Indiana Transport Vs. Horizon Transport: Right RV Transport

Transporting your RV across the country can be a daunting task. You want to make sure your precious vehicle arrives safely at its destination without any damage or delays. That’s why choosing the right transport company is crucial.

Two of the most well-known RV transport companies are Indiana Transport and Horizon Transport. But how do you decide which one is best for your needs? We’ll compare the key factors so you can make an informed decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureIndiana TransportHorizon Transport
Years in Business30+ years, since 198810 years, since 2013
Number of Trucks15,000+5,000+
RVs. Transported Annually90,000+60,000+
Service RegionsContinental US & CanadaContinental US Only
Motorhome TransportAll sizesMax 12ft height, 45ft length
Enclosed TransportYesYes
Load BoardNoYes
Customer ServiceMixed reviewsHighly-rated
Avg. Cost for 1,000 miles$1,150$1,350

Overview Of Indiana Transport

Founded in 1988, Indiana Transport has over 30 years of experience transporting RVs., motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, and more. They transport over 90,000 RVs. per year across the continental US and Canada.

Indiana Transport
Indiana Transport


  • Large carrier network with over 15,000 trucks
  • Transports all types of RVs. including motorhomes, 5th wheels, and travel trailers
  • Online quote and booking system for fast service
  • Real-time GPS tracking of your RV’s location
  • Available enclosed transport for extra protection


  • Mixed reviews on communication and scheduling
  • Damage claims can be difficult to resolve
  • No online load board for self-service booking

Overview Of Horizon Transport

Established in 2013, Horizon Transport is a newer player in the RV transport industry. But they’ve quickly grown their carrier network to over 5,000 trucks. They transport over 60,000 RVs. annually in the lower 48 states.

Horizon Transport
Horizon Transport


  • Large modern fleet of drivers and equipment
  • Transports most RV types including smaller trailers
  • User-friendly online load board to post/claim jobs
  • Good communication and responsive support staff


  • Unable to haul very large motorhomes
  • Only operates in continental US (no Alaska/Hawaii)
  • Higher rates compared to competitors

Indiana Transport And Horizon Transport: In-Depth Comparison Of Key Features

  • Comparing Services Offered

When choosing an RV transport company, you’ll want to make sure they provide the appropriate services for your specific needs. Here’s how Indiana Transport and Horizon Transport compare in key categories:

  • Types of RVs. Transported

Indiana Transport will haul any type of RV no matter the size, weight, or model. This includes large 45+ foot motorhomes. Horizon Transport has limitations on very large RVs. exceeding 12 feet in height or 45 feet in length.

  • Service Regions Covered

Indiana Transport covers the continental US and Canada. Horizon Transport only services the lower 48 states currently. Neither transports to Hawaii or Alaska.

  • Enclosed Transport Options

Both companies offer enclosed transport options for extra protection from road debris and weather. This costs more but is recommended for vintage or high-end RVs.

  • Online Services

Horizon Transport has the edge here with their user-friendly load board. You can easily post a job for carriers to browse and claim. Indiana Transport still relies on phone and email for bookings.

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  • Communication & Support

Reviews often cite Horizon Transport for having responsive, hands-on support throughout the shipping process. Indiana Transport gets mixed reviews when it comes to customer service and communication.

  • Choosing Between Cost or Service

One of the biggest differences comes down to cost versus level of service. Horizon Transport charges higher rates but provides concierge-style communication and support. Their tech-enabled platform also appeals to many customers.

Indiana Transport offers budget-friendly pricing, but service can be hit or miss depending on your dispatcher. For cost-conscious consumers willing to sacrifice some hand-holding, Indiana Transport may be the better bargain.

Here’s a side-by-side at average costs between the two companies:

Transport DistanceIndiana TransportHorizon Transport
500 miles$1.25/mile$1.50/mile
1,000 miles$1.15/mile$1.35/mile
1,500+ miles$0.95/mile$1.25/mile

For a 1,000-mile trip, you’ll pay around $1,150 with Indiana Transport versus $1,350 with Horizon. But Horizon’s more personalized service may be worth the extra $200 for some RV owners.

Watch the video of Indiana Transport!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the largest RV transport company?

Indiana Transport is likely the single largest RV transport company based on total vehicles shipped per year (over 90,000 RVs.). They have the highest carrier volume with over 15,000 trucks available. Horizon Transport also has a sizable network at over 5,000 trucks and 60,000 RVs. transported annually.

Is RV transport worth it?

For most RV owners, hiring a professional transport company is absolutely worth the cost and provides major peace of mind. Driving an RV long distances yourself can be dangerous and risky. The last thing you want is a breakdown or accident hundreds of miles from home. Professional companies have the experienced drivers, equipment, insurance, and processes to safely transport your RV.

Does Indiana Transport have a load board?

One of the main downsides of Indiana Transport is their lack of online load board for self-service bookings. All shipments must be coordinated by phone/email with a company agent. Horizon Transport does offer a full service load board portal allowing customers to post jobs for carrier bidding and selection. So Indiana Transport lags behind in utilizing modern technology to simplify bookings.

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The Verdict

Analyzing the pros, cons, costs, and services between Indiana Transport and Horizon Transport equips you to make the right choice for your RV shipping needs.

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

  • What type of RV do I need transported (make, model, length, etc)?
  • How far will it be travelling (mileage and route)?
  • What level of communication do I need throughout the shipping process?
  • Is cost or level of service more important for my needs?
  • Do I require enclosed transport or any specialty services?

Once you determine the answers for your specific shipment, you can better gauge if Indiana Transport or Horizon Transport is a better match.

For vintage or luxury motorhomes going long distances, Horizon Transport’s specialty services may provide peace of mind. For budget trailer transport with flexible pickup timing, Indiana Transport has a proven track record of solid service at low rates.

There are also several smaller RV transport companies to research as well. But Indiana Transport and Horizon Transport remain two of the largest and most reputable nationwide.

By adequately comparing the pros and cons of each, you can confidently book stress-free RV transportation.

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