Visible Vs. Ting: Which Budget Cell Phone Plan Is Right For You?

When it comes to cell phone plans, two lesser-known but compelling options are Visible and Ting. Both providers offer affordable no-contract plans that utilize the large Verizon and T-Mobile networks, respectively.

Choosing between Visible and Ting can be difficult, as each has unique pros and cons. This comprehensive guide will compare Visible and Ting on key factors like pricing, coverage, data speeds, and features to help you determine the best budget cell phone plan for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

PlansOne plan: $40/mo unlimitedUsage-based pricing
Data PrioritizationMay be slower than Verizon in congested areasSame priority as T-Mobile postpaid
HotspotUnlimited high-speed data$5 per 1GB
International RoamingNoneFree 2G data & text + low calling rates
Family PlansNo, single line onlyYes, discounted multi-line pricing
Customer ServiceCommunity support onlySolid phone, chat, email support

Overview Of Visible And Ting

Visible is a prepaid cell phone service that launched in 2018. It runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks.

The main advantages of Visible are:

  • Low monthly price for unlimited talk, text, and data
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Hotspot/tethering included
  • Large Verizon network coverage

Potential drawbacks include:

  • Speeds may be slowed in congested areas
  • No family plans or discounts
  • Limited tech support options

Ting has been around since 2012. It utilizes T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network.

Benefits of Ting include:

  • Pay only for what you use billing model
  • GSM or CDMA network options
  • Generous roaming options
  • Great customer service

Downsides to consider:

  • Data can get expensive if you’re a heavy user
  • No unlimited plans available
  • Smaller T-Mobile network reach compared to Verizon

Now let’s do a detailed comparison of Visible and Ting on pricing, coverage, speed, and features.

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Pricing And Plans

One of the biggest differences between Visible and Ting is how each handles their cell phone plan pricing.

Visible keeps things simple with a single $40 per month unlimited plan. It includes:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data
  • Mobile hotspot/tethering
  • Calling to Canada and Mexico
  • Taxes and fees included

There are no contracts and no surprise overage charges. Everything is included for the flat $40 monthly fee.


Ting takes a pay-per-use approach. Their pricing model is:

  • $10 per month per device connection fee
  • $6 per 100 minutes of talk
  • $3 per 100 texts
  • $10 per 1GB of data

So with Ting your bill will vary depending on usage. Light users can get by for under $20 per month. But heavy talkers and data users will pay more.

Ting does not have unlimited data options. The most high-speed 4G LTE data you can get per month is 35GB for $85.

For individuals who use lots of data, Visible’s unlimited plan provides better value. But those with minimal needs can save with Ting’s usage-based pricing.

Network Coverage

When comparing the coverage maps, Verizon-powered Visible has an advantage over Ting on the T-Mobile network.

Visible uses Verizon’s network, which has the best overall coverage in the U.S. according to various studies. Verizon 4G LTE reaches over 2.4 million square miles and over 75% of the country. This robust coverage is especially beneficial in rural areas.

Ting uses T-Mobile’s network, which reaches about 2 million square miles in 4G LTE coverage. That’s a sizable amount of the country but still falls short of Verizon’s reach. Those who live in urban areas will likely enjoy strong T-Mobile coverage with Ting. But it may be spottier in suburban and rural regions.

If network availability is crucial no matter where you are, Visible has the upper hand over Ting when it comes to coverage accessibility.

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Data Speeds

In addition to coverage reach, data speeds are an important factor when comparing networks.

RootMetrics testing shows Verizon and T-Mobile are typically neck-and-neck when it comes to 4G LTE download speeds. Both deliver between 33-35 Mbps on average nationally.

However, Verizon tends to show better 4G availability and reliability compared to T-Mobile in testing. T-Mobile’s speeds are excellent when available, but may be more impacted by congestion issues.

Visible runs on the Verizon network but with lower priority data compared to main Verizon customers. This means when the network is congested, Visible users may experience slower data speeds than regular Verizon subscribers. Still, Visible users can expect average download speeds in the 5-12 Mbps range based on OpenSignal testing, which is sufficient for most needs.

Ting users will experience the same fast T-Mobile speeds that the carrier’s postpaid subscribers get since there is no deprioritization. Speeds will be reduced if the network is congested though.

