HealthTap Vs. SteadyMD: Which Virtual Care Service is Best?

Virtual health care services like HealthTap and SteadyMD make it easy to get medical advice and treatment online. But how do these two options stack up? This guide examines the key differences between HealthTap and SteadyMD to determine which platform best fits your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

OverviewOn-demand access to network of 130Kand doctorsDedicated PCP doctor for unlimited access
CostFree, $9/month, $14/month plans$99/month for dedicated doctor
Doctor ModelAccess to different doctors each timeSame doctor learns your history
Care OfferedBasic to moderate careFull primary care relationship
PrescriptionsCannot prescribe controlled substancesCan prescribe any medications
Doctor NetworkAll specialties availablePCPs only
Availability24/7 accessDepends on doctor’s hours
Security256-bit encryption, HIPAA compliant256-bit encryption, HIPAA compliant
Ratings4.7 stars, 35Kand reviews4.9 stars, 1,200and reviews
Best ForConvenience, flexibility, choicePersonalized care and treatment

Overview of HealthTap

Founded in 2010, HealthTap provides on-demand access to U.S. doctors 24/7 via mobile app or website. Users can choose a free limited plan or paid Prime and Concierge memberships.


With HealthTap, you can text with doctors, receive answers to medical questions, obtain referrals, fill prescriptions, get second opinions, and access your medical records. HealthTap has over 130,000 licensed physicians on the platform.

Overview of SteadyMD

SteadyMD launched in 2015 as a more personalized virtual care option. Users pay a monthly fee for unlimited text, phone, or video access to a dedicated primary care doctor.

SteadyMD matches each user with a physician who will get to know their medical history and provide preventative care, sick care, referrals, prescriptions, lab orders, and more. All communication happens within the secure SteadyMD app.

Key Differences Between Them:

HealthTap and SteadyMd both provide online medical consultancy. Both are reliable and popular. But they have some distinct. Here we’ll explore some key differences between them:

  • On-Demand Vs. Dedicated Doctor Access

One major difference is how you interact with physicians.

HealthTap connects you with different doctors on-demand to get quick answers and care whenever needed. Responses come from the network of 130,000and physicians.

SteadyMD assigns you one dedicated PCP doctor who learns your medical history and needs for continuous, personalized care. You have unlimited access to “your” doctor.

HealthTap offers more convenient, in-the-moment care. SteadyMD builds an ongoing relationship with a single provider.

  • Types of Care Offered

Both platforms can address a wide range of health and wellness needs, including:

  • General medical questions
  • Symptom checks
  • Sick care for issues like infections, rashes, injuries
  • Chronic condition management
  • Prescriptions and Rx refills
  • Referrals and lab orders
  • Preventative care guidance
  • Nutrition and fitness advice

However, SteadyMD goes deeper by acting as a true primary care provider. Their doctors fully manage your care for more serious or complex health situations.

  • Cost and Subscription Options

HealthTap and SteadyMD take different approaches to pricing.

HealthTap has different subscription tiers:

  • Free – Ask basic health questions for free but limited.
  • Prime – $9/month or $108/year. Message with doctors with no limit.
  • Concierge – $14/month or $149/year. Get priority access and extras.

Watch this review video:

SteadyMD has just one simple pricing structure:

  • $99/month for unlimited access to your dedicated doctor.
  • $959 for an annual subscription (savings equivalent to one month free).

SteadyMD costs more but provides complete primary care. HealthTap offers more flexibility at lower price points.

  • Types of Doctors Available

With over 130,000 doctors, HealthTap has providers across every medical specialty including PCPs, pediatricians, cardiologists, dermatologists, psychiatrists, and more.


SteadyMD sources their doctors from a national network of primary care physicians. They include family medicine, internal medicine, and general practice physicians able to treat all ages.

So while SteadyMD doctors can handle a wide range of needs as PCPs, HealthTap has specialists for focused concerns. But SteadyMD doctors know your history better.

  • Prescription Policy

With both platforms, doctors can electronically prescribe medications when appropriate to your pharmacy.

For HealthTap, prescribing capability depends on your region and plan. Doctors cannot prescribe controlled substances.

SteadyMD doctors can prescribe any necessary medications, including controlled substances like Adderall or pain medication when clinically appropriate. Their prescribing is part of complete care.

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  • Doctor Screening and Credentialing

Both HealthTap and SteadyMD use a rigorous verification and screening process for providers:

State license – Doctors must hold an active state medical license.

Education – MD or DO from accredited medical schools.

Specialty – Board certification in their specialty.

DEA registration – Required for controlled substance prescribing.

Background checks – Thorough vetting and reference checks.

Ongoing review – Monitoring of provider performance.

You can be confident doctors on both platforms are fully licensed and credentialed to practice medicine online.

  • HIPAA Compliance and Security

HealthTap and SteadyMD take data privacy and security seriously, safeguarding all interactions under end-to-end 256-bit encryption.

Both companies are fully HIPAA compliant, meaning they follow all regulations for electronic protected health information. You have a secure, confidential environment to discuss any health topic.

  • Customer Service and Satisfaction

HealthTap and SteadyMD users consistently report positive experiences and excellent customer service from both companies. They make the process easy and painless.

Specific satisfaction metrics:

HealthTap – Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on the App Store based on over 35,000 reviews.

SteadyMD – Earns 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App Store from over 1,200 reviews.

Users praise the simplicity, quality care, and support received from both virtual health services.

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FAQ About HealthTap and SteadyMD

Is HealthTap legit?

Yes, HealthTap is a legitimate telehealth platform staffed by licensed, credentialed medical providers. HealthTap has treated over 12 million people with 5 million physician answers provided. They partner with organizations like Sutter Health, Quest Diagnostics, and Walgreens to expand care access.

How does HealthTap work?

HealthTap allows you to text with doctors in real-time 24/7 to get immediate care, answers, prescriptions, referrals, and second opinions. You choose a subscription plan then search for or get matched to a doctor with the right specialty. Your chat sessions are private, secure, and identified by unique ID only. Doctors can share notes, make referrals, and prescribe medications electronically.

What is HealthTap app?

The HealthTap app lets you text, share photos, or video chat with U.S. physicians on your smartphone or tablet. The easy-to-use app is HIPAA compliant and provides access to doctors across all specialties. You can search doctors, share medical history, get diagnoses, and receive care wherever you are. Basic features are free or you can pay monthly for unlimited access.

Is Steady MD legit?

Yes, SteadyMD is a fully legitimate telehealth platform that assigns you a dedicated primary care doctor for unlimited virtual care. SteadyMD physicians are board-certified, licensed doctors who provide continuous care, prescriptions, referrals, and chronic disease management. Users receive a secure app to message their doctor around the clock from anywhere.

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Final thought:

With the differences compared, here are some key points about which service may work best:

  • SteadyMD is ideal for a complete primary care relationship with one provider. But the monthly cost is higher.
  • HealthTap offers more flexibility to instantly connect with different specialists at lower price points.
  • SteadyMD doctors get to know your unique context and history, providing more personalized care.
  • HealthTap supports second opinions by connecting you with multiple providers.
  • SteadyMD has limited doctor availability if your PCP is busy or offline.
  • HealthTap gives you access to tens of thousands of doctors 24/7.

Take your specific health needs and budget into account. Both SteadyMD and HealthTap make accessing quality virtual medical care simple and hassle-free.

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