ProFlowers Vs. 1800flowers: Which Online Florist Is Best For You?

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts to send for any occasion. When you want to send flowers but can’t visit a local florist, online flower delivery services like ProFlowers and 1800flowers make it easy to order beautiful bouquets and arrangements. But how do you choose between these two major online florists?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare ProFlowers and 1800flowers across key categories like price, selection, delivery, and customer experience. By the end, you’ll know which service best fits your needs for sending stunning flowers anywhere nationwide.

A Brief Comparison Table

PriceMore budget-friendly, starting at $30More expensive, starting around $50
SelectionBasic bouquets and flower arrangementsWider range from basic to high-end bouquets
DeliveryShips DIY floral kitsProfessionally arranged bouquets
Customer ServiceDecentExcellent satisfaction guarantee
WebsiteMinimal photosLarge bouquet images
OccasionsBest for major flower holidaysGood for all occasions with add-on gift options
Same-Day DeliveryNot availableAvailable in select areas

Overview of ProFlowers and 1800flowers


ProFlowers and 1800flowers are two of the most well-known and popular online flower delivery services.

ProFlowers first launched in 1998 as one of the original online florists. They are now owned by FTD companies and partner with local florists around the country for delivery. ProFlowers advertises fresh-from-the-field flowers shipped overnight in gift boxes.

1800flowers also launched in the 90s and offers same-day delivery with florist-designed arrangements. As one of the largest online flower retailers, they deliver to over 100 countries. 1800flowers is known for their seasonal collections and wide selection beyond just flowers.

Both services allow you to order flowers online for delivery across the United States. They offer national same-day delivery as well as international delivery options.

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Key Differences Between ProFlowers And 1800flowers

Now, we’ll dive into deeper of the key differences between these two services.

  • Price and Selection

When comparing ProFlowers Vs. 1800flowers, price and selection are two major factors that set them apart.

ProFlowers tends to have more budget-friendly options compared to 1800flowers. Their flower arrangements start around $30-$50 for basic bouquets and go up to $80-$100 for larger or high-end selections. They promote seasonal specials like 15% off for Valentine’s Day flowers.

1800flowers, on the other hand, commands higher prices with flower arrangements starting around $50-$70 and reaching $100-$150 for premium bouquets. However, they offer wider selection across all budget ranges, especially high-end flowers. 1800flowers also has more add-on gift options like stuffed animals, chocolates, and fruit baskets that increase the total order value.

Both brands have roses starting around $20 for a single stem and $50 for a dozen. 1800flowers tends to use premium roses in designer arrangements costing $80+, while ProFlowers offers budget-friendly boxed dozen roses for around $60. Beyond roses, popular picks like tulips, lilies, and gerbera daisies are priced similarly. For budget buyers, ProFlowers has more affordable flower choices overall. 1800flowers shines for high-end bouquets and gifting extras.

  • Delivery Experience

Flower delivery and presentation make a big impression on recipients. How do ProFlowers and 1800flowers compare on delivery experience?

ProFlowers packages their flowers in gift boxes for safe transit. Bouquets arrive with hydration packets to nourish the blossoms. The DIY experience of unwraping and arranging flowers appeals to some. But it may not feel as special or luxe as an expertly designed arrangement.


1800flowers partners with local florists who design and deliver fresh floral arrangements. Flowers arrive ready for display in vases. Recipients don’t have to lift a finger! Most customers agree that 1800flowers arrangements look more professionally arranged straight out of the box.

Both brands offer next-day delivery across the U.S. Speed depends on the recipient’s location. Urban areas qualify for same-day delivery with 1800flowers, which ProFlowers does not provide. For last-minute gifting, 1800flowers has the advantage.

Delivery fees run about $15 for ProFlowers and $20 for 1800flowers. Additional options like Sunday delivery or premium timing increases costs. 1800flowers sometimes waives fees for promotional periods. In general, standard delivery costs are similar between both flower services.

  • Customer Service

When you send flowers sight unseen, customer service is crucial in case anything goes wrong. How do these two brands compare?

The majority of customers are very satisfied ordering from both ProFlowers and 1800flowers. They praise the convenience of online ordering and timely deliveries. When it comes to customer service, here are a few key differences:

  1. ProFlowers offers decent customer service but some people report issues getting refunds for damaged orders or late deliveries. Their satisfaction guarantee has more limitations than 1800flowers’ policy.
  2. 1800flowers has highly-rated 24/7 customer service and is very accommodating with refunds, replacements, or credits even for minor issues. Their happiness guarantee makes it easy to make things right.
  3. Both brands have the occasional botched delivery with wilted or incorrect flowers. 1800flowers seems to be quicker to address problems based on customer reviews.

So when it comes to customer satisfaction, 1800flowers appears to provide better support and service recovery than ProFlowers if anything goes wrong with your order. Their guarantee takes the stress out of sending flowers to loved ones.

  • Website Experience

Convenience factors into the overall experience of ordering flowers online. How do the ProFlowers and 1800flowers websites compare?