If you live in an urban area prone to congestion, Ting may deliver faster typical speeds. But Visible on Verizon’s network generally provides better reliability.

Plan Features And Perks

Beyond cost and network, the features and perks offered by Visible and Ting also differentiate the two providers.

Some key things to consider:

  • Mobile hotspot – Visible includes unlimited 4G LTE hotspot data with its plan. Ting charges $5 per 1GB used.
  • International roaming – Ting includes free 2G data and texting internationally plus low flat-rate calling. Visible has no international roaming.
  • Families – Ting allows up to 5 lines on an account and offers discounted pricing. Visible is single line only. No multi-line accounts.
  • Apps – Visible provides handy member benefits through its Visible app. Ting’s account app enables seamless pay-per-use tracking.
  • Customer support – Ting offers superior U.S.-based customer service by phone, chat, and email. Visible support is via online community or social media messaging only.

For features like mobile hotspot and family plans, Visible has an advantage. But Ting excels when it comes to international perks and quality customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Ting Mobile actually good?

Yes, Ting Mobile is an excellent low-cost cell phone provider. They offer pay-per-use pricing with no contracts on the T-Mobile network. The combination of flexibility plus usage of T-Mobile’s fast LTE network makes Ting a top bargain wireless choice despite limited phone selection and features compared to major carriers.

Is Ting owned by T-Mobile?

No, Ting is not owned by T-Mobile. Ting is an independent wireless company that utilizes the T-Mobile network through a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreement to provide service. This allows Ting to leverage T-Mobile’s infrastructure without being owned by them.

Why is Ting so cheap?

There are a few key reasons why Ting is able to offer such low rates:
Pay-per-use pricing – Only pay for what you use instead of overpaying each month.
No contracts or subsidies – Avoid costs associated with phone contracts and device discounts.
Low overhead business model – Leverage T-Mobile network at low cost as an MVNO with minimal infrastructure.
Lean operations – No retail stores and efficient customer support keep costs down.
Ting passes these operational savings directly on to customers with excellent value on flexible usage-based pricing. The ability to tailor your plan and only pay for what you need is why Ting is so affordable.

Is it worth it to switch from Verizon to Visible?

Switching from Verizon to its prepaid brand Visible can make sense to save money, but weigh the pros and cons:
Save $25-$45 per month with Visible’s $40 unlimited plan
Keep the same Verizon LTE coverage you’re used to
Access 5G on Visible
Potential slower data speeds due to prioritization
Lose Verizon perks like best network access and roaming
Visible has lesser customer service through online channels only
Overall, Visible can provide huge savings over Verizon for many users willing to sacrifice some speed and support for the discount. But rely on Verizon perks like fast speeds or quality service, you may want to stay put. Evaluate your specific usage to determine if Visible meets your needs and priority on cost savings.

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The Verdict

So, when considering both Visible and Ting, which budget cell phone plan comes out on top?

Here is a quick recap on the key differences:

  • Pricing – Visible is just $40 monthly unlimited. Ting has flexible pay-per-use pricing that can be cheaper for light users.
  • Network – Visible uses Verizon’s larger and more reliable coverage. Ting utilizes T-Mobile’s generally fast but more limited network reach.
  • Data prioritization – Visible may experience slower speeds than regular Verizon in crowded areas. Ting gets same data priority as postpaid T-Mobile.
  • Hotspot – Visible includes unlimited high-speed hotspot data. Ting charges per GB.
  • International – Ting includes excellent global roaming. Visible has none.
  • Support – Ting provides solid U.S.-based customer service. Visible relies on community and social channels.

In the end, choosing Visible or Ting depends largely on your data usage needs:

  • For heavy data usage – Visible is hard to beat. You get unlimited high-speed data on Verizon’s excellent network for just $40. Mobile hotspot access is included too.
  • For light usage – Ting offers big savings. Plans can cost as little as $10 per month. The T-Mobile network will work great for many buyers.

Hopefully this detailed Visible versus Ting comparison helps provide clarity on which affordable cell phone plan best aligns with your usage, budget, and coverage needs. Both providers offer outstanding value compared to major carriers. Carefully weighing the pros and cons will ensure you pick the right low-cost service.

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