Yardbird Vs. Outer: Which Outdoor Furniture Brand Is Right?

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. As more people invest in creating beautiful patios, porches, and backyards, quality outdoor furniture is in high demand. Two brands leading the way are Yardbird and Outer.

But with different styles, prices, and offerings, how do you choose between them?

This in-depth guide compares Yardbird and Outer, highlighting the pros and cons of each. Read on to discover which outdoor furniture brand is the best fit for your needs and style.

A Brief Comparison Table

StyleContemporary, minimalistModern, minimalist
MaterialsTeak, aluminum, Textilene fabricHDPE wicker, aluminum, olefin fiber fabric
PriceMid to high ($$-$$$)Budget to mid ($ to $$)
CustomizationLimited beyond cushionsHighly customizable modular sets
AssemblyShips unassembledShips flat pack for self-assembly
DurabilityVery durable materials resist weatheringProne to some sun damage over time
ShippingSlower due to custom productionVery fast – made to order
Weight Limit300-500 lbs depending on piece300-700 lbs depending on piece

Ultimately, the brand that works best comes down to your priorities. Yardbird excels at elevated contemporary style and uses higher end materials.

Their investment pieces are built to last seasons after seasons.

Outer makes quality outdoor furniture more affordable and customizable, perfect for first time buyers or those wanting greater flexibility.

Yardbird Overview


Yardbird exploded onto the outdoor furniture scene in 2017 and has quickly become a frontrunner in contemporary outdoor style. Their catalog focuses on modern, minimalist silhouettes crafted from durable teak and aluminum.

With headquarters based in Los Angeles, Yardbird’s designs embody a chic California vibe.

The company started when founder Jay Dillon couldn’t find outdoor furniture he liked for his own space. Uninspired by rattan and dated looks, he envisioned a clean, contemporary aesthetic optimized for outdoor living.

The result was Yardbird’s first collection of teak dining sets, sofas, chaises, and more.

Yardbird Pros

  • High-quality materials – Yardbird uses 100% FSC-certified teak and powder coated aluminum for weather-resistant, long-lasting furniture.
  • Contemporary, minimalist aesthetic – With modern silhouettes and neutral colors, their furniture makes a sophisticated style statement.
  • Durable construction – Mortise and tenon joinery and marine grade stainless steel hardware add structural integrity.
  • Made for comfort – Ergonomic contours, strategically placed cushions, and weather-resistant fabrics optimize comfort.
  • Reasonable prices – Considering the materials and construction, Yardbird is very competitively priced.

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Yardbird Cons

  • Limited selection – The catalog focuses almost exclusively on contemporary styles, without more traditional or colorful options.
  • Assembly required – Yardbird furniture arrives unassembled, which can be time consuming and complicated.
  • Not as budget-friendly – While reasonably priced, Yardbird costs more than big box outdoor furniture. It’s an investment buy.
  • Few customizable options – Beyond cushion colors, you can’t customize Yardbird sets to your specifications.

Outer Overview


Outer launched in 2019 with a direct-to-consumer business model that emphasized simplicity, quality materials, and affordability.

Their catalog includes modular sectionals, dining sets, loungers, and accessories with a modern, minimalist look.

Based in San Francisco, Outer’s ethos focuses on seamless online ordering, rapid shipping, and excellent customer service.

Their product lineup covers all core outdoor furniture categories, with the ability to customize configurations.

Outer Pros

  • Greater customization – Outer’s modular pieces can be arranged in numerous configurations to match your space.
  • All weather wicker material – Outer uses thick, durable HDPE wicker that allows air flow and won’t absorb moisture.
  • Easy online ordering – The buying experience is simple, with free shipping and returns. Pieces arrive boxed for easy assembly.
  • More budget-friendly – Outer furniture runs 15-30% less than competitors, making outdoor style more affordable.
  • Quick production and shipping – Because pieces are made to order with modular components, shipping takes under 2 weeks.

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Outer Cons

  • Limited materials – Currently, Outer only uses HDPE wicker and aluminum. There aren’t options for teak or metal materials.
  • Not as stylish – While Outer’s products look contemporary, the look leans more casual than Yardbird’s elevated designs.
  • Weathers less gracefully – All weather wicker shows wear and sun damage over time compared to real wood like teak.
  • Lower back supports – Some reviewers note Outer sectionals don’t have enough built-in lumbar support.
  • Newer company – With only 3 years in business, Outer doesn’t have an established reputation like Yardbird.

Yardbird Vs. Outer: Which Brand Suits Your Needs?

The outdoor furniture you choose should reflect your unique style, budget, and practical needs.

Keep the following factors in mind when deciding between Yardbird and Outer:

  • Contemporary vs traditional – If you want modern, minimalist furniture, Yardbird is the better match. For transitional or traditional styles, other brands are a better fit.
  • Customization – Outer’s modular pieces allow more customization potential. Yardbird sets are designed as uniform collections.
  • Durability concerns – Teak and wicker both have durability perks, but teak withstands weathering and sun exposure better over time.
  • Budget – Outer products cost notably less than Yardbird. If keeping costs down is important, Outer will get you quality furniture at the best price.
  • Assembly – Outer’s flat pack ships quicker but requires assembly. Yardbird comes put together but ships slower. Pick what suits your skills.
  • Fabrics – For cushions and pillows, Yardbird uses thicker, canvas-like Textilene. Outer uses a thinner performance mesh better suited for poolside.

Considering these factors will help determine if Yardbird or Outer is the best brand for you.

Identify the features most important for your patio furniture, and let that guide your buying decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Yardbird worth it?

For those wanting sleek, contemporary style that lasts, Yardbird is absolutely worth the higher price tag. The impeccable quality and durable teak construction ensure it will withstand seasons of use while looking beautiful. Given the high cost of replacement, investing more upfront in Yardbird can actually be cheaper long term.

Is outer a good brand?

Yes, Outer makes quality outdoor furniture that stands out for its modular customization and lower prices. Their all-weather HDPE wicker has a modern look, dries quickly, and resists mold and mildew. For budget-friendly outdoor furniture that still looks stylish, Outer is one of the top new brands available.

What is similar to outer furniture?

Some other brands with a similar contemporary style and modular customization as Outer include:
Modway, Christopher Knight, Polywood, Harmonia Living, IKEA.
While not exactly the same, these brands offer mix-and-match sectional designs combined with weather-resistant materials at lower price points.

Is West Elm outdoor furniture good quality?

West Elm makes some quality outdoor furniture, but it varies quite a bit depending on the specific collection. Their more premium lines with materials like solid teak, aluminum, and all-weather wicker last well. Lower priced sets with hand-woven resin wicker don’t hold up as nicely long term. Check product details and reviews before buying.

Watch the video to know more about Outer!

The Verdict

If you’re seeking minimalist contemporary furniture made from premium materials like teak, Yardbird is the best option and worth the splurge. Their iconic silhouettes and innovative details create an outdoor oasis.

For great style at more affordable pricing with the versatility of modular sets, Outer is our recommendation. Their customization options and easy online ordering provide outdoor furniture made simple.

Whichever brand you choose, focus on pieces that complement your space and lifestyle.

With Yardbird and Outer elevating the style, quality, and experience of buying outdoor furniture, you’re sure to end up with an amazing outdoor living space.

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