PetCareRx Vs. Chewy: Better Pet Medications And Supplies

When it comes to providing medications and essential supplies for your furry friends, PetCareRx and Chewy are two of the most popular online retailers. But with different offerings, prices, and benefits, which one is the better choice for pet owners?

Here’s an in-depth comparison of PetCareRx and Chewy to help you decide which provider is right for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Product SelectionGood for medications and essentialsWider assortment including food, toys, etc
Prescription ServicesApproved online pharmacyEasier rx management and refills
ShippingFree 4-7 day shippingFaster 1-2 day shipping
PricingMembership & loyalty discountsFrequent sales and deals
Customer ServiceHelpful support24/7 real-time superior service

Overview Of Petcarerx

Founded in 2002, PetCareRx is an online pet pharmacy and retailer that provides prescription and over-the-counter medications, food, treats, toys, and other supplies for dogs, cats, and horses.

Some key features of PetCareRx include:

  • Prescription processing: PetCareRx allows pet owners to purchase prescription medications after approval from a licensed veterinarian. This includes heartworm preventatives, flea and tick control, antibiotics, pain relievers, and more.
  • Human-grade medications: In addition to pet-specific drugs, PetCareRx also offers human-generic prescription and OTC medications that veterinarians may prescribe for animal use. This can help owners save money.
  • Free shipping: On orders over $49, PetCareRx provides free standard 4-7 day shipping. Faster shipping options are available for an added fee.
  • PetCareRx Rewards: Members earn points on purchases that translate to dollar-off rewards to save on future orders.
  • Licensed U.S.-based pharmacists: Pet medications and dosing instructions are reviewed by veterinary pharmacists.
  • Price matching: If you find a competitor selling the same product for less, PetCareRx will try to match the price.

Overview Of Chewy

Chewy is one of the largest online pet product retailers serving the United States. Founded in 2011, they sell pet food, treats, toys, medications, and other supplies for dogs, cats, small pets, birds, reptiles, horses, and fish.

Notable features of Chewy include:

  • Huge selection of brands: With over 2,000 brands of pet foods and products, Chewy has an extremely diverse selection of merchandise.
  • Fast shipping: Chewy offers 1-2 day shipping on thousands of items for a flat fee of $4.95 or free for orders over $49.
  • Prescription processing: Like PetCareRx, Chewy fills valid veterinary prescriptions and delivers medications right to your door.
  • Pharmacy discounts: Chewy offers reduced pricing on brand name, generic, and other prescription drugs with no membership fees required.
  • Autoship: Take advantage of autoship savings and convenience by scheduling regular, automatic deliveries of your pet’s must-have products.
  • 24/7 customer service: Chewy is praised for superior customer service available by phone or chat at any time of day.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: Items can be easily returned within 1 year even if opened or used.

Comparison Between Petcarerx And Chewy

Prescription Services

Both PetCareRx and Chewy operate legitimate and licensed online pharmacies that safely dispense medications as prescribed by your veterinarian. Pricing and selection of medications tends to be similar across the two retailers.

However, Chewy edges out PetCareRx when it comes to prescription management and fulfillment. Chewy offers automatic refills, easy online reordering, and medication alerts and tracking. PetCareRx lacks a few of these convenient options that owners appreciate.

For most pet meds, you can’t go wrong purchasing through either online pharmacy. But Chewy offers a smoother prescription management experience overall.

Product Selection and Availability

With over 100,000 items in stock, Chewy definitely wins when it comes to product selection. Their assortment includes all the top brands of pet foods, popular toys and treats, supplements, preventatives, and just about anything else your pet needs. Smaller niche brands can be harder to find on Chewy however.

PetCareRx has a focused inventory catering to medications, prescription diets, dental care, flea & tick control, and supplements. Their product selection isn’t as vast as Chewy’s, but covers the essentials well. Unique and specialty items may need to be sourced from elsewhere.

For common supplies and medications, both retailers will have what you need. But Chewy is the clear winner if you want endless options for pet products spanning food to furniture.

Ordering and Shipping Experience

Chewy pulls ahead of PetCareRx when comparing the overall ordering and shipping process. Their website and mobile apps make shopping, managing subscriptions, and reordering a breeze. Chewy also ships millions of packages daily, giving them the scale to offer reliability and speed. Expected 2-day shipping is the norm.