ProFlowers has a clean website that makes it easy to shop for bouquets. Their selection is organized by occasion, recipient, or flower type. They also suggest best sellers and seasonal specials on the homepage. One downside is that only thumbnail images display for each bouquet. You can’t see full pictures without clicking through.

1800flowers also has an intuitive website that lets you shop by category or occasion. Their browsing experience stands out with large high-quality photos for each arrangement. You can visually evaluate bouquets before selecting. 1800flowers also incorporates customer photos of delivered orders so you can see real life examples. Their site feels more interactive and inspirational for finding the perfect floral gift.

Both ProFlowers and 1800flowers have mobile apps linked to your account for convenient reorder. Overall, 1800flowers offers a superior website experience compared to ProFlowers when it comes to visually shopping and choosing flowers with confidence.

Watch this review video:

  • Occasions and Gift Options

Sending flowers is popular for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more. What are each brand’s strengths when it comes to gifting occasions and add-ons?

ProFlowers has a great selection for major flower holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Their options focus specifically on bouquets, so they excel at occasions when flowers are the perfect gift. They don’t offer as many extras or non-flower gift options.

1800flowers shines for all occasions because they go beyond flowers. You can customize a gift with add-ons like:

  1. Teddy bears, chocolates, and wine for Valentine’s Day
  2. Sweet treats for birthdays
  3. Fruit baskets, veggies, or gift baskets for sympathy, get well, or hospitality gifting
  4. Plants like roses, orchids, and succulents for thank you’s or housewarming

With add-ons and gifting extras, 1800flowers provides one-stop-shopping for all occasions. You can create a customized gift suited to the recipient and your budget. ProFlowers focuses specifically on flower arrangements.

Pros and Cons

To summarize the key differences between these two brands:

ProFlowers Pros:

  • Very affordable flower options starting at $30
  • DIY experience can be fun for some recipients
  • Strong selection for major flower holidays like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day

ProFlowers Cons:

  • Flower quality and presentation is not as luxe or polished as 1800flowers
  • Limited selection beyond basic bouquets
  • Flower photos on website only show thumbnails
  • Customer service could be improved

1800flowers Pros:

  • Stunning high-end bouquets with premium flowers
  • Floral arrangements look professionally designed
  • Next-day and same-day delivery available
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction guarantee
  • Wide selection beyond just flowers for all occasions
  • User-friendly website with detailed bouquet photos

1800flowers Cons:

  • Higher prices, starting around $50 for basic flowers
  • Not as affordable as ProFlowers for budget shoppers
  • Delivery fees can add up

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you send flowers anonymously through ProFlowers?

Yes, ProFlowers allows you to send flowers anonymously by checking the “anonymous” box at checkout. Your personal details and any gift message will be excluded from the delivery.

Does 1800 Flowers reveal the sender?

No, 1800flowers does not share any personal information about the gift sender unless requested. They allow anonymous delivery, where your name and message will be excluded. The recipient will receive a note saying the bouquet is sent anonymously.

What is 1800 flowers delivery time?

1800flowers offers a few delivery options:
Same-day delivery: Available in select areas for orders placed before 1 or 2 PM, depending on location. Delivers within hours.
Next-day delivery: The most popular option, delivers within 24 hours nationwide. Orders must be placed by 3 PM in recipient’s time zone.
Future delivery: Schedule delivery up to 6 months in advance for upcoming occasions.
Saturday delivery: Delivers Saturdays for an added fee based on location.
Morning and evening delivery: Available for add-on fee in some areas.

What is the cheapest way to send flowers?

The most budget-friendly options for flower delivery are:
Order from an online florist like ProFlowers that offers lower everyday pricing and seasonal sales.
Opt for one of the more affordable bouquet selections. Simple mixed bouquets often cost less than roses or premium flowers. Stick to standard next-day delivery instead of expedited same-day options.
Avoid add-ons like vases, bears, chocolates that increase price. Go with just flowers. Check retailers like Costco, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s for flower deals. DIY with flowers from a local grocery store or flower market if you can deliver them yourself.

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Final Thought

Now that you know the main differences between ProFlowers and 1800flowers, you can decide which option works best for your flower delivery needs.

When choosing an online florist, the two most important factors come down to price and quality. If you’re looking for an affordable way to brighten someone’s day with a basic bouquet, ProFlowers is likely the better pick. For sending a high-end, impressionable gift, 1800flowers arrangements make a lasting impact with premium blooms and artistic presentation.

Beyond comparing prices and arrangements, look at each company’s delivery options and customer service reputation. While both deliver flowers nationwide, 1800flowers offers same-day delivery to more areas for rush gifts. Their satisfaction guarantee provides peace of mind.

No matter which florist you choose, the lucky recipient will surely appreciate your thoughtful surprise. The convenience of online flower delivery services makes sending a heartfelt gift easier than ever. When in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with the gift of gorgeous blooms.

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