftwareIntuitive CAM system monitoring appLess refined software experience
DesignConsistent style using NZXT casesUnique custom paint jobs and etching available

Overview Of NZXT


NZXT is a globally recognized company that specializes in crafting premium gaming PCs, PC components, and accessories. Their pre-built NZXT gaming computer line includes:

  • Starter, Starter Pro, and Streaming series: Affordable entry-level rigs good for 1080p gaming.
  • Creator series: Powerful PCs optimized for creative work like 3D modeling and digital art.
  • H1 and H1 Pro series: Top-tier mini ITX gaming PCs with compact, minimalist designs.

All NZXT desktops feature high-quality components, seamless cable management, and intuitive software like NZXT CAM for controlling RGB lighting and cooling.

Prices range from $899 to over $3000.

Overview Of Maingear

Maingear is a New Jersey-based boutique builder lauded for handcrafted, high-performance gaming PCs. Their gaming desktop offerings include:

  • Vybe: Entry-level systems focused on the essentials for budget gamers.
  • Rush: Versatile mid-range rigs great for 1080p or 1440p gaming.
  • Apex: Top-of-the-line supercomputers with customized liquid cooling, the latest GPUs, and more.

Maingear uses premium components and meticulous attention to detail to build extremely stable, reliable gaming machines.

Their systems start around $899 and can exceed $10,000 fully maxed out.

Comparison Between NZXT And Maingear

Maingear PC
Maingear PC

Hardware & Performance

Both NZXT and Maingear can outfit systems with the latest and greatest components like AMD Ryzen or Intel Core processors and NVIDIA RTX graphics cards.

When optimized with high-end parts, Maingear PCs edge out NZXT in benchmarks and framerates.

However, performance is largely dependent on the configuration chosen. In direct component comparisons, Maingear tends to use higher-spec parts that boost FPS.

For outright power, extreme overclocking, and liquid cooling, Maingear excels based on the ultra-premium components they select. But most gamers will find either brand provides fantastic 1080p+ gaming experiences.

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Price and Value

In terms of pricing and overall value, NZXT gaming PCs win out. Their mid-range systems like the NZXT Starter Pro provide excellent 1080p gaming capabilities starting under $900. Maingear’s comparable Vybe stage rigs start around $1200.

At the higher end, an NZXT Streaming Pro with Ryzen 7 and RTX 3070 runs $1899. A similarly equipped Maingear Rush goes for $2300. You’ll pay a premium for Maingear’s craftsmanship and service.

Those wanting extreme performance can certainly get more power dollar-for-dollar from Maingear. But budget-focused gamers get more affordable options from NZXT.

Design & Customization

NZXT and Maingear both allow you to customize everything from the case color to CPU cooler. But NZXT offers fewer base model options to choose between from the start.

Maingear enables fine-tuned control over every component choice and aesthetic detail. Unique custom paint jobs and laser etching are also available from Maingear. Gamers who crave a fully personalized, bespoke PC will prefer Maingear.

Most NZXT configurations utilize their own standardized NZXT cases and motherboards. There are fewer opportunities for full customization compared to Maingear’s garage shop approach.

Software & Control

When it comes to controlling and monitoring your system, NZXT provides superior software tools. Their pre-installed NZXT CAM dashboard gives you intuitive control over cooling, RGB lighting, clock speeds, and more.

Maingear’s EPIC software is less refined and polished. And communicating between components isn’t as seamless. For the best software experience, NZXT has a noticeable advantage.

Support & Service

You want confidence that any issues or needed support will be handled quickly by knowledgeable experts. Here Maingear shines compared to NZXT.

As a boutique custom builder, Maingear prides themselves on white glove customer service and lifetime support by USA-based technicians. Support requests get prompt attention and resolution.

NZXT support receives mixed reviews in terms of responsiveness. Their growth has impacted ability to deliver support comparable to smaller Maingear. RMAs and issues may take longer to resolve.

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Pros And Cons Of NZXT and Maingear



  • More affordable pre-configured models
  • Quality components and cable management
  • Excellent system monitoring software


  • Fewer opportunities for full customization
  • Support responsiveness can be hit or miss



  • Unmatched performance potential with premium parts
  • Highly personalized and tailored builds
  • Renowned customer service and lifetime support


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Less refined software experience

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is NZXT Considered a High Quality Brand?

Yes, NZXT is well regarded as one of the best gaming PC brands when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. They use high-end components from reputable manufacturers.
NZXT cases are constructed from steel and tempered glass for durability. Their PSUs, AIO coolers, fans, and other parts consistently receive strong reviews. While not as bespoke as Maingear, NZXT utilizes quality materials to deliver a premium end product.
For a reliable high-performance gaming rig backed by great design, NZXT is a top choice. Their growth and popularity among PC builders demonstrates their manufacturing standards.

Who are Maingear’s Main Competitors?

Some of Maingear’s biggest competitors in the custom gaming PC space include:
Origin PC: Top maker of highly customizable, hand built systems.
Digital Storm: Renowned for performance, craftsmanship, and liquid cooling expertise.
CLX Gaming: Boutique vendor focused on immaculate cable management and service.
Falcon Northwest: Legendary PCs catering to extreme enthusiasts and performance seekers.
iBuyPower: Affordable customized rigs from a leading mass system builder.
Maingear competes directly with these boutique vendors by providing unparalleled customization and customer support. Their obsessive attention to every build makes them a favored high-end choice.

Is NZXT Considered a Good Gaming PC Brand?

Yes, NZXT is highly regarded among gamers for manufacturing capable, well-designed gaming PCs. Models like their Starter Pro and Streaming Pro series provide excellent performance for 1080p and 1440p gaming.
Reviewers consistently praise NZXT desktops for their quality components, smart thermal designs, future-proof upgradability, and software. While not as premium as Maingear, NZXT gaming rigs offer great specs and performance value.
For gamers wanting reliable high FPS without breaking the bank, NZXT gaming computers are a top choice. Their combination of quality, software, and pricing make them a great gaming PC brand.

Watch this video about NZXT!


Overall, Maingear edges out NZXT for the best pre-built gaming PC for most buyers. Here’s a summary of the key differences:

  • Performance – Maingear uses higher-end components leading to better framerates and speeds for the price. NZXT focuses more on aesthetics than max performance.
  • Customization – Maingear offers unmatched customization from colors to cooling to specialized components. NZXT has limited build options.
  • Quality – Both build very solid PCs but Maingear uses higher quality materials and components overall.
  • Support – Maingear has better reputation for helpful technical support and customer service. NZXT’s support is just average.
  • Price – Maingear is known for higher pricing but is justified by performance and quality. NZXT is more budget friendly.

Overall, if you want a uniquely customized, high-end battlestation, Maingear is worth the investment. If budget is your priority, NZXT gets the job done at a lower cost.

For most gamers, Maingear’s superior components, quality control, and performance edge out NZXT’s flashy aesthetic focus. Maingear is the enthusiast’s choice

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