Medelita Vs. FIGS: Best White Coat For Healthcare Professionals

A white coat is an iconic symbol in the medical field – both a uniform and a badge of honor. As a healthcare professional, choosing a high quality white coat matters. You’ll be wearing it daily through rounds, clinics, the ER, and beyond.

Two of the top medical apparel brands making white coats are Medelita and FIGS. But with differing features, performance, and costs, which is better?

This in-depth comparison covers the pros and cons of Medelita vs FIGS white coats. Read on to learn which is the superior choice for your medical career.

A Brief Comparison Table

FitClassic tailored fitAthletic-inspired tailored fit
FabricNano-Sphere, Med-UX premium performance fabricProprietary FIONx performance fabric
StretchMinimal stretchSuper stretchy athletic-style
Stain ResistanceExcellent stain and fluid resistanceModerate stain resistance
Wrinkle ResistanceWrinkle resistant fabricProne to some wrinkling
WashabilityHolds up well to industrial laundryHolds up well to industrial laundry
PriceExpensive $100+More affordable $70-$90
Country of OriginMade in the USAImported/overseas manufacturing

For a technical white coat optimized for demanding hospital jobs, Medelita’s smartly designed coats excel. Their speciality fabrics and meticulous construction hold up to repeated wear and washing.

FIGS offers a more casual, comfortable fit in moisture wicking performance fabric. The lower price point increases access to designer quality for medical professionals

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Medelita White Coats Overview

Medelita got its start in 2008 designing stylish, technical women’s scrubs. They’ve since expanded into a variety of medical apparel, including white coats made specifically for healthcare environments.

Made in the USA, Medelita coats use performance fabrics engineered to repel fluids, resist stains, and stand up to hospital laundry. Tailored silhouettes flatter both men and women.

Medelita White Coat Pros

  • High tech Nano-Sphere and Med-UX fabrics repel fluids
  • Antimicrobial technology prevents odor causing bacteria
  • Wrinkle resistant fabric looks crisp after long shifts
  • Stain and abrasion resistant even after repeated washing
  • Made in the USA with meticulous construction
  • Classic tailored fit flatters both men and women
  • Eight different styles from modern to traditional

Medelita White Coat Cons

  • Expensive – most styles cost over $100
  • Fabric has slight sheen that may seem informal
  • Limited color options – only basic white offered
  • Runs a bit roomy in sizing based on reviews
  • Fabric has less stretch than athletic-style scrubs

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FIGS White Coats Overview

Founded in 2013, FIGS aimed to revolutionize medical uniforms as the first fashion-focused scrubs brand. Along with a wildly popular line of scrubs, FIGS now offers white coats purpose-designed for the demands of healthcare.

Using proprietary FIONx fabrics, FIGS coats feature moisture wicking, an antimicrobial finish, and a super stretchy weave. Their tailored yet casual coats come in a variety of styles, including a fitted women’s cut.


FIGS White Coat Pros

  • FIONx fabric is ultra stretchy and flexible
  • Antimicrobial finish prevents odor causing bacteria
  • Fabric is moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Athletic-inspired tailored fit ideal for long days
  • Offered in a women’s style with a contoured waist
  • Nine modern styles from slim to oversized
  • Lower cost gets you designer quality

FIGS White Coat Cons

  • Fabric shows lint and pet hair more readily
  • Lightweight stretch-woven fabric seems informal
  • Not made in the USA – imported overseas
  • Limited to basic white without color options
  • May run slightly small based on some reviews

Medelita Vs. FIGS: Which is Better for Your Needs?

To choose the right white coat, consider your specific preferences and medical field:

  • Budget – FIGS coats cost 25-50% less than Medelita for a designer coat.
  • Fit – Medelita offers classic tailored sizes. FIGS uses an athletic cut with stretchy performance fabric.
  • Fabric breathability – FIGS FIONx fabric wins for moisture wicking comfort.
  • Stain resistance – Medelita’s coated fabrics better resist fluids, stains, and abrasions.
  • Wrinkle resistance – Even after long shifts, Medelita’s finish stays crisp minus wrinkles.
  • Machine washability – Both brands’ fabrics hold up well to hospital laundry systems.
  • Role – Medelita leans more professional for providers. FIGS offers a casual vibe for nurses and students.

For a coat offering the ultimate in technical performance and professional polish, Medelita is worth the investment. FIGS provides outstanding comfort and mobility at an affordable price point.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Medelita a good brand?

Yes, Medelita is regarded as one of the leading premium performance apparel brands for healthcare professionals. They use innovative technical fabrics and quality construction to create durable, comfortable white coats and scrubs. For medical providers who prefer a polished, professional look, Medelita is an excellent choice.

Do Medelita scrubs shrink?

Medelita scrubs and coats are pre-shrunk during production to prevent shrinking when washing. However, some styles may shrink slightly the first time you wash them at home depending on the heat setting. To prevent shrinkage, wash in cold water and air dry.

What is a medical student white coat called?

Medical students wear a knee-length white coat known as a consultation jacket or clinical clerkship coat. After graduating medical school, physicians move to a full length white coat around 40 inches long.

Why do lab coats have holes in the sides?

Lab coats often feature slits or vents on the sides that serve both form and function. Side vents allow for better mobility and prevent the coat from riding up when seated. Vents also help increase airflow circulation during hot days in the lab.

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The Verdict

When it comes to choosing a medical white coat, Medelita and FIGS both offer quality options using high tech moisture wicking, antimicrobial fabrics.

For medical professionals who prefer an impeccably tailored, fluid repellent coat, Medelita is the clear winner, justifying the higher investment. FIGS coats deliver outstanding comfort and mobility at a more affordable price point.

No matter which brand you choose, you can feel confident you’ll look sharp and stay comfortable wearing it day in and day out in the halls of the hospital.

Considering the importance of a white coat for confidence and professionalism during your medical career, purchasing a high quality version is worth it.

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