1800PetMeds Vs. Chewy Pet Medications: Key Differences

When it comes to buying pet medications and supplies online, two major players stand out: 1800PetMeds and Chewy. Both offer huge product selections, convenient home delivery, and competitive prices.

But they also have some key differences that pet owners should understand before choosing one over the other.

This comprehensive guide examines the pros, cons, and key features of 1800PetMeds and Chewy to help you decide which is the better fit for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Product SelectionExtensive selection of pet meds and suppliesMassive inventory of pet products
Prescription ProcessVeterinary approval required, submit via fax/phone/vet portalVeterinary approval required, seamless integration with Vetsource
PricingCompetitive pricing, price matching guaranteeFrequent sitewide sales and percent-off deals
ShippingFree 1-3 day shipping over $49Free 1-2 day shipping over $49, same-day in select areas
Website ExperienceDated design but functionalModern, user-friendly website and apps
ReorderingAuto-refill program availableAuto-ship program for easy recurring delivery
Customer Service24/7 support via phone, pharmacist consultsSupport via phone/chat/email, medication specialists
ReliabilityLicensed since 1996, accredited pharmacyLicensed since 2013, accredited pharmacy

Overview Of 1800PetMeds


Founded in 1996, 1800PetMeds is one of the original online pet medication retailers. The company stocks over 1500 brands and continues to expand its catalog of prescription and over-the-counter pet medications, supplements, toys, food and more.

Some Pros Of Using 1800PetMeds Include:

  • Huge selection of pet meds and supplies, including many prescription medications
  • Licensed pharmacy staff available for consultations
  • Price matching guarantee against competitors
  • Mobile app for easy reordering and Rx reminders
  • Specialty pharmacy services like compounding

Potential Cons To Consider:

  • Website can be outdated and cluttered
  • Must submit veterinary prescription for Rx medications
  • Some complaints about shipping delays or damaged packages

Overview Of Chewy


Launched in 2011, Chewy aims to be the go-to online destination for pet parents. They offer one of the largest inventories of pet products, including food, medications, toys and more.

Some Pros Of Chewy Include:

  • Massive selection of pet products, rivaling 1800PetMeds
  • Modern, user-friendly website and mobile apps
  • Fast 1-2 day shipping on many items
  • 24/7 customer service and support
  • Auto-ship program for effortless reordering

Some Potential Downsides:

  • Pricing is sometimes higher than competitors
  • Prescriptions require submission of veterinary approval
  • Restrictions on prescription auto-shipments

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Comparison Between 1800PetMeds And Chewy

Prescriptions And Approvals

One of the biggest considerations when purchasing pet medications online is whether a prescription is required. This applies to any medication that is regulated, including heartworm preventatives, flea and tick control, prescription foods, and more.

Both 1800PetMeds and Chewy require veterinary approval to dispense prescription medications. This involves submitting a valid prescription from your veterinarian via fax, phone, or through an online portal. For convenience, you can have your vet submit the prescription directly to the pharmacy of your chosen retailer.

Chewy offers seamless integration with Vetsource, allowing vets to approve prescription requests electronically. 1800PetMeds also makes it easy for vets to submit prescriptions through their PetMeds Vet Portal.

So essentially, the prescription process is very similar between the two retailers. The main difference is Chewy’s integration with Vetsource for streamlined electronic approvals.

Safety And Reliability

When ordering medications online, safety and reliability are paramount. Both companies have excellent reputations and accreditations:


  • Accredited with A+ rating from BBB
  • Licensed pharmacy operating since 1996
  • Member of NABP and Vet-VIPPS networks


  • A+ BBB rating and over 500,000 reviews
  • Licensed pharmacy accredited since 2013
  • Vet-VIPPS and NABP accredited

These pharmacies adhere to strict regulations and protocols. Their longstanding accreditations and stellar ratings indicate exceptional safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance. Either retailer can be trusted for secure pet medication delivery.

