JiffyShirts Vs. ShirtSpace: Choosing the Best Custom T-Shirt Printing Service

The t-shirt printing and fulfillment industry has exploded in recent years, with dozens of companies competing for your custom apparel business. Two of the most popular online t-shirt printers are JiffyShirts and ShirtSpace. But which one is better for your needs?

In this complete guide, we’ll compare the pros and cons of JiffyShirts and ShirtSpace to help you decide which custom t-shirt company is right for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

Year Founded19972005
Production FacilitiesPennsylvaniaTexas, Pennsylvania, Nevada
Print QualityExcellentExcellent
Apparel Selection500+ options~100 options
Order MinimumNo minimum6 piece minimum
Order Maximum10,000+ units5,000 units
Turnaround Time2-3 days standard1 day standard
Shipping Time4-8 days3-5 days
Shipping CostsFree over $100 <br> $6-$12 under $100Free over $100 <br> $8-$15 under $100
Customer Service24/7 support24/7 support
PricingBetter bulk discountingSimilar pricing
WebsiteDated but functionalModern and easy to use
Extra ServicesDesign help, embroidery, fulfillmentDesign help, fulfillment

Overview of JiffyShirts


Founded in 1997, JiffyShirts is one of the oldest and most established online custom t-shirt printers. The company is based in Pennsylvania and has a massive 500,000 square foot production facility.

JiffyShirts has built a reputation for quality garments, reliable customer service, and fast order fulfillment. They offer various apparel options including t-shirts, hoodies, aprons, and more.

One of their biggest advantages is their extensive collection of apparel colors and styles from major brands like Gildan, Bella + Canvas, Hanes, and Anvil.

Overall, JiffyShirts is a great option for bulk custom t-shirt orders, business apparel, and anyone wanting a wide assortment of shirt brands, colors, and styles.

Overview of ShirtSpace

Launched in 2005, ShirtSpace is a custom t-shirt printer based in Texas. While not as old or large as JiffyShirts, ShirtSpace has grown quickly by focusing on fast shipping times and great customer service.

ShirtSpace offers many of the same apparel options and brands as JiffyShirts. However, their biggest differentiator is speedy fulfillment with most orders shipping within 1 business day. They also have domestic production facilities in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Nevada to enable quick processing and delivery across the U.S.

In summary, ShirtSpace is ideal for customers wanting reliable shipping and individual orders fulfilled rapidly. Their domestic facilities ensure most shipments arrive within 3-5 business days nationwide.

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Key Differences Between JiffyShirts And ShirtSpace

  • Print Quality

One of the most important factors when choosing any custom t-shirt company is print quality. You want the graphics, images, and text to look sharp and vibrant on the garments.

Both JiffyShirts and ShirtSpace use top-of-the-line printing equipment including direct to garment (DTG) presses. This technology allows for photorealistic image reproduction with up to 1200 dpi resolution. The prints are soft, breatheable, and machine washable without fading, cracking or peeling.

Most customers report being very satisfied with the print quality from both companies. JiffyShirts may have a slight edge for complex full color prints. But overall, you can expect stellar print results from either printer.

  • Apparel Selection

Another key consideration is the selection of apparel brands, styles, and colors available. The broader the choices, the easier it is to get the exact shirts you want.

Shirt Space
Shirt Space

JiffyShirts offers one of the largest apparel selections in the industry with over 500 shirt options. All the most popular brands like Gildan, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Bella + Canvas, and Anvil are available in a multitude of colors and fits. You’ll also find a huge assortment of hoodies, polos, jackets, pants, and more.

ShirtSpace has a more curated apparel catalog of around 100 different styles and colors. But they still cover all the major brands. The benefit of their trimmed down selection is faster order processing and fulfillment.

For maximum flexibility, JiffyShirts is the clear winner on apparel choices. But ShirtSpace still gives you plenty of quality options for your designs.

  • Order Sizes

The minimum and maximum order quantities accepted can determine which printer best fits your needs.

JiffyShirts has no minimum order requirements. You can literally order just 1 custom printed t-shirt if you want. They also have capabilities to produce enormous bulk orders of 10,000+ shirts. This flexibility makes them ideal for individual buyers or huge corporations alike.

ShirtSpace requires a 6 piece minimum per style. Their maximum order capacity tops out around 5,000 units. So ShirtSpace is better suited for small to mid-sized bulk orders rather than individual purchases or massive corporate apparel production.

  • Turnaround Time

For many customers, fulfillment speed is a primary concern, especially for time-sensitive orders like event shirts.

ShirtSpace’s biggest advantage is blazing fast processing and shipping. Most orders print and ship within 1 business day. They achieve these rapid turnarounds through their domestic production facilities being located near major shipping hubs.

JiffyShirts standard production time is 2-3 business days. But they also offer expedited same day printing for an additional rush fee. So JiffyShirts can match ShirtSpace’s speed for a premium.

In summary, ShirtSpace will get your order delivered faster. But JiffyShirts has more flexibility with no minimums and rush printing options.

