UrbanStems Vs. 1-800-Flowers: Which Online Florist is Best?

Flowers are a timeless gift to brighten someone’s day for any occasion. With busy schedules, it can be difficult to visit the local florist in person. That’s where online flower delivery services like UrbanStems and 1-800-Flowers come in handy.

But which one should you choose for your floral gifting needs? We’ll compare the pros and cons of UrbanStems and 1-800-Flowers to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table:

Delivery RangeNationwideNationwide
Same Day DeliveryYes, in select areasYes, in select areas
Flower TypesModern, unique bouquetsTraditional bouquets
Plant & Gift OptionsMinimalExtensive
Customer ServiceExcellentGood
SustainabilityEco-friendly practicesMinimal sustainability efforts

Overview Of Urbanstems

Founded in 2014, UrbanStems aims to modernize the flower delivery experience. Their arrangements feature unique, seasonal blooms sourced directly from eco-friendly Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. With same-day delivery available in major metro areas, UrbanStems offers a convenient way to send beautiful bouquets nationwide.

Some key things to know about UrbanStems:

  • Unique, seasonal blooms: Flowers are sourced sustainably to create unique arrangements you won’t find anywhere else. Options change weekly based on what’s freshly harvested.
  • Modern, elegant style: Arrangements feature a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic in sleek vase options. Great for gift-giving.
  • Farm-to-door pricing: As a direct-to-consumer brand, UrbanStems can offer premium flowers without the price markup. Bouquets start at $35, more affordable than most florists.
  • Convenient delivery: Same-day delivery in NYC, DC, Philly, Boston, Chicago and Seattle. Next-day delivery nationwide.
  • Impressive gift options: In addition to bouquets, they offer curated gift sets with vases, chocolates, candles and more. Perfect for birthdays, holidays and just because.

Overview Of 1-800-Flowers

Since 1976, 1-800-Flowers has delivered flowers and gifts worldwide. They work with a network of local florists in the U.S. and abroad to provide same-day floral delivery for occasions big and small.

Some key things to know about 1-800-Flowers:

  • Massive selection: Choose from roses, lilies, seasonal varieties and more to build classic or modern arrangements.
  • Something for everyone: Arrangements available at a wide range of price points, starting around $25. Also offers plush, fruit baskets, sweets and houseplants.
  • Occasion-specific offerings: Tailor arrangements and gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, sympathy, romance and more. Helpful for gift-giving.
  • Same-day delivery: Harness their network of local florists to deliver flower arrangements same-day, any day of the year.
  • Convenience: Shop 24/7 by phone or online. Subscription services for recurring delivery.

Detail Comparison Of Urbanstems And 1-800-Flowers

Comparing Florist Expertise & Design Style


When it comes to florist expertise and design aesthetic, UrbanStems and 1-800-Flowers take distinctly different approaches.

UrbanStems operates just like a local florist, employing talented designers to hand-arrange bouquets showcasing seasonal blooms. Their minimalist, sophisticated style stands out for its modern elegance and artistic flair. The arrangements look straight off the pages of a chic magazine.

1-800-Flowers partners with thousands of local florists worldwide. While the quality of arrangements can vary somewhat by individual florist, 1-800-Flowers offers classic bouquet styles like roses for Valentine’s Day or lilies for sympathy. Their designs suit traditional tastes for gifting and holidays but come in standardized containers.

If you prefer modern, minimalist floral design with unique blooms, UrbanStems is the better choice. For classic arrangements in familiar vases, 1-800-Flowers has plenty of time-tested options at various price points.

Comparing Flower Quality & Selection

When it comes to flower quality and selection, there are some key differences to note between these brands.

UrbanStems sources premium blooms directly from sustainable farms. Their inventory changes seasonally based on what’s freshly harvested. You’ll find unique varieties like ranunculus, anemones, dahlias and snapdragons. Because they buy directly from eco-friendly growers, their flowers last over a week with proper care. The consistent quality and seasonal variety set them apart.

1-800-Flowers offers traditional blooms like roses, lilies, carnations, daisies and mums year-round. They carry classics for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, but you won’t find exotic garden roses or peonies. As a middleman between customers and local florists who source wholesale blooms, quality control can be hit or miss. Seasonality also isn’t a focus.

If you’re looking for premium, on-trend blooms, UrbanStems is your best pick. 1-800-Flowers gives convenient access to floral classics for all occasions.

Comparing Delivery Experience

The delivery experience is another area where these brands differ.

