Check My Body Health Vs. Everlywell: Best At-Home Tests

If you’re looking to gain insights into your health from the comfort of home, you may be considering options like Check My Body Health and Everlywell.

But how do these two at-home testing brands stack up? Here’s an in-depth comparison on their test options, accuracy, costs, and more.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureCheck My Body HealthEverlywell
Test VarietyFewer overall optionsWider range of 35+ test bundles
Test Panel DepthVery comprehensiveMore individualized à la carte approach
Food Sensitivity Testing250+ foods/chemicals96-208 common foods
Cost$297-$325 standard panels$129-$279 standard tests
Turnaround Time1-2 weeks1-2 weeks
Report DetailVery extensive explanationsSimplified overview of results
Customer ServiceMixed reviewsConsistently highly rated

Overview of Check My Body Health and Everlywell

Check My Body Health

Check My Body Health and Everlywell both offer a range of at-home health and wellness testing focused on:

  • Food sensitivity – Identifying immune reactions to foods.
  • Nutrition – Assessing vitamin and mineral levels.
  • Men’s and women’s health – Hormone and fertility testing.
  • Heart health – Cholesterol, blood sugar, and more.
  • General wellness – Sleep, stress, metabolism, and other areas.

They ship test kits to your home, you collect the sample and mail it back, then access digital results online.

While their services overlap, there are some key differences between the two brands.

Check My Body Health and Everlywell: Compared In Detail

Types of Tests Available

Check My Body Health and Everlywell offer test panels that cover similar health areas, like:

  • Food sensitivity
  • Nutrition
  • Thyroid issues
  • Testosterone and fertility
  • Metabolism
  • Cholesterol and heart health

However, Everlywell has a much wider range of options, with over 35 specialized test bundles for both men’s and women’s health.

Check My Body Health covers fewer focus areas, but provides more extensive test panels that combine multiple results. For example, their men’s and women’s health panels include a broad spectrum of hormone tests.


For food sensitivity, Everlywell tests about 100-200 foods. Check My Body Health claims to offer the “most comprehensive” food intolerance testing, evaluating 250+ foods and food chemicals.

So while Everlywell wins for variety, Check My Body Health may provide more in-depth testing in select categories.

Accuracy of At-Home Tests

When looking at any at-home health test, accuracy is a key concern. Unfortunately, research on the reliability of these direct-to-consumer services is limited.

For food sensitivity testing, both brands use IgG antibody blood tests. Studies show mixed results on the accuracy of IgG for determining food intolerances. These tests may provide clues but cannot diagnose food allergies or sensitivities conclusively.

Hormone and nutrition tests are analyzed in accredited labs, indicating quality standards. However, at-home sample collection introduces room for error. Fingerprick blood tests in particular are less accurate than venous draws.

Reviews for both services suggest their tests can provide useful indicators but some inconsistencies. As with any at-home test, results should be discussed with your doctor and not completely relied upon.

Neither brand clearly outperforms the other in terms of demonstrated accuracy. More research is needed on both.

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Cost and Value Comparison

Check My Body Health and Everlywell range from affordable to expensive depending on the test:

  • For food sensitivity, Check My Body Health is around $325 while Everlywell’s basic test is $169.
  • Hormone tests start around $129 for Everlywell vs $297 for Check My Body Health.
  • Nutrition panels are about $195 for Check My Body Health and $159 on Everlywell.

Check My Body Health tends to be pricier but provides more comprehensive testing. Their larger panels combine 20+ tests for the higher cost.

Everlywell has better options under $200 for people wanting basic screening. Their wide menu also allows combining just the specific tests you want.

Consider your budget along with the depth of testing you hope to receive.

How Long Do Results Take?

Turnaround times are comparable for both brands:

  • Most tests take 1-2 weeks to process after the lab receives your sample.
  • Expedited shipping gets Everlywell results in 3-5 days for $99. Check My Body Health doesn’t advertise a rush option.
  • Overnight shipping upgrades speed up mailing but don’t guarantee faster lab processing.

Reviews indicate pretty consistent turnaround for both within the estimated time frames, unless issues arise with lost or rejected samples.

