ezTaxReturn Vs. TurboTax: Best Tax Preparation Services

Filing taxes can be tedious and confusing. ezTaxReturn and TurboTax are two popular DIY tax solutions that make the process easier. But how do these services compare when it comes to features, pricing, and user experience?

This complete guide examines the pros and cons of ezTaxReturn and TurboTax to help you determine the best tax filing option.

A Brief Comparison Table

Pricing$0 free federal and state$0 federal but state costs $39.99
SupportEmail-basedLive CPA support included
State ReturnsAdditional fees per stateHandles multiple states in one package
Data SecuritySecure encryptionExtensive third-party verification
Refund SizeGuarantees maximum refundEqually optimizes refund amount
Ease of UseSimple guided questionsStep-by-step guidance with explanations

Overview Of ezTaxReturn


ezTaxReturn is an easy-to-use online and mobile tax preparation service that promises maximum refunds. Some key features include:

  • User-friendly process: ezTaxReturn uses a simple interview-style questionnaire to collect your tax information. Tax guides and definitions are also available.
  • $0 federal filing: There are no fees to file a basic federal return, no matter your income. State returns start at $24.95.
  • Maximum refund pledge: ezTaxReturn guarantees the largest possible refund and will pay you $100 if you get a bigger refund elsewhere.
  • Audit assistance: Get free audit representation and support from CPAs and EAs with an Audit Defense membership, starting at $29.95/year.
  • Secure tax return storage: Your tax returns are securely stored online with password protection for 7 years.

Overview Of Turbotax

TurboTax by Intuit is the most popular DIY tax filing software on the market. Notable features include:

  • Step-by-step guidance: Easy-to-follow questions and expert explanations walk you through everything tax related.
  • $0 federal free option: The TurboTax Free edition covers simple federal returns absolutely free. State filing costs $39.99.
  • Deduction finder: TurboTax helps uncover 350+ deductions and credits you may qualify for.
  • Live expert support: If you get stuck, TurboTax offers real-time help from CPAs and tax attorneys via online chat.
  • Maximum refund guaranteed: Like ezTaxReturn, TurboTax also promises the biggest possible refund or they’ll pay the difference.

Comparison Between Eztaxreturn And Turbotax


Tax Forms Supported

Both ezTaxReturn and TurboTax can handle all standard federal and state tax forms and situations.

This includes W-2 income, unemployment, student loan interest, self-employment income, retirement income, investments, rental property, and more.

For complex taxes, TurboTax has an advantage. Their Premium tier supports foreign earned income, foreign retirement income, foreign investments, and 18 other specialty forms. ezTaxReturn doesn’t handle quite as many obscure situations.

But for typical tax filers, both providers offer adequate form coverage and guidance.

Ease of Use

Filing taxes is seamless and painless using either DIY solution. The user experience is very similar across ezTaxReturn and TurboTax.

Both guide you through taxes in a question-and-answer format. Helpful definitions, articles, and recommendations are provided along the way. And importing tax documents is easy using their mobile apps.

TurboTax does use clearer language and provides more context with each question. But ezTaxReturn meets user needs as well. Those new to taxes will find either service easy and stress-free.

For simplicity, we have to call this category a tie. ezTaxReturn and TurboTax both offer effortless tax prep.

Accuracy of Calculations

You can feel confident your tax calculations will be 100% accurate using either service. ezTaxReturn and TurboTax both run multiple checks for errors and use the latest tax rules and rates.

Both providers also offer a maximum refund guarantee. If you miss out on deductions or credits, they’ll make it right by covering the difference in refund up to $100.

With advanced error-checking and a money-back guarantee from each, accuracy is assured no matter which service you use.

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Live Customer Support

What happens if you get stuck completing your taxes? You want access to expert help.

TurboTax pulls ahead in this category by offering unlimited live support from CPAs and tax attorneys at no extra cost. You can get answers quickly via online chat or screenshare without waiting on hold.

ezTaxReturn doesn’t provide direct live support. You must submit a support ticket and wait for an email response, which isn’t always timely. Phone support is offered only with paid packages.

If immediate tax advice is important, TurboTax is the better choice here. Otherwise, ezTaxReturn can still address any questions, albeit slower.

Security of Data

Tax documents contain highly sensitive personal and financial information. Is your data secure using these online services?

Both ezTaxReturn and TurboTax guarantee complete security of your tax documents using encryption, firewalls, multi-factor authentication, strict physical security, and more.

