Urbanstems Vs. Farmgirl Flowers: Comparing Quality, Pricing And Selection

Finding beautiful fresh flower arrangements delivered right to your door is easier than ever thanks to services like UrbanStems and Farmgirl Flowers. But how do these popular flower delivery companies actually compare?

This in-depth guide examines the key differences between UrbanStems and Farmgirl Flowers. We’ll contrast the flower selection, arrangement styles, delivery, pricing, and more to help you decide which is better for your floral needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsUrbanStemsFarmgirl Flowers
FlowersUnique, exotic bloomsSeasonal, familiar blooms
Design StyleModern, sculpturalRustic, organic
SubscriptionCurated or seasonal plansWeekly or biweekly
PricingBouquets from $50-$185Bouquets from $43-$160
Delivery2-day, includes vase1-4 days, no vase
Best ForModern, luxe arrangementsFarm-fresh, countryside feel

Overview of UrbanStems

UrbanStems Flower
UrbanStems Flower

Founded in 2014, UrbanStems aims to modernize the flower industry through unique brands and sustainable sourcing. They offer curated bouquets and plants that arrive directly on your doorstep. UrbanStems delivers nationwide.

Some key details about UrbanStems:

  • Modern, unique floral designs
  • Delivery in 2 days nationwide
  • $12 flat delivery fee per order
  • Bouquets from $50-$185
  • Subscription plans available
  • Vase and flower food included

With their contemporary flower choices and smooth delivery, UrbanStems makes enjoying fresh blooms easy for any occasion.

Overview of Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers provides a flower CSA using seasonal blooms grown on partner farms. Founded in 2010, their mission focuses on supporting American flower farms through wholesale and direct-to-consumer arrangements. Farmgirl delivers nationwide.

Key features of Farmgirl Flowers:

  • Uses locally grown, seasonal flowers
  • Rotating selection changes weekly
  • Delivery in 2-4 days nationwide
  • Bouquet prices from $43-$160
  • Subscription plans offered
  • No vase included

By partnering directly with independent farms, Farmgirl Flowers brings you fresh cut flowers sustainably grown close to your doorstep.

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Key Differences Between Urbanstems And Farmgirl Flowers

Flower delivery services have transformed the way we celebrate special moments and bring joy to our living spaces. Two leading names in this arena, UrbanStems and Farmgirl Flowers, have garnered significant attention for their unique offerings and services.

Both brands offer a distinct experience, catering to different preferences. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you understand the differences.

  • Flower Selection and Variety

UrbanStems focuses on providing a modern touch to flower selections. Their offering is peppered with unique roses, ranunculus, and anemones that might be harder to find at traditional flower shops.

Additionally, they feature exotic flowers such as orchids and protea, paired beautifully with foraged foliage and herbs. For those who are into the latest floral trends, they also offer popular flowers like snapdragons and a wide variety of tropical and exotic selections.

This variety caters to a younger, more modern audience who may want something different than the standard bouquet.

Farmgirl Flowers
Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers:
Farmgirl Flowers leans towards classic selections that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Their bouquets predominantly feature seasonal blooms like dahlias, zinnias, and peonies, which are often farm-favorites.

They also stock local flowers, including tulips, hydrangea, and sunflowers, providing a sense of familiarity.

The company has a limited range of tropical or exotic flowers, relying more on traditional bouquet flowers and refreshing foliage greens like eucalyptus.

  • Arrangement Style and Design

UrbanStems champions a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Their arrangements often follow monochromatic color schemes, embodying minimalist beauty.

They integrate unique shapes and textures, complemented by foraged accents, to create arrangements that appear more like art pieces. Their designs have an editorial feel, making them fit for modern living spaces or high-end corporate environments.

Farmgirl Flowers:
In contrast, Farmgirl Flowers offers arrangements that resemble the charm of wildflowers. Their designs have a rustic touch, abundant with colors and textures, capturing the essence of a countryside garden.

Their arrangements are wrapped simply in brown paper, providing an effortless, overflowing look that many find comforting and homey.