So expect about a 2 week wait for your results regardless of which service you choose.

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Report Features and Details

Check My Body Health and Everlywell both provide online access to your test results. Reporting includes:

  • Your exact lab test values and reference ranges.
  • Clear graphs, charts, and visuals.
  • Summary explaining your results.

Check My Body Health offers more comprehensive reports that extensively break down each component of wide-ranging panels. They provide thorough background details and literature citations.

Everlywell reports are more streamlined and user-friendly. Their focus is highlighting your personal results without in-depth explanation.

Those wanting a simple overview may prefer Everlywell’s reports. If you like extensive details, Check My Body Health has an edge.

Telehealth Consultations

Both Check My Body Health and Everlywell provide options to review your test results with a physician or nutritionist for an additional fee.

Expect to pay around $100-200 for a 30 minute consult. Not all tests qualify for consults.

Having an expert help interpret your results can provide reassurance and guidance. User reviews are positive for both telehealth services.

Ease of Ordering and Customer Service

Ordering tests is quick and convenient from both brands’ websites. They offer similar direct-to-consumer shopping experiences.

For customer service, Everlywell comes out ahead according to reviews. They receive consistent praise for quick, caring responses from knowledgeable agents.

Check My Body Health has mixed feedback on customer service. While some have good experiences, others report long response times and frustrating interactions.

Consider ease of ordering and customer service if those factors are important to your testing experience.

Pros and Cons of Check My Body Health and Everlywell

Check My Body HealthEverlywell
– Comprehensive test panels– Lower cost for individual tests
– Extensive reports with details– Wide variety of test options
– Tests 250+ foods for sensitivity– Excellent customer service
– Expensive full panels– Less comprehensive panels
– Mixed reviews on service– Concerns about test accuracy
– Fewer test options– Simplified reports lack detail

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is check my body health worth it?

Check My Body Health can provide helpful insights into hormone levels, nutrition status, food sensitivities, and more. But their comprehensive panels come at a high price. For most people, starting with more affordable screening from a brand like Everlywell makes sense. Check My Body Health offers value if you want extensive testing and in-depth result analysis without a doctor’s order.

What is the most accurate food intolerance test?

No at-home food intolerance test is definitively accurate. The gold standard is a supervised elimination diet that methodically removes and challenges foods while tracking symptoms. Tests like Check My Body Health’s can suggest foods to exclude. But work with a doctor or dietitian when implementing an elimination diet to correctly interpret results.

How accurate are Everlywell’s results?

For most tests, Everlywell uses certified labs indicating quality standards. But research on the accuracy of at-home sample collection is limited. Reviews suggest Everlywell tests provide reasonable accuracy for screening purposes, but some inconsistencies and errors occur. Discuss results with your doctor before taking action. Don’t rely on Everlywell alone for diagnosis.

Is Everlywell good or bad?

Everlywell offers a convenient way to access a wide variety of lab tests from home. Their customer service and user experience is excellent. However, limitations around accuracy and lack of result interpretation make their tests best for informational screening. For actionable diagnoses, see your doctor. Used appropriately, Everlywell provides a generally good option for affordable insights into your health.

The Takeaway

There’s no definitive “winner” between Check My Body Health and Everlywell. The right service depends on your specific needs:

  • If you want extensive testing in a few key areas, choose Check My Body Health.
  • For affordable screening across many health categories, consider Everlywell.
  • Pick Check My Body Health if you like detailed result explanations.
  • Everlywell is the way to go for a user-friendly experience.

Discussing your health goals and concerns with your doctor can help determine if at-home testing could benefit you.

And carefully researching the accuracy and value of different services for your needs is important for getting useful insights from home tests.

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While both have limitations, Check My Body Health and Everlywell provide convenient, cost-effective ways to take charge of your health – if approached appropriately and with realistic expectations.

Check My Body Health and Everlywell both empower people to gain valuable health insights from home through convenient, discreet testing options.

Check My Body Health provides more intensive test panels while Everlywell offers greater choice at lower costs.

Neither can or should replace professional medical assessments. But as part of a larger wellness strategy, at-home testing services like these have benefits that make them worth considering.

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