Tickpick Vs. Ticketmaster: Better For Buying Event Tickets

If you’re looking to buy tickets for a concert, sports game, or other live event, you’re probably familiar with Ticketmaster. 

As the largest primary ticket provider in the U.S., Ticketmaster sells tickets for the majority of major concerts, festivals, theater productions, and sporting events.

But Ticketmaster is far from the only option out there. In recent years, a number of alternatives have emerged. One popular alternative for buying event tickets is TickPick.

So how does TickPick compare to Ticketmaster? Which one is better for buying event tickets? 

In this detailed comparison guide, we’ll examine the key differences between TickPick and Ticketmaster to help you decide which ticketing platform best meets your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

PricingNo fees, lower pricesHigher prices with variable fees
InventorySecondary market, less access to high-demand ticketsPrimary ticket source, exclusives
Buyer Guarantee100% money-back guaranteeOnly guarantees direct sales
Website/AppModern, easy to useMore cluttered interface
Customer SupportEmail, phone, live chat. Highly ratedEmail and phone only. Mixed reviews
Delivery MethodInstant e-ticketsMainly mail. Some e-tickets
Best UsesGeneral events, lower budgetsIn-demand exclusive events

Tickpick Overview

TickPick is an online secondary ticket marketplace that allows users to buy and sell tickets for sports, concerts, theater shows, and other live events. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in New York City.

Some key things to know about TickPick:

  • Inventory comes primarily from ticket brokers and professional resellers, as well as directly from event venues.
  • TickPick charges no service fees on ticket orders. The price you see is the final price you pay.
  • They offer a 100% guarantee that the tickets are legitimate and will get you into the event.
  • TickPick has a modern, easy-to-use website and mobile app for buying tickets.
  • They provide access to tickets for major concerts, sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, etc.), Broadway shows, and other popular events.
  • TickPick often has significant discounts compared to box office prices.

Ticketmaster Overview

Ticketmaster is the largest primary ticket provider in the U.S. The company sells tickets directly on behalf of concert promoters, professional sports franchises, theater producers, and other large-scale event organizers.


Here’s an overview of Ticketmaster’s ticketing services:

  • As an official primary ticket source, they sell tickets directly on behalf of the event organizer.
  • Ticketmaster has exclusive ticketing deals with many major event venues, artists, and sports teams.
  • They are an official source for tickets to high-profile concerts, festivals, theater performances, sporting events, and more.
  • Ticketmaster sells tickets through its website and mobile app, along with operating the box offices at many major venues.
  • In addition to tickets, they also facilitate add-ons like parking passes and VIP packages.
  • Ticketmaster has a nationwide network of retail outlets like grocery stores and music shops that sell tickets.

Tickpick Vs. Ticketmaster: Key Differences

Now that you know the basics about each company, let’s take a detailed look at how TickPick and Ticketmaster differ across some key factors:

Pricing and Fees

One of the biggest differences between TickPick and Ticketmaster is their fee structure:

  • TickPick does not charge any service fees on ticket orders. The price listed is the final amount you’ll pay.
  • Ticketmaster adds on variable services fees to every ticket purchase. These fees can add a substantial extra cost, often 25-30% above the base ticket price. Service fees go to Ticketmaster as the facilitator.
  • On the initial price of tickets, TickPick and Ticketmaster are usually in the same ballpark. But once you factor in Ticketmaster’s fees, TickPick ends up being significantly cheaper for the exact same seat.
  • TickPick also tends to have more discounted ticket prices overall compared to Ticketmaster’s primary market prices.

Ticket Inventory

There are also major differences in terms of ticket inventory:

  • As an official primary seller, Ticketmaster has exclusive first access to tickets for the events they work with. They get inventory directly from the source.
  • TickPick gets its ticket inventory from brokers and resellers. This means they won’t have access to primary market seats that are restricted to Ticketmaster.
  • However, TickPick will often receive batches of ticket inventory once shows go on sale to the general public. This allows them to undercut Ticketmaster’s prices.
  • TickPick’s inventory improves closer to event dates, as brokers slash prices to sell last-minute tickets. But popular shows will sell out on Ticketmaster quickly.
  • Overall, Ticketmaster has access to more in-demand ticket inventory that sells out immediately. But TickPick satisfies more general ticketing needs.

