BURGA Vs. Casetify: Which Brand Offers The Best Phone Cases?

Finding the perfect phone case involves balancing style, protection, and functionality. Two brands that deliver excellent solutions across these criteria are BURGA and Casetify. But which one ultimately provides the best phone cases for your needs?

In this comprehensive breakdown, we’ll compare BURGA and Casetify across critical factors like design originality, protective qualities, customization, price, and more. Read on to see how these trendy phone case brands stack up!

A Brief Comparison Table

Design StyleBold, colorful geometric patterns and gradientsTrendy pop culture collabs, fun prints
Protection LevelUp to 12 ft drops (Elite model)Up to 12 ft drops (Ultra Impact)
CustomizationNames, initials, stickers for free; Custom prints cost extraUpload any graphics or photos for free
Case VarietySnap, clear, wallet, protective, EliteSlim, protective, recyclable, folio, MagSafe, etc
Pricing$35 – $65$40 – $70+
SustainabilitySome eco-friendly materials, carbon neutral shippingRecycled plastic cases, recycled glass screen protectors
Customer ServiceSlower response timesVery responsive and helpful

Key Differences Between BURGA And Casetify

  • Design Originality

A major reason to buy from BURGA or Casetify is access to their unique, eye-catching designs you won’t find elsewhere. But which brand offers more originality?

Burga Phone Case
Burga Phone Case

BURGA is known for its bold, vibrant patterns and use of color blocking. Many cases feature colorful gradients and geometric shapes. The patterns are both statement-making yet refined. BURGA also partners with artists and brands like Keith Haring for truly exclusive collabs.

Casetify takes a more playful, millennial-friendly approach to design. They embrace pop culture with cases showing memes, cartoons, musicians and movies. Some feature artistic renderings of celebrities like Harry Styles. The iconic Casetify logo lends instant recognition.

For pure design originality and exclusivity, BURGA edges out Casetify. The luxury abstract patterns feel more one-of-a-kind, especially the artist collabs. But Casetify certainly wins for fun, relatable designs millennials love.

  • Protective Qualities

Beyond good looks, we expect phone cases to protect our costly devices. How durable are BURGA and Casetify cases?

BURGA cases provide ample protection thanks to molded, shock-absorbent TPU borders and impact-resistant polycarbonate backs. The Elite model also uses Kevlar for extra strength. Raised edges prevent screen scratches when facedown.

Casetify cases offer protection starting from 6 feet drop resistance up to 12 feet for the Ultra Impact series. The bumpers use shock-absorbing TPU while backs are either strong polycarbonate or sturdy recycled plastic derived from phone cases.

Independent drop tests confirm both BURGA and Casetify keep phones safe from average drops. Casetify offers greater height ratings of up to 12 feet, but BURGA also protects well against everyday mishaps. For the clumsiest among us, Casetify’s Ultra Impact provides the best protection.

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  • Customization Options

Beyond set designs, both BURGA and Casetify allow you to customize cases with names, initials, photos or artwork. But who gives you more personalization power?

BURGA offers complimentary customization on most cases with names, initials or numbers in a choice of colors. You can further customize with stickers or by designing your own case. But custom photos or designs cost extra.

Casetify makes the process easy by letting you design fully custom cases at no added cost. Just upload photos or illustrations and place them how you like on any pattern. You can also get text like names or phrases added.

Casetify is the winner when it comes to seamless customization possibilities. No extra fees and intuitive tools make it effortless to design one-of-a-kind cases. BURGA lags regarding user-created designs.

  • Case Variety

A diverse lineup of case styles caters to different needs and preferences. Let’s see how BURGA and Casetify compare.

BURGA offers a few key designs:

  1. Snap case with easy install/removal
  2. Slim profile Clear case showing off phone color
  3. Ultra Protective with 12 feet drop protection
  4. Wallets with card storage
  5. Elite Kevlar-reinforced for max durability
Casetify Phone Case
Casetify Phone Case

Casetify has a much wider selection including:

  1. Slim, clear, glitter cases showing off phone
  2. Ultra protective Impact and Ultra Impact cases
  3. Durable recycled plastic cases like the Re/Case
  4. Wallet cases with card storage slots
  5. Folio/flip cover cases
  6. Specialty MagSafe, watch and AirPod cases

Casetify clearly has the edge when it comes to the diversity of case designs from durables to stylish slim options. Their variety ensures you’ll find the perfect case for your usage needs.