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Pricing And Discounts

Both online stores offer competitive pricing, but discounts and promos vary:


  • Regular online promotions and coupons
  • Price matching guarantee against competitors
  • 5% discount for auto-refills
  • Points-based rewards program


  • Frequent discounts and deals sitewide
  • First-time customer discounts (20% off)
  • Subscription savings with auto-shipments
  • Bigger discounts when you spend more

Chewy tends to offer more sitewide sales and percentage-off deals. 1800PetMeds has a rewards program and guarantees the lowest prices. Ultimately, it comes down to who has the best deal on your specific order. Prices fluctuate, so always compare current promotions.

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Customer Service

Having access to knowledgeable customer service is important when purchasing medications online:


  • Licensed pharmacists available for consults
  • Customer service available 24/7 by phone


  • 24/7 customer service via phone, email or live chat
  • Pet medication specialists on staff
  • Vet helpline for questions on meds, doses, etc

Both retailers offer around-the-clock support which is vital for a pharmacy. Chewy has more options for getting help via phone, email or live chat. Their medication specialists and vet helpline also provide great resources.

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Shipping And Delivery

Convenient, reliable shipping and delivery is crucial when ordering pet medications online. Both retailers offer speedy fulfillment across the contiguous US:


  • Free 1-3 day shipping over $49
  • Next day air available for $19.99


  • 1-2 day free shipping on orders over $49
  • Same-day delivery in select metro areas
  • Free shipping on prescription orders

Chewy edges out with faster free shipping guarantees. They also offer same-day delivery in certain major cities for ultimate convenience.

If you need your pet’s medication right away, Chewy’s delivery speeds give them a slight advantage. But 1800PetMeds still ships very quickly across the US.

Ordering And Reordering Experience

Convenience factors like website usability, mobile apps, and auto-refill options impact the ordering experience:


  • Website is outdated and cluttered
  • Mobile app for easy reorder and Rx reminders
  • Auto-refill program available


  • Clean, modern website and app design
  • Auto-ship program for effortless reorders
  • Prescription auto-refills require monthly approval

Chewy pulls ahead here with a smoother, more convenient online shopping experience. Their website and mobile apps make it very simple to place orders and set up recurring deliveries.

1800PetMeds’ site feels dated but offers the core functionality needed to order pet meds online. Their mobile app helps access key features like Rx reminders and reorders.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe to buy pet meds from Chewy?

Yes, buying pet medications from Chewy’s licensed online pharmacy is very safe. Chewy adheres to strict pharmacy regulations and protocols to ensure medication authenticity, safety, security, and compliance. Their pharmacy technicians and veterinary specialists provide oversight on every prescription order.

Is 1800PetMeds reliable?

1800PetMeds is a highly reliable source for prescription pet medications. As one of the first online pet pharmacies, they have over 25 years of experience safely dispensing medications. Their fully licensed pharmacy and longstanding accreditations ensure dependable, compliant service.

How does Chewy get prescriptions?

To obtain prescription pet medications from Chewy, veterinary approval is required. This involves submitting your pet’s valid prescription, which can be sent directly to Chewy through fax, phone, or their vet portal. For fastest approval, your vet can submit the prescription electronically through integration with Vetsource.

Does 1800PetMeds require a prescription?

Yes, 1800PetMeds requires a valid veterinary prescription to dispense any regulated prescription pet medications to you online. Your vet will need to provide this prescription by fax, phone, or through 1800PetMeds’ veterinary portal. This ensures your pet’s medications are dispensed safely under proper veterinary oversight.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Chewy edges out 1800PetMeds in several categories like website experience, delivery speeds, and customer service convenience. However, 1800PetMeds still holds its own with reliable pharmacy services, competitive pricing, and fast shipping.

For the best prices on generic pet meds, 1800PetMeds can’t be beat. But Chewy excels at providing fast, free shipping along with an exceptional online ordering experience. Their customer service sets the standard for support when shopping for pet medications online.

Consider which factors align most closely with your priorities as a pet parent. For most pet owners, Chewy offers an unparalleled combination of service, reliability, and convenience that keeps customers coming back.

But 1800PetMeds still appeals to shoppers focused strictly on cost savings. Either retailer will fulfill your pet’s prescription needs reliably and safely.

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