PetCareRx provides a decent ordering experience but lags behind Chewy in convenience and order tracking capabilities. The free 4-7 day shipping is also slower than Chewy’s standard offer. PetCareRx does have the advantage of easy price matching however.

Those wanting a streamlined, premium order and delivery experience will prefer Chewy. But PetCareRx meets basic shipping needs at lower order minimums for free shipping.

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Pricing and Discounts

In terms of everyday pricing on same-brand medications and supplies, PetCareRx and Chewy are quite evenly matched. Both offer prescription discounts and provide price matching if you find an identical product cheaper elsewhere.

Where PetCareRx shines is discounts for long term members. Signing up for an annual membership provides 10% off every order. Additional discounts come via PetPerks points earned on each purchase, translating to $5-$10 off future transactions.

Chewy doesn’t offer membership discounts, but runs frequent sales and promotions that often beat PetCareRx prices temporarily. They also provide Autoship discounts of 5-10% on scheduled deliveries.

For the best long-term savings, the PetCareRx membership and loyalty program is valuable. But Chewy promotions allow you to score periodic deals and discounts too.

Customer Service

When it comes to taking care of customers, both retailers provide excellent service overall. PetCareRx offers helpful pharmacy and veterinary support during business hours. Chewy goes above and beyond with 24/7 real-time assistance via phone, email, and online chat. They are known for top-notch, caring service that owners rave about.

Chewy’s support is tough to beat, but PetCareRx provides satisfactory assistance as well. Rest assured your questions and concerns as a pet parent will be properly addressed by both retailers.

Pros And Cons Of PetCareRx and Chewy



  • Membership discounts and loyalty rewards
  • Easy price matching
  • Licensed pharmacists and vets for consultation


  • Smaller product selection
  • Slower shipping times
  • Less robust order tracking and rx management



  • Huge variety of brand name products
  • Fast 1-2 day standard shipping
  • Superior website and app experience
  • Top-rated customer service


  • No membership or volume discounts
  • Can lack smaller specialty brands

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a PetCareRx Membership Worth It?

For serious pet medication buyers, a paid PetCareRx membership that guarantees 10% off may certainly be worthwhile.
The membership cost ranges from $12.99 – $79.99 per year depending on plan. Members will earn back the cost in discounts quickly if making large or frequent medication and supply purchases. The included rewards points also add up for additional savings.
Casual shoppers that only buy occasionally won’t reap as much value from a paid membership. But joining their free PetPerks rewards program is still beneficial.
Overall, a PetCareRx membership provides good value if you are purchasing high-dollar prescription medications on an ongoing basis. Pet parents with several pets requiring routine medications and supplies will get the most benefit.

Is PetCareRx a Legit and Safe Website?

Yes, PetCareRx is a verified safe and legitimate online pharmacy. They are accredited by the NABP and operate an FDA-registered facility staffed by licensed pharmacists.
PetCareRx only dispenses medications that have been prescribed and approved by a veterinarian. Your pet’s information is kept secure and protected.
You can trust that any medication or supply bought through PetCareRx is authentic and dosed properly, just like at your local veterinary office. They safely deliver pet meds nationwide.

Is it Safe to Buy Pet Medications from Chewy?

hewy is a trusted source for filling pet prescriptions online. Their licensed in-house pharmacy is certified by the NABP to meet strict quality and safety standards.
All Chewy pharmacists are pet medication experts that will safely review and verify prescriptions from your vet. Controlled substances and human medications require extra validation for your pet’s safety.
You can feel confident ordering prescribed pet meds through Chewy’s pharmacy.
They are a legitimate online drug store that looks out for your pet’s health and wellbeing. Their strict processes ensure your pet receives the correct medications in the dosage amount prescribed.

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For pet medications and supplies, most owners will have a better experience ordering through Chewy instead of shopping at Petco brick-and-mortar stores.

Reasons why Chewy is usually superior include:

  • Cheaper prices on premium medications and prescription diets
  • Wider selection of brands and products
  • Faster and more convenient shipping
  • Easier prescription transfers and fulfillment
  • Superior website and mobile app functionality

Petco does not have its own in-house pet pharmacy. You must transfer rx’s to their partner pharmacies for fulfillment. The convenience factor of Chewy can’t be matched.

That said, some owners do enjoy in-person shopping and same day pick-up of supplies at their local Petco. Chewy ultimately provides the most affordable pricing and greatest variety for pet essentials. But Petco serves its purpose for immediate needs and impulse purchases during pet store visits.

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