TurboTax does undergo more third-party testing and audits to verify security. But independent tests confirm ezTaxReturn also adequately protects user data and privacy.

Rest assured your tax information is safely protected by both providers. There are no major security advantages of one over the other.

Price and Value

Pricing is where you’ll notice the biggest difference between these DIY tax solutions.

For simple federal returns, TurboTax and ezTaxReturn both offer free filing. But ezTaxReturn has no upcharge for adding state returns in most cases, saving you $39.99.

However, TurboTax provides free live support and a cheaper Premier option for investments and rental income that runs just $89.99. ezTaxReturn packages with support start at $124.95.

Advanced filers needing priority support get more value from TurboTax. But for basic tax situations, ezTaxReturn offers savings up front.

Pros And Cons Of TurboTax and ezTaxReturn



  • $0 federal and state filing
  • Maximum refund guaranteed
  • Clear and easy-to-follow format


  • Slower email-based support
  • Fewer advanced capabilities for complex taxes
  • More expensive packages with support



  • $0 federal free filing option
  • Live CPA and tax pro support included
  • Handles more obscure tax situations


  • State filing extra with free edition
  • Slightly more difficult language for beginners

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is ezTaxReturn Legit and Safe to Use?

Yes, ezTaxReturn is a legitimate, accredited tax preparation service that is completely safe to use. Their business is authorized by the IRS.
User data is securely encrypted and protected according to industry best practices. Independent security tests confirm ezTaxReturn properly safeguards your private tax information.
With guaranteed maximum refunds, audit support, and data security, you can feel confident relying on ezTaxReturn for accurate DIY tax filing.

Is There a Better Option Than TurboTax?

For most tax situations, TurboTax is tough to beat. The combination of an intuitive interface, $0 federal filing, CPAs on call, and advanced capabilities is hard to match.
However, ezTaxReturn can be a smart alternative depending on your needs. Simple state returns are totally free, whereas state filing costs $39.99 with TurboTax. And support gets expensive for TurboTax users needing more help.
H&R Block also offers similar features and pricing to TurboTax for those wanting a comparable alternative. But TurboTax remains the go-to DIY tax solution for filers needing robust guidance and support.

What Tax Software Gives the Biggest Refund?

TurboTax and ezTaxReturn generally deliver comparable refund amounts when filing basic tax returns. Both services promise to get you the maximum refund possible or they’ll pay you the difference.
For itemizing complex returns, TurboTax and H&R Block have an edge at finding legitimate deductions you may miss.
But when it comes to W-2 income, the major DIY providers all optimize refunds equally.
The best way to maximize your tax refund is using TurboTax’s Premier package or the H&R Block Premium. Take advantage of included live support to answer questions and leave no deductions overlooked.

Which Service Handles Multiple State Returns Best?

For taxpayers needing to file in more than one state, TurboTax is the top choice. Their software is optimized to handle all state returns seamlessly.
With TurboTax Premier, there is no extra charge for adding multiple state returns. The cost stays fixed at $89.99 even with 3, 4, or 5 state returns required.
In contrast, ezTaxReturn charges for each additional state return a la carte. This gets expensive for multiple filings at $29.95 each.
H&R Block also charges extra for each additional state filing beyond your original return. Your most affordable option for multiple state taxes is TurboTax Premier.


Overall, TurboTax is the superior tax filing software over ezTaxReturn for most tax filers. Here’s a brief verdict on the key differences:

  • Features – TurboTax offers a wider range of features like live expert advice and maximized deductions. ezTaxReturn has just basic tax filing capabilities.
  • Ease of Use – TurboTax provides an easier, more intuitive tax filing experience especially for new users. ezTaxReturn has a dated interface that can be challenging to navigate.
  • Accuracy – TurboTax has stronger accuracy guarantees with 100% accuracy or you don’t pay policies. ezTaxReturn’s accuracy is not as reliable.
  • Security – TurboTax uses high-level encryption and fraud monitoring for better security. ezTaxReturn lacks transparency into their security protocols.
  • Support – TurboTax offers robust phone, chat, email support and community forums. ezTaxReturn only provides email and chat help.
  • Cost – TurboTax has tiered pricing plans while ezTaxReturn charges per form fees that can add up. TurboTax offers better overall value.

In summary, TurboTax dominates in features, usability, accuracy, security, and support. The only potential advantage of ezTaxReturn is lower cost for simple returns.

For most filers, TurboTax provides a superior tax filing experience and is the recommended choice over ezTaxReturn.

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