TickPick Vs. Vivid Seats: Which Is the Better Ticket Marketplace?

If you’re looking to buy tickets to concerts, sports games, or other live events, you may be wondering how TickPick and Vivid Seats compare. As two of the most popular secondary ticket marketplaces, both TickPick and Vivid Seats aim to help fans conveniently buy and sell event tickets.

However, there are some key differences between these two platforms that are worth considering.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureTickPickVivid Seats
Buyer FeesNo fees10-20% fees
Seller Commissions10%10% + fees
Ticket InventoryGoodVery extensive
Search/FilterBasicAdvanced filters
Seat Views3D interactiveInteractive maps
Refund Policy100% money backVariable refunds
Mobile ExperienceApps for iOS/AndroidApps for iOS/Android
Best ForAvoiding feesFinding specific seats

Overview Of TickPick And Vivid Seats

TickPick and Vivid Seats have some core similarities – they both operate as ticket exchanges that connect buyers and sellers. However, there are some variations in their business models:

  • TickPick is a no-fee ticket marketplace, which differentiates itself by not charging service fees to buyers. Sellers pay a 10% commission fee.
  • Vivid Seats is a more traditional ticket marketplace that charges service fees to both buyers and sellers. Buyer fees are around 10-20% of the ticket price.

Both sites offer a large inventory of tickets sourced from individual ticket holders as well as brokers. Their inventory includes tickets for sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, etc.), concerts, theater shows, and other live entertainment events.

In terms of reliability and legitimacy, both TickPick and Vivid Seats are generally trusted marketplaces with mostly positive customer reviews. However, there are some differences in their buyer guarantees:

  • TickPick offers a 100% buyer guarantee on the validity of tickets. If tickets are invalid, you get a full refund.
  • Vivid Seats also offers a buyer guarantee, but the refund amount depends on factors like when the issue was detected.

Pricing And Fees

One of the biggest differences between TickPick and Vivid Seats is their fee structure for buyers:

  • TickPick does not charge any service fees to buyers. The price you see is the final price you’ll pay.
  • Vivid Seats charges service fees that add 10-20% to the ticket price. The exact fees depend on the event, seat location, and demand.

Let’s do a side-by-side comparison of fees for a $100 concert ticket:

SiteTicket PriceFeesTotal Price
Vivid Seats$100$15 (15%)$115

As you can see, TickPick would save you $15 on fees in this scenario. Over the course of several ticket purchases, these fee differences can really add up.

Vivid Seats
Vivid Seats

However, it’s worth comparing the base ticket prices on both marketplaces, as prices can vary. While TickPick has no fees, Vivid Seats may offer a lower base price on some tickets.

There are also differences in how sellers get paid:

  • TickPick charges sellers a 10% commission fee
  • Vivid Seats charges sellers both commission fees (around 10%) and service fees

So Vivid Seats tends to be more expensive for sellers as well.

Ease Of Searching And Filtering

Both TickPick and Vivid Seats make it simple to search for tickets, but Vivid Seats has a slight edge when it comes to filtering:

  • TickPick has a basic search bar where you enter an event, date, and location. You can sort results by price.
  • Vivid Seats has more robust search filters including seat location filters like aisle and row numbers. This makes it easier to narrow in on your preferred seats.

Vivid Seats also seems to surface more inventory in certain searches, pulling up more ticket options and a wider range of seat selections. TickPick’s inventory appears smaller in comparison on some events.

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Seat Views And Listings

When it comes to picking your actual seats, both sites provide interactive seat maps and views from the seats:

  • TickPick’s 3D seat views let you toggle between different views and zoom in on the stage. You can see the listing price overlayed on each seat.
  • Vivid Seats’ interactive maps also clearly display seat locations and numbers. The listed price updates as you click on different seats.

The user experience is very similar on both platforms. However, Vivid Seats sometimes has more detailed venue maps, while TickPick’s tend to be more basic.

Overall, seat selection is easy on both sites, but serious ticket buyers may get more precise with Vivid Seats’ filtering options. Casual buyers are well-served by both interfaces.

Customer Support And Policies

Solid customer support and buyer guarantees are important when buying tickets online. Here’s how TickPick and Vivid Seats compare:

  • TickPick Customer Service
    • Email, phone, live chat, and Twitter support
    • Generally responsive based on reviews
    • 100% money-back guarantee if tickets are invalid
  • Vivid Seats Customer Service
    • Email, phone, and live chat
    • Mixed reviews on responsiveness
    • Refund policy depends on when issue is reported
    • Loyalty rewards program for repeat buyers

While both offer decent support channels, TickPick appears to be more responsive overall and offers a stronger refund policy.

Mobile Experience

TickPick and Vivid Seats both provide iOS and Android apps that allow you to conveniently buy tickets on your phone.

The apps offer similar features as the desktop experience:

  • Browse upcoming events
  • Search for events and filter ticket options
  • View interactive seat maps
  • Make purchases securely
  • Access your ticket reservations and barcodes

The mobile apps are both smooth and bug-free, although TickPick has higher app store ratings at the moment. For on-the-go ticket buying, you can’t go wrong with either option.

Which Site Is Better For Sellers?

For those looking to sell extra tickets, Vivid Seats and TickPick offer these seller features:

  • Vivid Seats
    • Higher fees but large buyer audience
    • Tools to forecast demand and optimize pricing
    • Payments processed quickly
    • Some reporting required on sales
  • TickPick
    • Lower 10% commission fee
    • Quick payouts with no waiting period
    • Less restrictions on types of tickets sold
    • Lower sales volume than Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats caters more specifically to higher-volume sellers. TickPick works well for occasional sellers who want to avoid high fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Vivid Seats or TickPick better?

For most buyers, TickPick is likely the better choice to avoid all service fees and get lower prices. But Vivid Seats has its perks for frequent ticket buyers who want more filtering options and inventory selection.

Is TickPick a reliable ticket source?

Yes, TickPick is trusted in the secondary ticket market. They offer a 100% buyer guarantee against invalid tickets. Reviews suggest TickPick delivers as promised.

Should I trust Vivid Seats tickets?

Vivid Seats is also legitimate, but do read their refund policy closely. Some buyers have had issues getting full refunds with certain tickets. Their large inventory is generally reliable.

Which is the best site to buy tickets?

For average buyers who want to avoid fees, TickPick is likely the best overall option. But experienced ticket hunters may prefer Vivid Seats’ robust tools for finding specific seats. There is no one-size-fits-all best site.

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Overall, TickPick stands out for its no-fee pricing, which saves buyers a significant amount on every ticket purchase. It offers a smooth buying experience comparable to Vivid Seats.

However, Vivid Seats is better for more selective buyers who want robust search filters and expansive inventory choices. It also offers loyalty rewards and caters more to high-volume sellers.

In summary, potential buyers should consider:

  • TickPick if you want to avoid all buyer fees and get the lowest total ticket prices.
  • Vivid Seats if you prioritize broad ticket availability and choices, and don’t mind paying seller fees.

For most casual buyers looking for a deal, TickPick’s simple no-fee pricing model is appealing. But frequent ticket hunters may benefit from Vivid Seats’ tools for finding the perfect seat.

Both TickPick and Vivid Seats are generally reliable and trusted in the ticket resale market. Review buyer guarantees and policies before purchasing.

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