  • Shipping Costs

The cost and reliability of shipping can significantly impact your budget and satisfaction.

JiffyShirts provides free shipping within the contiguous U.S. on orders over $100. For smaller orders under $100, shipping rates range from $6 to $12 based on location.

ShirtSpace also provides free U.S. shipping on orders exceeding $100. Their shipping fees for smaller orders can be slightly higher than JiffyShirts in some cases.

Both companies utilize major carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS to ensure reliable, trackable delivery. The free shipping minimums are very reasonable for bulk orders. And even the shipping costs for smaller quantities are affordable.

  • Customer Service

Having knowledgeable, responsive customer support can be vital for addressing any order issues promptly.

JiffyShirts and ShirtSpace both provide top-notch customer service and support:

  1. Large U.S. based support teams for fast, friendly assistance
  2. Multiple contact methods – phone, email, live chat, and contact forms
  3. Extended service hours – available on evenings & weekends
  4. Active social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  5. Solid reputation for resolving problems quickly and professionally

When it comes to customer service, you really can’t go wrong with either company. They offer complete support across all channels at high standards.

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Watch this review video:

  • Pricing

Of course, pricing is a major factor that can sway your decision.

JiffyShirts and ShirtSpace have similar base pricing models:

  1. $0 setup fees, plate charges, or artwork costs
  2. Wholesale blank apparel prices that are competitive with other printers
  3. Dynamic quantity discounts up to 50% off for bulk orders
  4. Live online price estimators for instant quotes
  5. Regular site-wide sales and promos

For very large orders of 500+ units, JiffyShirts can leverage their high production capacity to offer lower base pricing. But for smaller orders under 500 shirts, pricing is comparable between the two.

When weighing all factors, JiffyShirts pricing may be slightly better for massive bulk orders. Otherwise, pricing is broadly similar between the companies.

  • Website Experience

A streamlined website experience makes the ordering process much easier.

JiffyShirts has an old school ecommerce site that feels a bit dated but has a logical workflow. It can take some clicking around to find what you need among their vast product selection.

ShirtSpace has a more modern, visually compelling website that is easier to navigate. Their curated product line also simplifies the shopping experience.

Overall, ShirtSpace’s website is more refined and user-friendly. But JiffyShirts improved site search helps overcome their broad catalog.

  • Additional Services

Beyond t-shirt printing, custom apparel providers often supply other services that add value.

Some of the extra capabilities offered by JiffyShirts and ShirtSpace include:

  1. T-shirt design services – get professional design help
  2. Warehousing & fulfillment – store and ship orders from their facilities
  3. Ecommerce integrations – sell shirts directly through your online store
  4. Marketing materials – banners, stickers, tags, hang tags
  5. Embroidery – add embroidered logos and motifs
  6. Sewn products – bags, caps, towels, blankets, more

JiffyShirts provides a few more ancillary services like embroidery and expanded product types. However, both companies offer the most vital additions like design help and order fulfillment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often does Jiffy shirts restock?

JiffyShirts maintains a real-time inventory system on their website. As soon as a particular apparel color or size sells out, it will be flagged on the product page. They restock blank shirts on a continuous basis, so sold out items typically come back in stock within 1-2 weeks.

Does JiffyShirts sell to the public?

Yes, JiffyShirts sells to both businesses and individual consumers without quantity restrictions. While they specialize in bulk orders for companies, schools, churches, teams, etc, anyone can place an order on their website without minimums.

How fast is ShirtSpace shipping?

ShirtSpace offers 1 day processing and shipping on most orders under 5,000 units. With domestic fulfillment centers near major shipping hubs, delivery within 3-5 business days is standard nationwide via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Expedited shipping is also available for an added fee.

Does ShirtSpace ship internationally?

Unfortunately ShirtSpace does not currently ship outside the United States. Their website and support services are focused exclusively on domestic orders. So if you need international shipping, JiffyShirts may be a better option.
And that covers the key points for choosing between JiffyShirts and ShirtSpace for your custom t-shirt order! Let us know if you need any other details to make your decision. We’re happy to provide additional guidance to ensure you pick the best partner for your apparel printing needs.

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Final Thought

In conclusion, JiffyShirts and ShirtSpace both provide exceptional custom apparel printing and service:

JiffyShirts Pros

  1. Massive apparel selection and color options
  2. No order minimums or size limits
  3. Alliance membership for discounted blank shirts
  4. Capacity for ultra high-volume bulk orders
  5. Slightly better pricing on giant orders
  6. More ancillary product and service options

ShirtSpace Pros

  1. Lightning fast 1 day fulfillment standard
  2. Easier to navigate modern website
  3. Great for mid-sized bulk orders up to 5,000
  4. Friendly U.S. based customer support

The ideal choice comes down to your specific needs and priorities:

  1. JiffyShirts offers maximum apparel flexibility and capacity for giant orders.
  2. ShirtSpace delivers blazing turnaround speed and a streamlined ordering experience.

Either company will provide amazing print quality, competitive pricing, and stellar service. We hope this complete comparison helps you decide the best custom t-shirt printer for your upcoming project!

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