Allmodern Vs. West Elm: Comparison And Key Differences

If you’re looking to furnish your home, chances are you’ve come across popular retailers allmodern and West Elm. Both offer a wide selection of stylish, modern furniture and home decor at accessible price points.

But there are some key differences between these two brands that are worth considering as you shop.

A Brief Comparison Table Between Allmodern And West Elm

FeaturesAllmodernWest Elm
StyleTrendy, eclecticRefined, sophisticated
Price RangeBudget-friendly, under $500Mid-range, $500-$2000
QualityLower, decent for priceHigher, quality materials
InventoryLimited, ships from manufacturerWidespread, ships from US warehouses
Shipping Time4-6 weeks typical1 week typical
ReturnsEasy 30 day returns30 day returns, some exceptions
CustomizationLimitedUpholstery customization available
DesignMostly external brandsMainly in-house
OverallGreat price, latest trends, wait for deliveryGreat quality, consistent aesthetic, convenient service

Overview Of Allmodern And West Elm

Allmodern focuses on providing trendy yet affordable furniture and home decor. They offer a massive selection of products across every category – from sofas and beds to rugs, lighting, kitchenware and more. Most items are priced under $1000, with many everyday basics available for under $500. Their in-house designs are complemented by pieces from popular brands like Christopher Knight Home, Langley Street, and Willa Arlo Interiors. Allmodern’s tagline “link your life with ours” emphasizes their focus on stylish, affordable furniture for everyday living.


West Elm positions itself as a mid-range to premium modern furniture and home decor retailer. Compared to Allmodern, their products skew towards higher quality materials and construction, with prices ranging from affordable basics to splurge-worthy investment pieces. West Elm designs most products in-house, with some collaborations with known designers and brands. Their tagline “modern furniture for real life” focuses on livable, contemporary style. West Elm stores also offer design services to customize pieces.

Key Similarities And Differences Between Allmodern And West Elm:


  • Allmodern leans trendy and eclectic in their style. You’ll find everything from boho chic to midcentury modern to industrial. Lots of bold colors, prints, and unconventional silhouettes. Great for the fashion-forward.
  • West Elm’s aesthetic skews modern, sophisticated, and streamlined. Clean lines, muted colors, natural and organic textures. Great for fans of Scandinavian and midcentury modern style. Overall, West Elm feels a bit more refined and mature compared to Allmodern’s playful vibe.

Quality & Materials

  • Allmodern uses affordable but decent quality materials like polyester, cotton, engineered woods, and bonded leather. Products may feel lightweight. Not built to last decades, but fine for the price point.
  • West Elm focuses on quality natural materials like solid wood, aniline-dyed leather, organic cotton. Products feel substantial and made to last. Higher-end options available.


  • Allmodern is extremely budget-friendly, with most furniture and decor under $500 and full rooms coming together for under $2000. Lots of temporary sales and clearance deals.
  • West Elm has an overall higher price point for similar items. Expect to spend $500-2000 for bigger furniture pieces. However, the brand does offer some budget-friendly basics around $100-300. The difference in quality is noticeable at this middle price tier.

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In-House vs External Design

  • Allmodern sells mostly furniture designed by external brands, though they have some in-house designers as well. This allows for tons of styles and price points.
  • The majority of West Elm’s offerings are designed in-house, creating a more cohesive and distinctive brand aesthetic. They do collaborate with guest designers on occasion.


  • Allmodern offers some customizable upholstery pieces and modular components, but customization is not a major focus.
  • West Elm highlights customization services, especially for upholstered items. You can select fabric, size, configuration and more. In-store design consultants are available for personalized advice.

Inventory and Shipping

  • Allmodern keeps fairly limited physical inventory. Many pieces ship directly from manufacturers, which means shipping timeframes can vary widely. Site will indicate estimated delivery timeframe for each item. This can sometimes be 4-6 weeks or more.
  • West Elm has much more retail infrastructure, with 100+ stores nationwide and U.S.-based warehouses. Most in-stock items ship within 1 week. Fast shipping upgrades available. Easier for in-store pick up and returns.

Returns and Warranties

  • Allmodern: Easy 30 day free returns. 1 year limited warranty on manufactures defects.
  • West Elm: 30 day returns with some exceptions. 1 year warranty on furniture. Limited lifetime warranty on upholstery frames and springs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is West Elm A High End Store?

West Elm is considered an approachable to mid-tier price point brand for modern furniture and home decor. Their products fall into an affordable luxury category, priced above big box stores but lower than premium designer brands. West Elm focuses on using quality materials and construction while keeping costs relatively reasonable for the style.

Who Is West Elm’s Competitor?

West Elm’s main competitors in the modern home furnishing space include: CB2, Crate & Barrel, Article, Joybird, Interior Define, Lulu & Georgia, Castlery

Is West Elm Considered Expensive?

Compared to big box stores and ultra budget-friendly brands, West Elm may feel expensive. Their average pricing is in the moderate to premium range for furniture stores. However, West Elm is not a luxury designer brand.
For the quality, their prices remain relatively accessible, especially during sales. It offers a step up from the cheapest options but remains within reach for many budgets.

What Style Is West Elm Considered?

West Elm specializes in a modern, contemporary aesthetic they describe as “Mid-Century roots with global and sustainable influences.” Their in-house designs focus on clean lines, natural textures, muted color palettes, and livable sophistication. You’ll see hints of mid-century, Scandinavian, and Japandi influences. Compared to other retailers, their styling skews refined yet casual and unfussy.

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Overall Recommendation

Allmodern is great for affordable, fashionable furniture if you’re comfortable with mostly online shopping, waiting longer for delivery, and lower return convenience.

West Elm offers higher quality materials, construction and service with their omnichannel retail presence, custom options and faster shipping. The styles skew modern sophisticated rather than trendy.

Choose Allmodern if your budget is under $1000 and you prefer eclectic, of-the-moment style you can easily refresh later. Opt for West Elm if you’re investing $1000+ in long-lasting furniture and appreciate their refined contemporary aesthetic.

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