HON 310 Vs. HON 510: Choosing The Right Filing Cabinet For Your Needs

Filing cabinets are an essential part of any well-organized office. HON is a leading manufacturer of office furniture, including filing cabinets. Two of their most popular models are the HON 310 and HON 510 series. But what’s the difference between these two filing cabinets? And how do you choose the right one for your needs?

This comprehensive guide examines the key features, pros and cons of the HON 310 and 510 filing cabinets to help you make an informed decision. We also include a handy comparison table and frequently asked questions about HON filing cabinets.

A Brief Comparison Table

Before diving into the details, here is a quick overview of how the HON 310 and 510 compare:

FeatureHON 310HON 510
TypeLateral filing cabinetVertical filing cabinet
Drawers3-5 drawers4-5 drawers
Cabinet width36”, 42”, 48” options15”, 18”, 24”, 30” options
LockingStandard lockStandard or optional security lock
ConstructionSteel with powder coat paintSteel with powder coat paint
Drawer suspensionFull extension ball bearing slidesFull extension ball bearing slides
Weight capacity per drawer200 lbs200 lbs
Available colorsBlack, putty, warm gray & moreBlack, putty, warm gray & more
Price range$500 – $1000+$300 – $800+

Overview of the HON 310 Lateral Filing Cabinet

HON 310

The HON 310 series are lateral filing cabinets, meaning they are wider than they are deep and are designed to sit against a wall. Lateral filing cabinets allow you to store files front-to-back rather than top-to-bottom like traditional vertical cabinets.

The HON 310 comes in 3, 4, or 5-drawer options, giving you flexibility in capacity. The available cabinet widths are 36”, 42”, and 48”. The full extension ball bearing slides on the drawers allow them to extend fully from the cabinet for easy access. Drawers can hold up to 200 lbs of files.

Some key features and benefits of the HON 310 lateral filing cabinet include:

  • All steel construction – Made from high quality steel with a baked on powder coated paint finish for durability.
  • Full extension slides – Drawers glide smoothly on ball bearing full extension slides for easy access.
  • Locking system – Comes with a standard lock and keys to secure files.
  • Adjustable leveling glides – Levelers on the base can adjust for uneven floors.
  • Wide and shallow design – Wider than deep design saves floor space.
  • ** ADA compliant** – Meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
  • Variety of colors – Available in black, putty, warm gray and other neutral colors.
  • 10 year limited warranty – Backed by a 10 year warranty.

The HON 310 is a good choice for offices that need to store large volumes of files without taking up a lot of floor space. The lateral design is convenient for frequently accessed files. This model offers reliable quality and functionality.

Overview of the HON 510 Vertical Filing Cabinet

HON 510 Vertical Filing Cabinet
HON 510 Vertical Filing Cabinet

Unlike the lateral HON 310, the HON 510 is a vertical filing cabinet with drawers stacked one over another. Vertical cabinets take up less wall space but have a deeper footprint.

The HON 510 comes in 4 or 5-drawer models in a choice of widths (15”, 18”, 24”, 30”). The full extension slides, steel construction, weight capacity, leveling glides, color options, and warranty are similar to the HON 310.

Here are some of the main features and advantages of the vertical HON 510 filing cabinet:

  • Space saving design – With a narrower width, it can fit in tight spaces and smaller offices.
  • Standard or security lock – Get the standard lock or upgrade to a more secure lock.
  • ADA compliant drawers – Meets ADA requirements for accessibility.
  • Letter/legal filing – Drawer interiors accommodate letter or legal sized files.
  • Versatile – Works well for any general office filing needs.
  • Easy assembly – Ships assembled in the box for quick setup.

The vertical filing layout of the HON 510 makes it a versatile and functional option for general filing purposes. The smaller footprint is ideal when floor space is limited.

Key Differences Between the HON 310 and HON 510

Now that we’ve reviewed the HON 310 and 510 separately, let’s compare them side by side and look at the main differences:

  • Design

The most obvious difference is the lateral versus vertical design. The HON 310 is wider than deep and sits against a wall. The HON 510 has less width but more depth from front to back.

Lateral filing cabinets like the 310 are convenient for everyday access to frequently used files. They also allow for neat organization since you can label the shelves. But laterals do take up more wall space.

Vertical cabinets like the 510 have a smaller footprint. So they are better for fitting into tight spaces and smaller offices. Though accessing files may take longer since you have to open multiple drawers.

  • Drawer Configuration

Both models offer a range of drawer configurations from 3-5 drawers. The width options differ, with the 310 ranging from 36” to 48” wide and the 510 ranging from 15” to 30”.

The 310 gives you more width flexibility for storing larger volumes of wide files and documents. The 510 has narrower widths better suited for small offices or spaces.

  • Locking Mechanisms

The standard HON 310 comes with a basic lock and set of keys. The HON 510 has the standard lock but also has the option to upgrade to a more secure lock for enhanced security. So if locking sensitive files, the 510 may be preferable.

  • Price

Due to the wider and larger design, the HON 310 lateral filing cabinets do have a higher price point than the vertical 510 models. The MSRP cost for a 36”W 3-drawer HON 310 starts around $500. The 30”W 4-drawer HON 510 starts around $300.

  • Usage

The lateral layout and wider drawer width of the 310 makes it better suited for storing large volumes of files and active projects that need frequent access. The vertical 510 is ideal for general office filing needs where space is tight.

So in summary:

  • The HON 310 is best for frequent file access, larger volumes, and office wall space.
  • The HON 510 is ideal for smaller, general filing in tight spaces.
  • The 310 has wider drawers and more price options.
  • The 510 has optional enhanced security locks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is HON a good filing cabinet brand?

Yes, HON is known for making quality metal office furniture and is a leading filing cabinet brand. HON filing cabinets are made with durable steel construction and full extension drawers. They offer reliable performance for years of use.

Are HON filing cabinets fire proof?

HON filing cabinets are not specifically fireproof. The metal construction is non-combustible, which provides some fire resistance. But HON cabinets are not rated as fireproof. For fireproof protection, look for cabinets with a fire resistance rating.

What is lateral filing system?

A lateral filing system refers to cabinets that are wider than they are deep, with drawers that open parallel to the wall. Lateral filing cabinets store folders and documents from side-to-side rather than top-to-bottom. This makes frequently used files easy to access quickly.

What is vertical filing cabinet?

A vertical filing cabinet has drawers stacked vertically on top of each other. The footprint is more deep than wide. Vertical cabinets take up less wall space but may require opening multiple drawers to find files. They are ideal for smaller offices.

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Final Thoughts

When choosing between the HON 310 and 510, consider your filing and space needs. If you deal with large volumes of files and documents, the wider lateral 310 is likely the better fit. If you need something more compact for general filing, the vertical 510 makes better use of space.

Be sure to also look at drawer configurations, locking options, and colors that suit your office décor. And don’t forget to measure to ensure the cabinet dimensions fit your room. With quality steel construction and full extension slides, both the HON 310 and 510 are great options for organizing your office files.

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