UrbanStems delivers most of their arrangements via FedEx overnight shipping. They offer same-day delivery in select metro areas. With their direct shipping, you can schedule a specific delivery date and add a personalized card message. Their site also features helpful tips for recipients on how to care for their flowers.

Also watch this!

1-800-Flowers works with thousands of partner florists who hand deliver arrangements to recipients’ doors. Local florists give them expansive same-day delivery coverage for last minute gifts. But scheduling can’t be as precise without direct control of the supply chain. You also can’t guarantee who will deliver your order or notify your recipient.

UrbanStems is the better option if you like to schedule deliveries in advance and personalize with gift messages. 1-800-Flowers will be more convenient for impromptu same-day delivery to surprise loved ones.

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Comparing Pricing & Value

Price is often the deciding factor when choosing a flower delivery service. Here’s how UrbanStems and 1-800-Flowers compare:

UrbanStems offers premium flowers at an affordable price thanks to its direct-to-consumer farm-to-table model. Their bouquets start at $35+ for around 10-16 blooms, very competitive pricing for specialty flowers. Luxury designs with roses or exotic varieties can cost $75-$125 based on size.

1-800-Flowers arrangements vary more widely in price based on size, flower types and vases. Simple bouquets with carnations or daisies may cost just $25-$40, while multi-dozen rose arrangements can cost upwards of $100. With sales, promo codes and subscriptions, budget-friendly deals are often available.

While UrbanStems commands a slight price premium for exotic blooms, their quality and stylish designs make each bouquet feel like a personalized gift. 1-800-Flowers has very affordable options under $50, but cheaper ingredients like carnations can limit the wow factor.

If you value premium farm-direct blooms, UrbanStems provides excellent value around $50 and up. For budget gifting or weekly deliveries, 1-800-Flowers has deals as low as $25.

Comparing Customer Service

Having responsive customer service can make or break your experience when problems arise. Here is how UrbanStems and 1-800-Flowers compare:

UrbanStems has attentive customer service available by phone and email 6 days per week. Because they handle fulfillment internally, they can quickly resolve any issues directly. Customers praise their thorough resolution of problems like damaged shipments or delivery delays.

With 1-800-Flowers, customer service responsiveness varies. While the brand aims to be available 24/7, they rely on local florists to handle issues. Experiences dealing with individual shop owners can be hit or miss. But their automated systems make it easy to send replacements or refunds when needed.

For direct control and consistently responsive service, UrbanStems has a leg up. But 1-800-Flowers has the systems to address problems that may arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best alternatives to 1-800-Flowers?

Top alternatives for online flower delivery include UrbanStems, FTD, Teleflora, From You Flowers, Bouqs, Flowerbud, and Farmgirl Flowers. Each offers different pros like premium blooms, same-day delivery, and budget-friendly pricing.

Why is UrbanStems so expensive?

While UrbanStems may cost more than 1-800-Flowers, they offer premium, farm-direct flowers you won’t find at the grocery store. Their modern arrangements deliver luxury blooms like garden roses cost effectively. With quality blooms and stylish design, UrbanStems provides excellent value.

Is FTD or 1-800-Flowers better?

FTD delivers beautiful classic bouquets like 1-800-Flowers. But FTD offers higher-end designs, more variety, and direct shipping for scheduled deliveries. 1-800-Flowers has wider same-day delivery through local florists. Pick FTD for premium quality and service or 1-800-Flowers for budget flexibility.

What is the best supermarket to buy flowers from?

Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Costco and Aldi are the top supermarkets to buy fresh, high-quality flowers on a budget. Check for variety, longevity and pricing. Some stores like Trader Joe’s offer flowers for under $10!

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Now that we’ve compared the pros and cons, should you choose UrbanStems or 1-800-Flowers for your online flower delivery?

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want unique, premium blooms or traditional flowers at lower prices?
  • Is a modern, elegant aesthetic or classic look most important?
  • Are you gifting for a last-minute occasion or want to schedule in advance?
  • Do you prefer direct artisan service or maximum convenience?

For most flower lovers, UrbanStems is the best choice if you value specialty blooms, artistic arrangements and attentive customer service. The luxury, modern aesthetic makes it perfect for impressing gift recipients too.

If affordability and maximum convenience are bigger priorities, 1-800-Flowers allows you to shop online 24/7 and enjoy same-day delivery for last-minutegifts. The classic blooms and various add-ons suit traditional tastes for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

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