  • Pricing and Value

Pricing often drives case purchasing decisions. Here is how BURGA and Casetify compare:

BURGA cases range from $35 for snap cases up to $65 for the premium Elite. Basic designs average around $45. This positions them as mid-tier in terms of cost.

Casetify starts cases at $40 for slim hard shells, with full protection models running $70+. The average cost of most popular Casetify cases lands around $50-60.

When you consider the designs and protection levels, both BURGA and Casetify offer reasonable pricing that aligns with their quality. For budget buyers, Casetify has more choices under $50. But overall pricing is comparable between the two brands.

Watch this review video:

  • Sustainability

Eco-conscious buyers will appreciate that both brands incorporate sustainability:

BURGA uses some plant-based and recycled materials in their cases, although specifics are limited. Their packaging and fulfillment aims for carbon neutrality.

Casetify has an extensive “Re/Case” line made from recycled phone cases that would otherwise end up in landfills. This prevents over 20,000 lbs of plastic waste annually. Their Impact cases use recycled phone glass for durability.

Casetify goes farther promoting sustainability as part of their brand ethos. Their use of recycled materials stands out from most competitors. BURGA makes less of an emphasis on eco-friendly practices.

  • Customer Experience

The ordering process and customer service also impact the buying experience. Here is how the brands compare:

BURGA website makes it easy to customize and order cases with clear design tools. Shipping takes 7-10 days on average. Customer service response is a bit slow according to reviews.

Casetify online ordering allows seamless case personalization. Shipping generally takes 1 week but is faster for in-stock cases. Their customer service team earns high marks for resolving issues promptly.

Casetify offers the better overall customer experience with faster fulfillment speeds and more attentive customer support. But BURGA shipping is still reasonable for custom cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about these popular phone case brands:

Are BURGA Elite phone cases protective?

Yes, the BURGA Elite line offers maximum protection thanks to its Kevlar material that reinforces vulnerability points against drops. Kevlar provides bullet-proof level durability. Independent tests confirm the Elite cases safeguard phones from 12-foot falls onto concrete with no damage. So you can feel confident an Elite case will prevent cracked screens or dented frame edges.

Is BURGA shock proof?

Most BURGA cases do provide good shock absorption that will protect phones in the event of drops and bumps during daily use. The molded TPU edges effectively disperse impact force while the durable polycarbonate or aluminum back prevents damage. However, for maximum shock and drop protection, go for the Kevlar-reinforced Elite case rated to 12-feet.

What makes Casetify cases so special?

Three key things make Casetify phone cases stand out: fun and original designs, easy customization, and drop protection. Casetify collaborates with artists and pop culture brands to create phone cases you won’t find anywhere else. You can also easily customize cases with photos and text for free. Finally, innovations like impact-absorbing recycled phone glass provide up to 12-foot drop protection. The result is cases that are as durable and safe as they are stylish.

How long do Casetify cases last?

The longevity of Casetify cases depends on usage and which style you choose. Their basic hard shells and slim cases will last around 1-2 years with moderate use before showing wear and tear. However, the Ultra Impact and Impact Crush options made from recycled materials can easily last 3-4 years or longer, even with rugged use. Just inspect any case periodically for dents, cracks or malfunctions, and replace immediately if severely damaged to maintain full protection. With reasonable care, you can expect most Casetify cases to last 2+ years before needing replacement.

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The Verdict

Based on this head-to-head comparison, Casetify comes out as the superior phone case brand for its wider design selection, easier customization, greater impact protection, and customer-focused shopping experience. While BURGA offers beautiful high-end case designs, Casetify simply gives you more options at better price points.

Here’s a quick rundown of key advantages that make Casetify our top choice:

  • Fun, original designs drawing from pop culture trends
  • Easy customization with photos and text
  • Durable up to 12-foot drop protection
  • Huge case selection for all needs
  • Recycled and sustainable materials
  • Stellar customer service reputation

But BURGA remains an excellent provider of statement-making yet protective phone cases – especially if you appreciate their high-fashion abstract aesthetic. Their bold use of color and unapologetic style stand out in a sea of generic cases.

So while Casetify takes the win for all-around phone case excellence, BURGA also delivers artistic, head-turning cases shoppers crave. Ultimately it comes down to your personal style and priorities. But you can confidently shop both brands knowing you’ll get a quality case that protects your tech in style.

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