Dailylook Vs. Wantable: How the Styling Services Stack Up

For busy people who want fashionable clothing selections tailored to their tastes, services like Dailylook and Wantable make it easy. But how do these popular online personal styling subscriptions compare? This guide examines the key differences between Dailylook versus Wantable.

A Brief Comparison Table

Ideal CustomerWomen who like fast-fashion trendsWomen and men who prefer essentials
BrandsContemporary labels like MICHAEL STARSLesser-known boutique brands
Men’s StylingNoYes
Sizing Range00-16XS-XL, XL-4X (women’s), XS-XXL (men’s)
Style ProfileBasic questionsVery comprehensive
Shipment FrequencyMonthlyMonthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly
Cost$50 styling fee per box$20 monthly styling fee
CustomizationSome based on feedbackHighly personalized
QualityLower quality fast-fashionBetter materials and construction
ReturnsFree returnsFree returns within 10 days
Cancellation Policy30 days notice30 days notice
OverallMore affordable trendy stylesSuperior personalization and quality

Overview of Dailylook

Launched in 2012, Dailylook is an online women’s styling service that sends members curated outfits and accessories matched to their style profile and fit preferences.

Members take a style quiz and can preview upcoming options from Dailylook’s brand partners. $50 styling credit is applied towards each shipment. You only pay for items you keep. Dailylook carries sizes 00-16.

Overview of Wantable

Wantable offers personalized styling boxes for both women and men. Members fill out a style profile and can preview upcoming packages. Wantable charges a $20 monthly styling fee and members get 20-40% off box items they purchase.

For women, Wantable carries sizes XS-XL in styles ranging from casual to professional. Their men’s boxes focus on more casual everyday essentials in sizes XS-XXL.

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Key Differences Between Dailylook and Wantable

Both brand’s offer range of stylish colorful women and men’s trendy fashionable garments. Here we’ll explore some key differences between them.

  • Getting Started and Profiles

Dailylook and Wantable both use an initial style profile quiz to tailor selections to you, but the depth varies:

Dailylook’s questionnaire covers sizing, style descriptors, brands you love, and preferred colors, prints, necklines, etc. Questions are more general.

Wantable’s quiz is very comprehensive asking for specific preferences on tops, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, outerwear, lifestyle needs, budgets, and more. Helps better personalize.

Wantable’s more granular style matching could better cater initial boxes to your taste, with Dailylook taking a more generalized approach.

  • Box Frequency and Costs

Both services charge monthly styling fees and only ask you to buy what you want while sending preview options. But frequency and overall costs differ:

  • Dailylook boxes ship monthly. Pay $50 styling fee credited towards purchases. No required minimum.
  • Wantable boxes ship monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. $20 monthly styling fee not credited. Spend $50+ to avoid $8 shipping.

With Dailylook the $50 goes directly to pieces you keep. Wantable’s $20 fee covers styling. Faster shipment appeals to some.

Brands and Retail Partners

The brands offered reflect the overall style personality of each service:


Dailylook partners with contemporary fast-fashion brands like MICHAEL STARS, DL1961 Premium Denim, English Factory, Twelve NYC, and their own in-house DL label. Styles tend to be trend-focused.

Wantable includes boutique brands like Renton & Wilson, Cliche, Slate & Stone, Brodie Lane, and Waverly Grey not found in mainstream stores. Lots of casual essentials and basics. Mens has Original Penguin, Ben Sherman, and more.

Wantable features less mainstream brands while Dailylook centers on stylish fast-fashion labels. Both offer variety and Target is a new partner for both.

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  • Style and Size Range

Personal styling works best when the selection matches your individual needs:

Dailylook caters to women looking for affordable contemporary styles. Their size range covers 00-16. Styles suit young professionals on a budget. Limited plus.

Wantable has options targeted more for casual everyday wear and the office. Their women’s covers XS-XL including plus sizes up to 4X through Harper & Harley. Men’s available too.

So Wantable better serves extra sizing. Dailylook centers on mainstream sizes in trendy looks. Wantable’s wider size range and menswear gives them an edge.

