Men’s M2 Vs. M4 Ariat Jeans: How the Fits Compare

When it comes to Ariat’s rugged yet stylish men’s jeans, two of the most popular fits are the M2 and M4. But what exactly is the difference between the M2 and M4 fits? This in-depth guide compares the M2 Vs. M4 Ariat jeans, examining the unique cut and sizing of each to help you find your perfect pair.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureM2 FitM4 Fit
CutStraight legBootcut leg
RiseMid riseLow rise
Leg OpeningMedium, 17”Slim, 15”
SeatModerate seatSlimmer seat
SizingTrue to sizeRuns large
StretchModerate stretchHigh stretch

Overview of M2 Ariat Jeans

The M2 fit from Ariat is a classic straight leg cut optimized for comfort and everyday wear:

  • Straight leg: The leg is straight from the hip to the hem with a medium 17” opening. Not too fitted or loose.
  • Mid rise: The waist hits right at the natural waist, a traditional medium rise. Prevents gapping at the back.
  • Moderate seat and thigh: Designed to accommodate muscular builds but not overly roomy.
  • True to size: Runs true to your normal jean size with room through the thighs and seat.
  • Medium stretch fabric: The performance flex denim blend has enough give for freedom of movement.
  • Casual styling: Great for everyday wear, from running errands to meeting up with friends. A versatile go-to pair.

With its classic straight silhouette and comfort-driven cut, the M2 is Ariat’s take on a favorite everyday jean.

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Overview of M4 Ariat Jeans

Meanwhile, the M4 fit is Ariat’s signature slim bootcut silhouette:

  • Slim bootcut leg: Nicely tapered through the thigh with a slimmer 15” opening, designed to sit over boots.
  • Low rise: The waist sits below the natural waistline for a modern look that pairs well with fitted shirts.
  • Slim seat and thigh: Cut closer to the body through the hips and thighs without being restrictive.
  • Runs large: Many size down in the M4 as they have a roomier cut overall.
  • High stretch fabric: Features extra stretch for flexibility and mobility during riding and other activities.
  • Western-inspired: Evokes a modern cowboy aesthetic that transitions seamlessly from the ranch to the bar.

With its slim bootcut leg and low rise, the M4 creates a contemporary western look ready for a night out.

Key Differences Between the M2 and M4 Fits

While both quality Ariat jeans, the M2 and M4 differ in a few notable ways:

1. Cut and Leg Opening

M4 Ariat Jeans
M4 Ariat Jeans

M2: The M2 fit is a classic straight leg style with a 17-inch leg opening. This means that the jeans have a consistent width from the thigh down to the hem. The straight leg design provides a timeless and versatile look suitable for various occasions.

M4: In contrast, the M4 fit is Ariat’s signature slim bootcut style with a 15-inch leg opening. The bootcut design flares slightly from the knee down, accommodating cowboy boots or other footwear with ease. It offers a Western-inspired look that’s both stylish and functional.

2. Rise

M2: The M2 fit features a natural waist rise, which is a traditional mid-rise. This means the waistband sits at or just above your natural waistline. It provides a classic and comfortable fit that’s well-suited for everyday wear.

M4: The M4 fit, on the other hand, has a lower rise, hitting below the natural waist. This lower rise contributes to a modern, slim silhouette. It sits lower on the hips, giving it a more contemporary look.

3. Seat and Thigh

M2: Ariat’s M2 fit is designed with room through the seat and thigh, prioritizing comfort. The additional space in these areas ensures that you can move freely and comfortably throughout the day. It’s an ideal choice for those who value ease of movement.

M4: In contrast, the M4 fit is tailored to run slim through the hips and thighs. This slimming effect provides a more fitted and stylish appearance. It’s a favorite among those who prefer a sleek, modern look in their jeans.

4. Sizing

M2: The M2 fit typically runs true to size in most cases. This means that you can generally choose the size you’d typically wear, and you should get a comfortable fit that aligns with your expectations.

M4: Many individuals find that the M4 fit runs larger through the hips and waist compared to the M2. As a result, some customers choose to size down when opting for the M4 style to achieve the desired fit.

Watch this review video:

5. Stretch Factor

M2: Ariat’s M2 jeans come with a moderate amount of stretch built into the fabric. This stretchiness enhances the overall comfort of the jeans and allows for ease of movement without feeling restrictive.

M4: The M4 fit uses high-stretch fabrics that are particularly well-suited for riding and active days. The increased stretch factor in M4 jeans ensures flexibility and freedom of movement, making them a top choice for those with active lifestyles.

6. Styling

M2: The M2 fit is known for its versatility and is often considered an everyday straight leg jean. Its classic design makes it suitable for various occasions, whether you’re dressing casually or need a pair of jeans for a semi-formal look.

M4: The M4 fit stands out with its sleek bootcut style. This style is a favorite among Western fashion enthusiasts and rodeo riders. It’s designed to accommodate cowboy boots or any footwear with a wider shaft, adding a distinctive Western flair to your outfit.

The M2 prioritizes comfort and wearability while the M4 focuses more on a stylish slim silhouette.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does M2 mean in jeans?

The M2 is one of Ariat’s core jean fits. The M stands for men’s, while the 2 signifies it’s a straight leg style, Ariat’s take on a classic five-pocket jean in a universal fit. The medium rise and straight leg creates a comfortable everyday style.

What does m4 mean in jeans?

The M4 refers to Ariat’s men’s slim bootcut jeans. The M indicates they are a men’s style, while the 4 describes the slim bootcut leg silhouette, tapered through the thigh with a narrow leg opening designed to fit over boots. The low rise and slim bootcut creates a modern western look.

What is a bootcut jeans?

Bootcut jeans like the Ariat M4 are slim and fitted through the hip and thigh, then gradually widen starting at the knee to create a narrow leg opening that sits over cowboy, riding, or other boots well. The shape also balances and streamlines the silhouette.

Who makes Rebar jeans?

Rebar jeans are manufactured by Ariat, a leading brand in performance western and equestrian apparel. Their Rebar line of jeans features flex denim fabric blended with stretch fibers to allow flexibility and mobility, making them popular among ranchers, riders, and cowboys.

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Final Thoughts

When choosing between Ariat’s popular M2 straight leg jeans versus the M4 slim bootcut, consider your preferred fit, rise, stretch level, and styling. The versatile M2 offers an easy-wearing classic five-pocket jean made for everyday comfort in a crowd-pleasing silhouette.

Meanwhile, the M4 creates a sleek, modern western look with its low-rise bootcut designed to complement cowboy boots and a night out. As two of Ariat’s standout fits, both the M2 and M4 deliver lasting quality, but cater to different aesthetic tastes.

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