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Buyer Protections

What guarantees do each ticketing platform offer in case something goes wrong?

  • TickPick offers a 100% Guarantee that ensures your tickets will get you into the event or you’ll receive a full refund. This provides buyer protection.
  • Ticketmaster does not offer any guarantee on tickets sold through its marketplace by third-party resellers. However, tickets sold directly by Ticketmaster are guaranteed valid.
  • Both companies will refund the purchase if an event is canceled and not rescheduled.

So TickPick offers more consistent guarantees on ticket legitimacy and entry to events. But Ticketmaster directly guarantees first-hand tickets.

Ease of Use

How do the websites and apps compare for these ticketing services?

  • TickPick’s website and app are very modern and easy to use. Everything is neatly organized and accessible.FILTER
  • Ticketmaster has a busier site and app layout that can make searching and booking tickets more complicated. There are many sidebar ads and options.
  • TickPick makes finding event listings straightforward. On Ticketmaster, popular events are sometimes buried beneath promoted content.
  • Overall, most users find TickPick more convenient and hassle-free for finding and purchasing event tickets. Ticketmaster has a more corporate and busy feel.

Customer Support

You’ll want responsive customer service in case any issues come up with your tickets:

  • TickPick provides customer support by email, phone, and live online chat. They have a good reputation for quick, helpful responses.
  • Ticketmaster offers customer support by email and phone. However, many customers complain of frustrating experiences trying to get help from Ticketmaster.
  • If you need assistance with your ticket purchase, TickPick appears to provide a better experience based on reviews.

Order Processing

How do the platforms compare for order processing and delivery?

  • TickPick delivers all tickets electronically to your account. You can access them instantly on your phone, allowing easy last-minute purchases.
  • Ticketmaster still relies heavily on postal mail for ticket delivery. This creates uncertainty and delays getting your tickets. Instant e-ticket delivery is available for some events.
  • TickPick’s fully digital ticketing process is far more convenient in this modern age. With Ticketmaster, you must wait around hoping tickets arrive in time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is TickPick a reliable ticket source?

Yes, TickPick is a very reliable secondary ticket marketplace used by over 5 million customers. They guarantee all tickets are 100% valid for entry. Their prices and fees are transparent. TickPick even offers a refund if you are turned away at the door for any reason.

Does TickPick go through Ticketmaster?

No, TickPick is a completely separate company and competing secondary ticket marketplace. They source ticket inventory from brokers, unlike Ticketmaster as an official primary seller. The tickets sold on TickPick are not affiliated with or processed through Ticketmaster in any way.

What is better than Ticketmaster?

Many ticket buyers fed up with Ticketmaster’s fees and lackluster customer service prefer alternatives like TickPick. TickPick charges no fees, has a hassle-free buying experience, and offers a money-back guarantee on tickets. StubHub is another popular secondary marketplace that beats Ticketmaster in certain areas.

How to get tickets cheaper than Ticketmaster?

The best way to get cheaper tickets than Ticketmaster is to compare prices on secondary marketplaces like TickPick. TickPick has discounted resale tickets and never charges fees.
You can also wait until the last minute when ticket prices tend to drop across reseller platforms. If a show isn’t sold out, the box office may have cheaper tickets than Ticketmaster too.

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The Verdict

So when should you purchase tickets through TickPick Vs. Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster remains the go-to source for in-demand events likely to sell out quickly and exclusively use their platform. This includes major concert tours, championship sporting events, and hot theater productions.

TickPick is better for more general ticketing needs where you want discounted prices, a convenient experience, and no hidden fees. Expect a good inventory of tickets for NBA, MLB, NHL games, smaller music concerts, local festivals, and less high-profile events.

For popular events not exclusive to Ticketmaster, check TickPick first to possibly find significant savings on the same seats. You can decide if the extra costs are worthwhile to buy from the official source.

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In summary, TickPick is the preferable option for hassle-free ticket purchases. But hardcore fans buying in-demand event tickets will want to stick with Ticketmaster and budget for fees. Evaluate each event and your priorities when choosing the best platform to use.

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