GoShare Vs. Dolly: Which On-Demand Moving Service Is Best?

Moving and hauling heavy items without a truck can be challenging. On-demand services like GoShare and Dolly provide access to vehicles and movers to transport cargo seamlessly.

But how do these leading on-demand delivery apps stack up? This guide examines the pros, cons, features, availability, and key differences between GoShare and Dolly.

A Brief Comparison Table

Service Areas35 major metros10 major metros
AvailabilityOn-demand, real-timeAdvance booking required
Vehicle TypesPickups, vans, trucksTrucks, vans
Team SizeDriver + 1 mover2 movers
Minimum Booking2 hours2 hours
Last MinuteAccommodates same-dayNot available same-day
Additional ServicesNoneOptional storage
Average Hourly Rate$30-$50 per hour$30-$45 per hour

Overview of GoShare


GoShare is an on-demand moving service that sends a vehicle, driver, and movers to help you haul cargo using their app or website. Here are some key things to know about GoShare:

  • Nationwide Availability – Currently operates in 35 metro areas across the US.
  • Instant On-Demand Booking – Real-time availability with bookings confirmed immediately.
  • 2-Person Teams – Each booking sends a driver plus 1 mover to load, haul, and unload.
  • Various Vehicle Types – Choose pickup trucks, cargo vans, box trucks suited to your load.
  • Pay by the Hour – Hourly rate includes the vehicle, movers, gas, and mileage.
  • Short Notice OK – Book same-day or with as little as 2-hour notice in some areas.
  • Moves and Delivery – Can help with moving as well as single item delivery.

Overview of Dolly

Dolly operates in a similar on-demand model for moving assistance and delivery:

  • Select Cities – Currently provides service in about 10 metropolitan areas.
  • Quick Quotes – Get a quote and confirm your non-binding reservation online.
  • Helpers & Drivers – Movers and drivers handle loading and transportation.
  • Trucks & Vans – Choose between pickup trucks, box trucks, and cargo vans.
  • Affordable Rates – All-inclusive hourly rates with no hidden fees.
  • Scheduled Bookings – Reserve up to 6 months out for planned moves.
  • Moves and Deliveries – Help moving apartments or single item store pickup and delivery.

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The Main Differences Between GoShare and Dolly

1. Availability:

GoShare boasts a broader reach in terms of cities served, operating in over 35 metro areas. This extensive coverage ensures that a larger clientele can access its services.

On the other hand, Dolly is more limited in its operational span, available in just 10 cities. While both serve significant metropolitan areas, GoShare’s wider footprint means it can cater to a more geographically diverse audience.

2. Instant Booking:

dolly Moving Service
dolly Moving Service

GoShare has integrated the convenience of real-time, on-demand booking into its platform. This means customers can request a service and expect immediate responses, making it a go-to for last-minute needs.

Dolly, in contrast, works more on a scheduling system. Customers looking to use Dolly need to plan ahead, ensuring there’s an available slot for their moving requirements.

3. Team Size:

When it comes to manpower, there are clear distinctions between the two services. GoShare typically dispatches a team composed of one driver and one mover, making it suitable for light to medium-sized moves.

Dolly, emphasizing larger tasks, sends two movers as a standard, ensuring heavier and more substantial items can be handled with ease.

4. Vehicle Selection:

Diversity in vehicle options can significantly influence a customer’s choice. GoShare offers a wider range of truck sizes, including smaller pickups, catering to various moving needs, whether it’s just a few boxes or bulkier furniture.

While Dolly also provides trucks for transportation, their fleet lacks the variety seen with GoShare, which could influence those with specific vehicle preferences.

5. Last Minute:

Urgency is another arena where GoShare shines. Its platform is designed to accommodate same-day bookings without much hassle. This spontaneity is invaluable for users who might find themselves in last-minute moving predicaments. Dolly, given its scheduling approach, may not be as accommodating for immediate needs.

6. Customer Support:

A pivotal aspect of any service-based business is customer support. GoShare prides itself on its U.S.-based phone and chat support, which has garnered positive reviews for its efficiency and helpfulness. While Dolly also provides customer support, GoShare’s consistent high ratings set it apart.

