Fit Scrubs Vs. FIGS: Which Medical Scrubs Are Better?

Medical scrubs have come a long way from the boxy, ill-fitting, and drab uniforms of yesterday. Today’s scrubs are designed with style, comfort, and functionality in mind. Two of the most popular modern scrub brands are Fit Scrubs and FIGS. But which one is better? Here’s an in-depth comparison of Fit Scrubs and FIGS to help you decide which brand is right for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryFit ScrubsFIGS
PriceAround $20 per pieceAround $100 per set
FabricsPolyester/rayon/spandex blendProprietary FIONx fabric (spandex blend)
FitRelaxed, boxyContoured, tailored
StyleBold prints, wide color selectionMore muted tones, sophisticated prints
OfferingsMore top/bottom optionsOverall, jumpsuits, dresses too
SizingRuns largerRuns smaller, size up

Overview Of Fit Scrubs

Fit Scrubs burst onto the medical apparel scene in 2018 with its focus on comfort and style. Their scrubs are designed to flatter a variety of body types with a contoured waistband and tapered leg.

Fit Scrubs offers both solid color and printed pattern options in their signature soft, stretchy, and wrinkle-resistant fabric.

 Fit Scrubs
Fit Scrubs

Some key features of Fit Scrubs include:

  • Available in both men’s and women’s cuts
  • Multiple inseam lengths for petite, regular, and tall sizes
  • Stretchy waistbands with inner drawstring
  • Mock wrap tops and v-neck styles
  • Side cargo pockets on pants
  • Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric
  • Affordable pricing around $20 per piece

Fit Scrubs are designed to fit and feel like athleticwear while meeting the demands of a busy workday in healthcare. The fabric is lightweight and breathable with four-way stretch for ease of movement. The scrubs hold their shape well and don’t require ironing.

Overview Of FIGS

FIGS burst onto the medical apparel scene themselves in 2013 with their focus on comfort, quality, and style. FIGS scrubs are designed to be functional yet fashionable for the modern healthcare professional.

They use proprietary FIONx fabric said to be ultra-soft, antimicrobial, wrinkle-resistant, and durable.


Some key features of FIGS scrubs include:

  • Available in both men’s and women’s styles
  • Flattering fit through the hips and thighs
  • Hidden inner waistband pockets
  • Antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • Four-way stretch fabric that moves with you
  • Stylish prints and colors options
  • Prices around $100 for a set

FIGS has a more tailored fit than traditional scrubs with features like tapered ankles, curved hems, and elbow darts on tops. The FIONx fabric is both stretchy and lightweight for comfort on long shifts. FIGS scrubs hold their fit and color even after many washes.

Detail Comparison Of Fit Scrubs And FIGS

  • Fabric and Fit Comparison

The fabrics used for Fit Scrubs and FIGS scrubs have some similarities and differences. Both are designed to be stretchy, breathable, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial. However, FIGS uses a proprietary spandex blend fabric while Fit Scrubs use a polyester/rayon/spandex blend.

In terms of fit, FIGS have a more contoured, shaped silhouette compared to the looser, boxy fit of traditional scrubs. Fit Scrubs lands somewhere in between with a bit of shape through the hips but an overall relaxed fit. FIGS have more stretch while Fit Scrubs retain their fit after washing a bit better.

For sizing, Fit Scrubs tend to run larger or more true to size while FIGS run smaller and tighter. It’s recommended to size up in FIGS, especially if you are between sizes or want a looser fit. The availability of petite, tall, and maternity sizing varies between the brands as well.

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  • Style and Color Options

Both Fit Scrubs and FIGS offer stylish prints and colors for their scrubs. FIGS have more muted and monochromatic colors and patterns. Fit Scrubs designs feature bolder prints in a wider range of colors.

Fit Scrubs has more choices when it comes to scrub tops – offering mock wrap, snap closure, and double cargo pocket styles. FIGS tops are more basic with v-neck, crew neck, and a few henley options.

For bottoms, Fit Scrubs has drawstring, elastic, and adjustable waist pants along with some jogger styles. FIGS focuses on a flattering straight leg trouser style pant. FIGS also offers overalls, jumpsuits, and scrub dresses not available from Fit Scrubs.