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  • Customization and Feedback

An effective styling service learns your preferences and adjusts selections accordingly. Both services gather feedback:

Dailylook members can review each item in their package and rate what they liked/disliked and share fit notes to improve future boxes. Less customized.

Wantable has members complete detailed reviews on each piece with 1-5 star ratings to better adapt to your style over time. Very personalized.

User reviews praise Wantable’s superior personalization as they learn your taste. Dailylook’s style profile remains more general.

  • Quality and Sizing Consistency

No one wants ill-fitting pieces or low quality from personal shopping services. How do they deliver?

Dailylook focuses on contemporary fast fashion brands which brings some inconsistency in sizing and materials. Affordable prices reflect the lower quality.

Wantable pieces are generally well-made essentials from their online boutique brands. Sizing runs quite true to typical regular fit. Higher quality for the price.

Reviews reveal Wantable edges out in getting the fit, feel, and sizing right. But Dailylook offers cost-conscious fashion-forward styles.

  • Keep What You Want Model

Both services allow members to purchase just the items they love. Shipping and returns are easy.

Dailylook gives you $50 styling fee per box to apply to anything you keep. Return the rest free.

Wantable discounts box items 20-40% if you decide to purchase. Returns are free within 10 days of receipt.

The main difference is Dailylook’s styling fee going directly toward the cost of items. Wantable charges separately for the styling and items bought.

  • Cancellation and Membership Hold Policies

Terms are reasonable but good to know in case of changes:

Dailylook can be cancelled anytime with 30 days notice. You can also pause membership for up to 3 months annually.

Wantable requires 5 days notice to skip a month. Unlimited monthly skips are allowed. Cancelling requires 30 days notice.

For maximum flexibility, Wantable’s unlimited pauses beat Dailylook’s annual limit of 3 months. But both make it easy to cancel.

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FAQ About Dailylook and Wantable

What is the average cost of Dailylook?

The average cost for Dailylook ends up being around $50-$100 per month. There is a non-refundable $50 styling fee each month that goes toward anything you purchase from your box. Most members buy 1-2 items per shipment. With stylish tops, blouses, and accessories averaging $40-$80 from Dailylook’s brand partners, many find it affordable for fast-fashion. Just return what you don’t like.

What is the average price of items in Wantable?

The average price of items from Wantable ranges from $40-$80 with some more premium pieces over $100. Tops, sweaters, dresses, and outerwear tend to cost $40-$60 while bottoms like jeans and pants run $60-$100+ on average. With discounts of 20-40% off box items for subscribers, Wantable customers can get quality pieces for reasonable prices. Expect to spend $60-120 for 1-2 items per monthly box.

Who owns Dailylook?

Dailylook was founded by Brian Ree and Erica Reitman in 2012. In 2016, the leading online fashion retailer Revolve Group acquired a majority stake in Dailylook. Revolve owns 75% of Dailylook while the co-founders Ree and Reitman retain 25% ownership as of 2022. Dailylook continues to operate as an independent entity led by Ree and Reitman while having the resources of large parent company Revolve.

Where does Dailylook get their clothes?

Dailylook partners with over 50 contemporary fashion brands to source clothes and accessories for their personal styling boxes. Some key wholesale suppliers they work with include Twelve NYC, English Factory, Kut from the Kloth, DL1961, Michael Stars, Spense, and their own in-house brands Dailylook and Lindsey. Having direct relationships with wholesalers allows Dailylook to acquire apparel to include in customized shipments to subscribers.

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Final Verdict:

To recap the key points when choosing between the two:

  • Wantable provides more personalized styling but at a slightly higher cost.
  • Dailylook offers affordable trendy fashion but with less customization.
  • Wantable has broader size and style selection including men’s.
  • Dailylook’s $50 monthly fee goes directly to items you purchase.
  • Wantable generally delivers higher quality and more precise fit.
  • Both services make it easy to only pay for pieces you love.

Take your budget, style, size, and quality priorities into account. For the most personalized style experience, Wantable is superior. But Dailylook provides decent curated fashion at lower prices. Assess your preferences to pick the best subscription clothing provider for you.

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