7. Supplementary Services:

While both platforms center around moving and transport, Dolly offers an additional layer to its services with storage add-ons. This feature is great for those in-between homes or just needing temporary storage solutions.

GoShare, in contrast, places its focus squarely on transport, making it a more specialized option for those simply looking to move items from point A to point B.

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Pros and Cons of GoShare

Here are some of the advantages and potential drawbacks of using GoShare:


  • Instant real-time on-demand booking confirmation
  • Expansive availability in 35 major metro areas
  • Various vehicle sizes to handle any load
  • accommodation of same- and next-day bookings
  • Reliable customer support via phone, text, email


  • Currently operates in limited markets, mainly on West Coast
  • Hourly rates can add up quickly
  • Quality of movers/drivers can be hit or miss
  • Rush bookings cost more than advance reservations
  • Lack of supplemental services beyond transport

Pros and Cons of Dolly

Some key benefits and limitations associated with Dolly:


  • Offers binding quotes upfront for cost estimate
  • Movers handle entire loading and unloading process
  • Storage rental add-ons available
  • Serves metro areas on East Coast as well as West
  • Allows bookings months in advance for planning


  • Smaller service footprint with fewer location options
  • Requires scheduling in advance rather than instant booking
  • Mixed reviews of some movers not taking care
  • Minimum 2 hour booking windows
  • Unable to accommodate true last minute or same day

Cost and Fees Breakdown

The pricing models for GoShare and Dolly differ:


  • Hourly rates range from $30-$50 per hour depending on vehicle type and location.
  • 2 hour minimum per booking. Additional hours pro-rated by 15 minutes.
  • No extra fees but higher hourly rates for last minute bookings.


  • Hourly rates range from $30-$45 per hour on average.
  • 2 hour minimum booking window required.
  • Fees can include $10 service fee, $1 rental insurance, tolls/parking.
  • Rates increase for unplanned overtime beyond original reservation.

Which Service Is More Affordable?

For shorter, more immediate moves under 2 hours, GoShare tends to be more affordable as you only pay for exact time used. For longer, scheduled moves, Dolly can cost less owing to lower hourly rates. GoShare’s premium for rush bookings also makes Dolly cheaper for advance scheduling. But prices vary significantly by location and load details.

Is GoShare or Dolly the Better Choice?

There’s no consensus pick between GoShare and Dolly. The right choice depends on your specific needs:

  • For last-minute, same-day transport, GoShare is preferable.
  • If you need supplemental storage or future moves, choose Dolly.
  • GoShare is better for small loads requiring just a pickup truck.
  • Dolly excels for larger interstate moves requiring a box truck.
  • If your location flexibility is limited, verify service availability in your metro area.
  • Compare costs for your estimated mileage, time, and vehicle needs.

Doing research for your particular moving or delivery job will determine whether GoShare or Dolly is the better fit. Both offer an affordable and convenient transport option for when you need an extra set of hands!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is GoShare in Colorado?

As of 2023, GoShare does not currently operate in Colorado. GoShare is available in select metro areas, primarily larger cities along the coasts like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego as well as Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Dallas.

How does a Dolly work?

After reserving a Dolly online, a vehicle with movers will arrive at your pickup location during your scheduled booking window. The movers will load and secure your items, drive them to the dropoff address, and unload there. You only pay for the hourly time booked including loading, travel, and unloading.

How much money can I make with Dolly?

Dolly drivers and movers earn $15-$22 per hour typically. Earnings depend on your location, hours worked, and customer tips. Busy times like weekends and summer tend to be more lucrative. Dolly promotes the opportunity to earn up to $25,000 annually as a mover.

Does Dolly have trucks?

Yes, Dolly offers a range of vehicle options for rent including pickup trucks, cargo vans, box trucks, and flatbed trailers. Depending on the size of your move, you can reserve a 10-foot, 16-foot, or 24-foot truck with Dolly.

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Key Takeaway

GoShare and Dolly both facilitate easy and affordable on-demand moving without needing to own your own vehicle. GoShare covers more cities with real-time booking while Dolly offers more advance planning. Evaluate your location, timeline, budget, and load to determine if GoShare or Dolly better suits your on-demand moving or delivery needs.

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