  • Price Comparison

When it comes to cost, Fit Scrubs are generally half the price of FIGS scrubs. Individual Fit Scrubs pieces are usually $20 or less. FIGS pieces are typically priced around $100 each.

For those on a budget, Fit Scrubs provide an affordable way to get multiple looks. But the lower Fit Scrubs pricing reflects the use of cheaper fabrics that may not last as many wears or washes. FIGS higher prices come from their investment in proprietary performance fabrics and stylish designs.

Consider how often you’ll wear the scrubs and what your budget is when choosing between the more affordable Fit Scrubs and pricier FIGS. It can make sense to invest in fewer high quality FIGS given their durability and quality. But Fit Scrubs allow you to refresh your looks more often.

  • Comfort and Durability

When it comes to comfort, both Fit Scrubs and FIGS receive high marks. Their stretchy, lightweight fabrics keep you cool and allow for easy movement. FIGS may have a slight edge when it comes to the softness and buttery feel of their FIONx fabric. The status of FIGS as the most comfortable scrubs in the industry holds up in real world testing.

For durability, FIGS also tend to win out over other scrub brands including Fit Scrubs. The FIONx fabric maintains its stretch, shape, and color better over time and through washes. Fit Scrubs hold up relatively well, but signs of pilling and fading happen earlier on average. FIGS investment in quality materials makes their scrubs go the distance.

Healthcare Professional Recommendations

In terms of real world testing, healthcare professionals tend to prefer FIGS over Fit Scrubs for the ultimate combination of comfort, style, and durability. The consensus is that FIGS live up to their reputation and higher price point.

Fit Scrubs receive positive marks for their affordable pricing and breathable, comfortable fabrics. They work well for those who want to regularly change up their looks and don’t mind replacing their scrubs more often.

But for medical professionals who want their scrubs to last through years of long shifts and washes, FIGS come out ahead. The tailoring, performance fabrics, and attention to detail make FIGS scrubs worth the investment for many.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there better scrubs than FIGS?

For most healthcare professionals, FIGS are considered the gold standard when it comes to scrubs. No other brand really compares to FIGS combination of comfortable and durable fabrics, flattering fits, stylish designs, and versatile offerings. Brands like Grey’s Anatomy and Jaanuu come close but FIGS remain the leader of the pack.

Should I size up or down in FIGS scrubs?

It is generally recommended to size up in FIGS scrubs, especially if you are between sizes or want a looser fit. FIGS run smaller and more fitted than traditional scrubs. Sizing up helps ensure a comfortable experience and allows for shrinkage over time. Order a sample size first if you are unsure.

Are FIGS worth the hype?

For most healthcare professionals who have tried FIGS, the answer is a resounding yes – FIGS live up to the hype. The proprietary fabric is exceedingly soft while also being durable and antimicrobial. The fit is flattering while allowing for full range of motion. FIGS also offers features like hidden pockets and rubber grippers that improve functionality. While expensive, FIGS are worth it for many.

Do mandala scrubs fit the same as FIGS?

Mandala scrubs generally run a little larger than FIGS in terms of sizing. It’s recommended to order your normal size in Mandala Vs. sizing up as you would in FIGS. The overall fit of Mandala also tends to be boxier and less tailored than the contoured silhouette of FIGS. Mandala scrubs are less expensive but also less stylish and more basic in their design compared to FIGS.

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When it comes to Fit Scrubs Vs. FIGS, FIGS win out for their unparalleled comfort, quality, style and fit. But Fit Scrubs provide a solid budget-friendly option for those wanting to refresh their medical wardrobes more often.

Fit Scrubs are ideal for newer nurses or medical professionals who want to experiment with prints or colors. The looser fit and lower prices make them more approachable.

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For most seasoned healthcare professionals, however, FIGS are deemed well worth the investment. The attention FIGS gives to fabric technology, functionality, and flattering their scrubs is unmatched.

FIGS scrubs will stay looking fresh and feeling butterly soft even after years of washing. While the cost may be higher, FIGS scrubs pay off in the long run with their durability and design.

For premium medical apparel that lives up to its reputation, FIGS remain a top choice. Whether you prioritize affordability, style, comfort, or performance, this comparison of Fit Scrubs Vs. FIGS can help you find your perfect scrub match.

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