Enzo Custom Vs. Suitsupply: The Best Bespoke Suits

For men looking to invest in a high-quality bespoke suit, two names stand out: Enzo Custom and Suitsupply. But which of these brands truly offers the best tailored suit for your money?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features, pros and cons of Enzo Custom and Suitsupply to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureEnzo CustomSuitsupply
ConstructionHandmade, bespokeMachine made, some hand finishing
Fabric QualityElite fabrics from top Italian & English millsNice wools and wool blends
CustomizationFully customized, multiple fittingsSome customization for fee
FitImpeccable shaping and contoursNice off-the-rack fit, some limitations
Style AestheticClassic British refinementModern and fashion-forward
Shopping ExperienceWhite-glove service and consultationsRetail stores with knowledgeable staff
DurabilityBuilt to last decadesWell-made but less durable than bespoke

Overview Of Enzo Custom

Enzo Custom
Enzo Custom

Founded in 2001 by master tailor Enzo Tovare, Enzo Custom is a Hong Kong-based company specializing in bespoke suiting for men.

Enzo takes pride in providing an old-world bespoke tailoring experience, with clients receiving one-on-one consultations and custom fittings.

Some key things to know about Enzo Custom:

  • Suits made from premium fabrics including wool, cashmere blends, and lightweight tropical wools
  • Handwork and construction techniques borrowed from Savile Row
  • Suits cut and sewn entirely by hand
  • Average starting price of $1,000, with suit prices ranging up to $3,000

Overview Of Suitsupply


Suitsupply is a Dutch men’s fashion brand known for its quality off-the-rack suits at mid-range prices. Founded in 2000, Suitsupply aims to make customized-style tailoring more accessible.

Some quick facts about Suitsupply:

  • Suits made from 100% wools and wool blends
  • Half-canvassed or fused construction
  • Machine production with hand-finishing
  • Retail stores located in major cities worldwide
  • Average suit prices from $400-$900

Comparison Between Enzo Custom And Suitsupply

Fabric and Material Quality

One of the most important factors in a quality suit is the cloth it’s made from. For bespoke tailoring, the fabrics are crucial.

Enzo Custom uses premium grade wools, cashmeres, and tropical wools from distinguished Italian and English mills including Vitale Barberis Canonico, Dormeuil, and Holland & Sherry. These fabrics drape beautifully and feel luxurious. Enzo offers a wide variety of cloths to meet each customer’s preferences.

Suitsupply uses nice wools and wool blends, but typically not at the same elite level as Enzo’s selection. Suitsupply does offer some premium selections like their “SuSu” line, but most of their suiting fabrics are good – not outstanding. Overall Enzo has an edge here.

Construction and Tailoring

Bespoke suits are all about the tailoring techniques that shape the suit to your body. How do Enzo and Suitsupply compare?

Enzo Custom constructs their suits using traditional techniques borrowed from London’s Savile Row. The canvasing, rope shoulders, pad stitching, and handwork reflects a meticulous approach. Enzo suits are sewn entirely by hand – a true bespoke process.

Suitsupply uses both half-canvassed and fused suit constructions. Some hand-finishing completes the process. Overall the tailoring is clean and modern, but lacks some of the old-world refinements of true bespoke. Enzo again has the edge.

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Customization and Fit

A core benefit of bespoke tailoring is getting a personalized fit. Here’s how these brands deliver fit:

Enzo Custom offers a classic bespoke experience with multiple fittings to ensure perfection. Clients can customize every element, from lapels and pockets to jacket length. The end result is an impeccably fitted suit molded to you.

Suitsupply offers standard sizing with some basic customization options for an additional fee. While you get some personalization, the overall experience is less tailored than Enzo. For true custom-fitted suits, Enzo is superior.

Price and Value

Price is often a major factor in suit buying decisions. How do costs compare?

Enzo Custom suits start at around $1,000, with the average suit costing $1,500-$2,500. For fully bespoke clothing, Enzo represents good value given the fabrics, construction quality, and service.

Suitsupply offers far more affordable pricing, with suits available from $400-$900 on average. This makes their suits excellent options for buyers on a budget. The construction quality at these prices is difficult to beat.

Overall for value, Suitsupply offers intriguing entry points into suiting, while Enzo provides exceptional quality befitting of bespoke tailoring.

