Generation Tux Vs. Men’s Wearhouse: Best Tuxedo Rental Service

Renting a tuxedo for a formal event can be a stressful experience. Between getting the right fit, style, and budget, there’s a lot to consider.

Two popular tuxedo rental companies, Generation Tux and Men’s Wearhouse, aim to make the process easier through their services.

But how exactly do these two companies compare when it comes to tuxedo rentals? This comprehensive guide examines the key differences, pros and cons of using Generation Tux versus Men’s Wearhouse for your next black tie affair.

A Brief Comparison Table:

FeatureGeneration TuxMen’s Wearhouse
Rental ProcessOnlineIn-store
FittingHome try-onIn-store
Style SelectionModern, trendyClassic cuts
CustomizationWide range of colors/stylesLimited options
Rental PeriodFlexible return timeframeStricter return window
LocationsOnline onlyNationwide stores
ServiceVirtual assistantsIn-store associates

Overview Of Generation Tux

Founded in 2013, Generation Tux is a relatively new player in formalwear rentals. The company offers an extensive selection of high-quality tuxedos and suit options that can be rented and returned by mail.

Some key things to know about Generation Tux:

  • Online-only: Generation Tux does not have any brick-and-mortar stores. Tuxedos are ordered on their website and shipped directly to the customer’s door.
  • Free at-home try on: Customers can order their tuxedos to try on at home for free before deciding to rent. Only after deciding to keep the tuxedo is the rental charge applied.
  • Modern styles: Generation Tux offers the latest tuxedo styles and trends like slim/skinny fits, unique jacket linings, and new fabrics. Their collection is constantly updated each season.
  • Custom suits: In addition to tuxedo rentals, Generation Tux offers made-to-measure custom suit options starting at $359.
  • Alteration credits: Customers get up to $50 in alteration credits per rental item to get the right tailored fit.

Overview Of Men’s Wearhouse

Founded in 1973, Men’s Wearhouse is one of the largest tuxedo rental chains in the country. The company has over 700 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States and Canada.

Some key things to know about Men’s Wearhouse:

Men's Wearhouse
  • Nationwide locations: With physical stores across North America, customers can try on and pick up tuxedos locally.
  • Classic and designer styles: From basic black tuxedos to branded designer options, Men’s Wearhouse offers a range of classic to contemporary styles.
  • Suit rentals: In addition to tuxedos, Men’s Wearhouse rents suits for weddings, proms, and other events.
  • Large inventory: With a huge inventory, stores are likely to have tuxedos in stock for last-minute rentals.
  • Alterations: In-store tailors can perform alterations for the perfect fit.

Generation Tux And Men’s Wearhouse: Key Differences

Now that we’ve provided an overview of each company, let’s directly compare the key differences between Generation Tux and Men’s Wearhouse:

  • Location: The biggest difference is that Generation Tux is online-only, while Men’s Wearhouse has physical retail stores nationwide. This gives Men’s Wearhouse an advantage for last-minute rentals.
  • Styles: Generation Tux offers modern and trendy tuxedo styles, while Men’s Wearhouse has more classic/traditional options along with some fashion-forward looks.
  • Prices: Pricing is fairly similar, with basic tuxedo rental packages starting around $95-$150 for both. But Generation Tux runs frequent discounts and sales.
  • Quality: Both companies use high-quality fabrics and construction for their tuxedos. Generation Tux sources from top Italian mills.
  • Experience: Generation Tux focuses on convenient online bookings, while Men’s Wearhouse provides in-store expertise and tailoring.
  • Suit rentals: Men’s Wearhouse has suit rentals, while Generation Tux only offers custom-made suit purchases.
  • Alterations: Generation Tux includes alteration credits with rentals, while Men’s Wearhouse does in-store alterations for a fee.

Pros And Cons Of Generation Tux And Men’s Wearhouse

Pros of Using Generation Tux

Convenience – With free at-home try on and free shipping both ways, Generation Tux delivers convenience. Easy online bookings and virtual fit guidance make the process hassle-free.

