Rove Concepts Vs. West Elm: Best Modern Furniture Brand

When it comes to contemporary furniture and home décor, two brands that often come to mind are Rove Concepts and West Elm. Both offer stylish, mid-century modern inspired pieces for every room in your home.

But when it comes down to quality, price, and overall shopping experience, how do they really compare?

In this in-depth guide, we’ll break down the key differences between Rove Concepts and West Elm to help you decide which is best for your needs and style.

Whether you’re looking to furnish an entire home or just spruce up a few rooms with key statement pieces, read on for the info you need to choose the right modern furniture brand for you.

A Comparison Table Between Rove Concepts And West Elm:

FeaturesRove ConceptsWest Elm
QualityHigh-end materials like solid hardwoods, premium leathers and textiles. Durable construction using quality joinery and frames. Excellent attention to detail.Lower to medium quality materials like veneers, polyester blends, and lower-grade leather in many products. More budget-friendly construction.
StyleTimeless midcentury modern aesthetic. More minimalist, masculine vibe. Very cohesive look.Eclectic, globally-inspired style. Maximalist with bolder colors and prints. Look can be less cohesive when mixing items.
CustomizationLots of options to customize fabrics, leathers, finishes, configurations, sizes, and more.Very limited customization. What you see is what you get.
Price$1,000 – $4,000 for most pieces. Higher price point reflects quality materials and construction.$100 – $1,000 for most pieces. Budget-friendly pricing but quality inconsistent.
ShippingFast 3-5 day shipping in Canada and USA. Only ships within North America.Ships worldwide. Timeline 1-4+ weeks.
Customer ServiceRave reviews praising exceptional service experience.Mixed reviews. Service can be hit or miss.

Overview Of Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts is a Vancouver-based retailer that offers contemporary, midcentury-inspired furniture and home decor. Founded in 2007, Rove Concepts aims to make high-end designer style accessible at lower price points. They work directly with manufacturers, cut out middlemen, and sell directly to consumers online.

Rove Concepts is best known for its:

Rove Concepts
Rove Concepts
  • High-quality replicas of iconic midcentury designs, like the Eames lounge chair or Nelson bench. Many pieces are inspired by well-known designers such as Milo Baughman, George Nelson, and Arne Vodder.
  • Curated selection of contemporary sofas, chairs, tables, storage, lighting, rugs, and decor that coordinate seamlessly. Everything is designed in-house to achieve a refined, cohesive look.
  • Customizable options for many pieces like sofas, sectionals, storage, and upholstery. You can tailor fabrics, leathers, finishes, and configurations to your exact taste.
  • Quick shipping within Canada and the United States. In-stock items ship within 3-5 business days.
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction guarantee. They offer free returns within 30 days.

While not the most budget-friendly, Rove Concepts provides premium-quality furnishings without the typical designer markup. If you love refined midcentury style, Rove Concepts is a go-to.

Overview Of West Elm

Founded in Brooklyn in 2002, West Elm is a popular furniture and home décor retailer owned by Williams-Sonoma, Inc. It targets urban-dwelling, design-conscious shoppers looking for affordable stylish pieces.


West Elm is best known for its:

  • Accessible prices for trendy, modern furniture and decor designed in-house. Styles tend to be more eclectic and globally-inspired versus strict midcentury.
  • Frequent sales and special offers making its products quite budget-friendly. Signing up for emails provides access to the best discounts.
  • Wide range of ever-changing pieces for living, dining, bedrooms, home office, outdoor, storage, and more. New collections are constantly introduced.
  • Mix of materials from wood to rattan to upholstery in a variety of color palettes and finishes. Lots of natural, organic textures.
  • Omnichannel shopping experience with expanded retail stores nationwide alongside online shopping and pickup options.
  • Partnerships with emerging designers, brands, and influencers for limited-time collections. Recent partners include The Novogratz, Kelly Wearstler, and Johanna Howard.

If you want affordable, contemporary furniture with lots of variety, West Elm delivers. Just don’t expect the same level of quality as more premium brands.

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Comparison Of Features Between Rove Concepts And West Elm

Quality and Materials

When it comes to quality and materials, Rove Concepts generally outperforms West Elm.

Rove Concepts uses premium materials like solid ash, walnut, and teak woods, heavy-gauge steel frames, quality leather and wool upholstery, and luxe finishes. Pieces are crafted using mortise and tenon joinery and engineered for durability. Attention to detail is impressive.

West Elm relies more on cheaper materials like particleboard, thin veneers, polyester blends, and lower-grade leather. While still stylish looking, pieces won’t necessarily last a lifetime. Some collections offer better quality than others, but it’s inconsistent.

With Rove Concepts, you pay more upfront for furniture built to last using quality hardwoods, luxe leathers, and tightly tailored upholstery.

West Elm hits lower price points but may need replacing sooner. Check reviews to assess quality on specific pieces.

Customization Options

Rove Concepts offers far more customization across their furniture line compared to the limited options from West Elm.

West Elm

With Rove Concepts, you can select:

  • Upholstery fabric and color
  • Leather type and color
  • Wood finish and stain
  • Configuration of sectionals
  • Table sizes
  • Bed sizes
  • And more

This allows you to tailor pieces like sofas, beds, and storage to perfectly suit your space.

West Elm offers hardly any customization. Beyond choosing a color or finish already provided, options are extremely limited. You get the piece as designed.

For the ability to specify your furniture precisely as you’d like, Rove Concepts is the clear winner.

Style Aesthetic

Rove Concepts focuses almost exclusively on midcentury modern style – think clean lines, tapered legs, molded plywood. Pieces feel timeless. Design is sophisticated yet understated.

There’s some flexibility to adjust finishes and fabrics. But overall, the look leans masculine, refined, and fairly minimalist.