Style, Fit, and Trends

Style preference often comes down to tastes. Here’s how these brands compare aesthetically:

Enzo Custom suits embody a British-inspired aesthetic – classic and refined, but not overly stuffy. Enzo suits nicely balance heritage with modern looks. The bespoke process ensures clients get the fit and style details they want.

Suitsupply goes for a fashion-forward, modern profile that flatters athletic builds. Their fits skew slimmer and tighter than Enzo’s British tailoring. Suitsupply also offers more fashionable patterns and fabrics each season.

For fit, Enzo’s bespoke approach creates flawless shaping and contours. Suitsupply provides nice off-the-rack shaping through the torso and shoulders, but still has some limitations compared to true custom.

Those wanting a contemporary look may prefer Suitsupply, while Enzo caters better to traditionalists. But Enzo allows for any preferred stylistic tweaks during the bespoke process.

Customer Service and Shopping Experience

The suit buying experience itself also matters. Here’s how the brands compare:

Enzo Custom provides white-glove service through consultations, measurements, and fittings. Clients work directly with Enzo to perfect every detail over multiple visits. The ultimate shopping luxury.

Suitsupply has expert staff in their retail stores to assess fit, make recommendations, and do in-house tailoring adjustments. But the experience feels more like regular luxury retail, not old-world bespoke.

For customer service, Enzo Custom is hard to beat. But Suitsupply alsodoes an admirable job catering to customers in stores and online.

Quality and Durability Over Time

You want a suit to last. Construction quality predicts durability:

Enzo Custom suits are built by hand using time-honored techniques. The canvased construction and premium fabrics really do make a difference, ensuring longevity over decades. Enzo suits should stay looking sharp for a lifetime if cared for.

Suitsupply uses nice wools and fabrics, but fused construction in some suits can break down faster than canvased alternatives. Overall Suitsupply makes suits that should maintain their shape and wear well for many years, but perhaps not quite as long as a bespoke Enzo suit.

Enjoy the video to know more about Suitsupply!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Enzo Tovare a good brand?

Yes, Enzo Tovare is considered one of the premier bespoke suit makers with an emphasis on old-world quality and craftsmanship. The brand is renowned for its precise tailoring, fine fabrics, and incredible attention to detail. Enzo Tovare himself has over 25 years of experience that he puts into every single garment.

Why is custom suit better?

Custom suits are better than off-the-rack because they are made specifically to fit your unique shape and proportions.
A bespoke tailor will meticulously measure you and customize elements like jacket length, sleeve length, waist tapering, and other details. This results in a suit that fits like a second skin and moves naturally with your body. The fabrics are also typically of higher quality in custom suits.

Are Suitsupply suits made in China?

No, Suitsupply suits are not made in China. Suitsupply produces their suits in factories in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Italy. The brand uses Italian wool fabrics in many of their suits, but the construction itself is done across these three countries. However, they do utilize Italian tailoring methods even when sewing their suits abroad.

What company owns Suitsupply?

Suitsupply is privately owned by founder Fokke de Jong. Fokke de Jong founded Suitsupply in 2000 as an online-only retailer before expanding into physical retail stores.
The brand remains independently run under de Jong’s leadership as CEO. Suitsupply is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
So in summary, while Enzo Custom represents the pinnacle of bespoke tailoring, Suitsupply offers excellent quality and styling at more accessible prices. Focus on your budget, preferred buying experience, and style needs to decide which brand suits you best (pun intended). With either made-to-measure or off-the-rack, you can’t go wrong investing in a quality suit that flatters your build. Just be sure to get the right fit.

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The Verdict

Based on this comparison, which brand comes out on top?

For true bespoke quality and craftsmanship, Enzo Custom is the winner. Their meticulous approach, Savile Row-inspired techniques, and elite fabrics make Enzo suits worth the price for the right buyer. Just keep in mind these are definitely investment pieces.

For affordable quality, Suitsupply excels at prices that vastly undercut most retailers. While they may lack some of the prestige and refinements of a Enzo suit, Suitsupply offers excellent style and construction at fair prices. Their suits are a super option for the budget-conscious.

The right choice comes down to budget and preferences. For the bespoke experience, Enzo is hard to beat. But Suitsupply makes an impressive product accessible to more buyers. Ultimately you can’t go wrong with either for quality and value at their respective price points.

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