Modern styles – Generation Tux specializes in the latest tuxedo fashion trends. Their collection provides styles that are modern, hip, and fashionable.

Sales and deals – Generation Tux routinely offers sitewide sales, discounts for early bookings, and other promotional offers that can reduce rental costs.

Free alterations – Getting the right tailored fit is easy with up to $50 in credits provided for each rental item.

Quality fabrics – Their tuxedos use high-end fabrics from Italian mills, featuring materials like wool, cotton, and linen.

Cons of Using Generation Tux

No stores – Without any physical locations, last-minute rentals are not possible. Everything must be planned and ordered ahead online.

Limited help – There is no in-person expertise or assistance. Customers have to rely on virtual customer service for any questions.

Trial and error sizing – To get the right size, customers will likely have to go through some exchanges based on the free at-home try on.

Limited inventory – With all rentals shipped from a centralized warehouse, unique sizes or styles may go out of stock quickly.

No suit rentals – Generation Tux focuses solely on tuxedos. For a suit rental, you’ll need to use another service.

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Pros of Using Men’s Wearhouse

Nationwide locations – With over 700 stores across the US and Canada, you can get fitted and pick up rentals locally.

Huge inventory – Large in-store inventory makes last-minute rentals easy with lots of styles and sizes available.

Expertise – The in-store staff can provide guidance through the fitting and rental process.

Suit rentals – Beyond just tuxedos, Men’s Wearhouse also rents suits for a variety of occasions.

Classic style – For a traditional and timeless tuxedo, the classics at Men’s Wearhouse are a safe bet.

Cons of Using Men’s Wearhouse

Pressure to buy – Sales associates may push more expensive purchase options rather than rentals. Be firm about only wanting to rent.

Alteration fees – Getting the right tailoring fit will require paying extra for alterations, unlike Generation Tux’s free credits.

Modern fits lacking – Men’s Wearhouse has fewer modern/slim fit jackets and pants compared to Generation Tux.

Appointment required – You’ll need to make an appointment ahead of time for fittings, unlike Generation Tux’s at home try on.

Less discounts – Do not expect to find much sales or discounts. Rental prices are fairly fixed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Generation Tux part of Men’s Wearhouse?

No, Generation Tux and Men’s Wearhouse are completely separate companies and competitors in the tuxedo rental industry. They have no affiliation or ownership ties.

Who are the competitors of Generation Tux?

The main competitors of Generation Tux include Men’s Wearhouse, The Black Tux, Xedo, Suit Supply, and local tuxedo rental shops. Generation Tux is the largest online-only tuxedo rental company.

Who is the competitor of Men’s Wearhouse?

The main competitors of Men’s Wearhouse for tuxedo rentals includes Generation Tux, Joseph A. Bank, David’s Bridal, and local formalwear rental stores. As one of the largest national chains, Men’s Wearhouse competes across both physical and online channels.

What is the difference between Menguin and Generation Tux?

Menguin and Generation Tux are both online tuxedo rental companies. The main differences are:
Menguin has lower prices, while Generation Tux offers higher-end fabrics.
Generation Tux allows free at home try on, while Menguin charges for exchanges.
Menguin rents suits in addition to tuxedos, which Generation Tux does not offer.
Generation Tux has alteration credits, but Menguin does not.
Generation Tux has more modern and fashion-forward styles.
In summary, Menguin is cheaper while Generation Tux offers higher quality tuxedos and a better rental experience.


When weighing Generation Tux versus Men’s Warehouse for your tuxedo rental, consider your specific needs and preferences. Factors like timing, budget, style, and convenience should all play a role.

Someone wanting a classic style at the last minute is better suited for Men’s Wearhouse, while Generation Tux is ideal for fashion-lovers who can plan ahead.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. By understanding the key pros, cons, and differences between Generation Tux and Men’s Wearhouse, you can determine the best tuxedo rental option for your special event.

Focus on your priorities and rental experience to select the service that meets your needs. Either company will have you looking sharp and impeccably dressed for any black tie affair.

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