West Elm has a much more eclectic and globally-inspired aesthetic. You’ll find lots of natural textures, handcrafted details, and vivid colors drawing from modern Scandinavian, boho chic, and urban industrial influences.

The variety of ever-changing collections means you can likely find pieces matching your personality and decor. But mixing and matching can result in a less cohesive finished look.

If you’re seeking an elegant, curated midcentury space, Rove Concepts excels. For maximum style flexibility with more whimsy, West Elm wins.

Shipping and Delivery

When it comes to shipping and delivery, both Rove Concepts and West Elm aim to provide a positive customer experience.

Rove Concepts offers reasonable shipping rates, and most in-stock items ship within 3-5 business days. For select areas, white glove delivery can be purchased to handle moving into your home and assembly.

The downside is Rove Concepts only ships within Canada and the United States. So if you live elsewhere, you’re out of luck.

West Elm provides free shipping on orders over $49. In-stock items usually ship within 1-3 weeks for delivery within 1-4 weeks. Delivery timeline can certainly be longer for out of stock items.

Unlike Rove Concepts, West Elm ships to many international locations, which is a major perk for global shoppers.

For most customers in North America, Rove Concepts takes the edge for faster turnaround times. But if you’re overseas, West Elm’s international delivery wins out.

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Price and Affordability

When comparing price tags, Rove Concepts furniture skews towards the premium end, while West Elm is far more budget-friendly.

Rove Concepts pricing is certainly less than many luxury designer brands. But typical sofas, sectionals, beds, and case pieces still range from $1,000 to $4,000.

At West Elm, you can easily find sofas for under $1,000, beds for under $600, and coffee tables for under $300. The expansive offerings and frequent sales make furnished a whole home quite affordable.

If you have the budget and want quality materials built to last decades, Rove Concepts is worth the investment. For shoppers on a tighter budget, West Elm provides loads of stylish options at lower price points.

Customer Service and Support

Both companies aim to provide good customer service and responsive support. However, reviews give Rove Concepts glowing feedback in this department compared to mixed reviews for West Elm.

With Rove Concepts, customers praise the friendly, helpful service team that goes out of its way to resolve issues and ensure complete satisfaction. The 30-night return policy also makes returns hassle-free.

West Elm shoppers report more mixed interactions, with some service reps lacking knowledge or being less willing to accommodate issues. Return/exchange policies can feel restrictive or inconsistent.

When you’re making sizable furniture purchases, positive customer service interactions matter. Here, Rove Concepts is the safer, stress-free bet based on ample rave reviews.

Watch the video to learn more!

Pros And Cons Of Rove Concepts And West Elm

To summarize the key benefits and downsides of each brand:

Rove Concepts Pros:

  • Premium quality materials, construction, durability
  • Timeless midcentury modern aesthetic
  • Extensive customization options
  • Fast shipping in Canada and USA
  • Excellent customer service experience

Rove Concept Cons:

  • Higher price points
  • Limited style variety – mostly midcentury focus
  • Only ships within North America

West Elm Pros:

  • Very affordable, budget-friendly pricing
  • Tons of eclectic style options for every room
  • Trendy collections updated frequently
  • Ships internationally
  • Great sales making prices even lower

West Elm Cons:

  • Lower quality materials in many products
  • Very limited customization options
  • Mixed reviews of customer service
  • Longer delivery timelines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Rove concepts high quality?

Yes, Rove Concepts furniture is very high quality overall. They use premium hardwoods like solid ash, teak, and walnut rather than cheaper particle board. Durable steel and hardwood frames provide stability. Luxe leathers and wool textiles ensure upholstery lasts. And attention to construction and finish is superb. For midcentury designs made to last, Rove Concepts excels.

What are similar to Rove concepts?

Some brands offering high-quality midcentury modern style furniture like Rove Concepts include:
Article, Joybird, Kardiel, Castlery, Burrow and Interior Define.
While not identical, these brands provide well-made contemporary sofas, beds, storage, and more. They offer some customization, though not as much flexibility as Rove Concepts. And their prices are comparable – the $1K to $3K range for most pieces.

What is like West Elm but cheaper?

If you like West Elm style but want lower prices, check out:
IKEA – Very affordable prices, wide range of minimalist to boho styles
Target – Brands like Project 62 and Opalhouse offer budget-friendly trendy furniture
Amazon – Lots of eclectic finds for every room under $500
Walmart – Surprisingly stylish options for less from Better Homes & Gardens and others
Overstock – Modern furniture and home decor for 30-50% less than West Elm
While quality isn’t superb, these brands capture a similar eclectic aesthetic for a fraction of the cost. Great options for furnishing an apartment or first home on the cheap

Is West Elm or Pottery Barn cheaper?

West Elm is cheaper than Pottery Barn. As sister brands under the Williams-Sonoma company, they have similarities. But Pottery Barn furniture features higher quality materials and craftsmanship with higher price tags to match.

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Verdict: Rove Concepts Vs. West Elm: Which Is Best For You?

In choosing between Rove Concepts and West Elm, consider which pros matter most for your needs:

Rove Concepts is ideal if you…

  • Want investment pieces crafted from quality hardwoods and luxe upholstery
  • Love refined, timeless midcentury styling in all your furniture
  • Plan to customize finishes, fabrics, and configurations to suit your space
  • Appreciate responsive, top-notch customer service

West Elm is better if you…

  • Are furnishing on a tight budget
  • Enjoy bold, trendy styles that change seasonally
  • Want maximum flexibility across eclectic room aesthetics
  • Are shipping furniture internationally

While Rove Concepts wins for quality and service, West Elm takes the lead on affordability and style diversity. Define your priorities to pick the furniture brand that’s right for you!

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