  • Subscription Options

UrbanStems offers two major subscription plans: The Curated plan, featuring original bouquets each month, and The Seasonal plan with quarterly rotating selections.

Their subscription pricing ranges from $55-$150 per delivery, allowing customers to pick options based on budget and preference.

Farmgirl Flowers:
Farmgirl Flowers keeps it simpler with weekly and biweekly delivery options. Customers choose a size, either Mini or Original Farmgirl, with subscriptions ranging from $50-$175 per delivery.

The focus here is on the bouquet size and the frequency of delivery, offering straightforward choices.

Watch this review video:

  • Pricing and Delivery Fees

UrbanStems’ bouquet prices range from $50 to $185, while their plant prices range between $50 to $165. A daily delivery fee of $12 is charged per order, which can add up for frequent purchasers.

Farmgirl Flowers:
Farmgirl Flowers offers slightly more affordable bouquets, ranging from $43 to $160. One significant advantage is their free shipping on orders over $100, while they charge delivery fees for orders under that amount.

  • Delivery Experience

UrbanStems promises a smooth delivery experience. They offer contactless doorstep delivery within a 2-day window nationwide. Customers can choose between morning and evening delivery slots.

To enhance the experience, each order comes with a vase and flower food. The brand also keeps customers updated with confirmation emails and texts.

Farmgirl Flowers:
Farmgirl Flowers, while having a delivery window ranging from 1 to 4 days, often manages faster next-day turnarounds. Their flowers come boxed and wrapped but don’t include a vase.

The brand ensures consistent communication with customers through email and text updates.

In conclusion, both UrbanStems and Farmgirl Flowers offer stellar experiences with their unique twists. Choosing between them would depend on personal preferences regarding flower variety, design aesthetic, and pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Farmgirl flower competitor?

Some top competitors in the flower CSA subscription space similar to Farmgirl Flowers include:
The Bouqs Co., Flora2000, UrbanStems, BloomsyBox, Roseshire.
These brands also offer farm-sourced bouquets for routine delivery. But Farmgirl is one of the pioneering flower CSAs.

Who is UrbanStems competitor?

The main competitors of UrbanStems for modern flower arrangement delivery include:
H.Bloom, Ode à la Rose, Venus Et Fleur, Bloomscape, Rosepops.
These brands also have contemporary, unique styles along with nationwide shipping. But UrbanStems remains a leader in the modern floral design space.

What makes farmgirl flowers different?

What sets Farmgirl Flowers apart from most online flower companies is:
Source seasonal flowers from independent American farms, Work directly with flower farmers as a partner, Unique rotating weekly flower selection, Rustic, organic style arrangements,
Curated weekly “buckets” of ready-to-order options.
The direct farm-to-consumer approach through flower CSAs gives Farmgirl an elevated mission beyond just delivery.

Why is UrbanStems so expensive?

The higher costs of UrbanStems arrangements come from a few key factors:
Exotic imported flowers like orchids and protea, Unique modern vase containers included, Artistic, labor-intensive arrangement designs, Next day fresh direct shipping nationwide, Higher overhead as a smaller brand.
You’re paying for the exotic blooms, artistic sophistication, and fast reliable delivery with UrbanStems. The luxury of cut flowers shipped directly does come at a premium.

Final Thought

Based on this comparison, here is my verdict on which flower company has the edge:

For modern floral design with unique exotic blooms, I would choose UrbanStems. Their contemporary minimalist style and use of tropicals create editorial-worthy arrangements perfect for gifts. Just expect to pay more for exotic flowers and to cover the $12 delivery per order.

However, If you love seasonal bouquets bursting with familiar blooms and natural rustic charm, pick Farmgirl Flowers. Their untamed overflowing arrangements evoke the bounty of flower fields at the peak of each season. Farmgirl also costs less for routine flower delivery.

Ultimately, your preference in floral aesthetic should guide you. UrbanStems brings sophisticated contemporary style with exotic flowers. Farmgirl captures effortless rural abundance from American flower farms. Choose based on your personal tastes and any budget constraints. You really can’t go wrong with either of these quality flower delivery services.

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