ReadyRefresh Vs. Sparkletts Bottled Water: In-depth Differences

Staying hydrated is vital for health, wellness, and day-to-day functionality. While drinking water from the tap is an easy and affordable option, many prefer bottled water for taste, convenience, or health reasons.

When you don’t want to lug massive cases of bottled water home from the supermarket all the time, water delivery services come in handy.

Two of the most well-known bottled water delivery companies are ReadyRefresh and Sparkletts. But which is better for your needs?

Here we’ll compare the pros, cons, and key features of ReadyRefresh and Sparkletts to help you determine the right service.

A Brief Comparison Table

Water SelectionSpring, purified, flavored, sparkling, teaSpring, purified, alkaline, fluoridated, mineral
Bottle TypesReusable and one-time useMainly reusable
Delivery AreasContinental USCA, AZ, WA, OR, ID
Delivery FrequencyWeekly, bi-weekly, monthlyWeekly, bi-weekly, monthly
Minimum OrderAs low as 3 bottlesAround 3 bottles
Water QualityVariable tasteConsistent taste
PricingLower minimums, more budget optionsHigher minimums
Customer ServiceMixed reviewsBetter reviews

Overview of ReadyRefresh

ReadyRefresh Bottled Water

ReadyRefresh is one of the pioneers of the bottled water delivery industry.

Launched in 2007, ReadyRefresh rapidly expanded across the continental US through partnerships with major retailers like Home Depot, Costco, and Walmart.

ReadyRefresh delivers a selection of bottled water products including spring water, purified water, flavored water, sparkling water, and tea.

Customers can choose from reusable plastic bottles or one-time use bottles, with bottle sizes ranging from 16oz to 3 liters.

ReadyRefresh offers flexible delivery options, like weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly deliveries.

Delivery minimums can be as low as 3 bottles. Prices range from $7 to $30 per month depending on order sizes and frequency.

ReadyRefresh Pros

  • Wide variety of bottled water options including flavors and tea
  • Reusable bottle options are eco-friendly
  • Lower minimum orders and prices than some competitors
  • Rewards program provides discounts for referrals and subscription length

ReadyRefresh Cons

  • Mixed reviews on water taste depending on source location
  • Plastic bottle waste created by one-time use bottles
  • Delivery times can be inconsistent

Overview of Sparkletts

Sparkletts was founded in 1925 and is one of the oldest and most established water delivery companies. They serve select regions of California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Sparkletts offers standard bottled water options like spring water and purified water. For an added cost, they also have fluoridated water, alkaline water, and mineral water. Sparkling water and teas are not available.

Most of their bottled water selections come in 3 and 5 gallon reusable plastic bottles. Deliveries are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, with minimum orders starting at 3 bottles. Prices range from $9 to $37 per month.

Sparkletts Bottled Water

Sparkletts Pros

  • Long track record and established brand reputation in West Coast states
  • Broad selection of water types including fluoridated and alkaline options
  • Reusable bottles are eco-friendly

Sparkletts Cons

  • Limited to West Coast states
  • No flavored waters or sparkling waters available
  • Higher minimum order quantities than some competitors

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Key Differences Between ReadyRefresh And Sparkletts

Now let’s compare some of the key features between ReadyRefresh and Sparkletts so you can determine the right service for your needs.

  • Water Selection

Winner: ReadyRefresh

ReadyRefresh has a greater variety of water options, including flavored waters and sparkling waters. Sparkletts focuses just on standard still and mineral waters.

  • Bottle Types

Winner: Tie

Both ReadyRefresh and Sparkletts offer reusable plastic bottles as well as one-time use bottles. Reusable bottles are better for the environment.

  • Delivery Area

Winner: ReadyRefresh

With its national presence, ReadyRefresh can deliver to more U.S. states and regions than Sparkletts, which only serves some West Coast states.

  • Delivery Frequency

Winner: ReadyRefresh

ReadyRefresh accommodates more flexible delivery schedules from weekly to monthly with lower minimums. Sparkletts focuses on weekly and bi-weekly deliveries with higher minimums.

  • Water Quality

Winner: Sparkletts

When it comes to water taste and quality, Sparkletts seems to be more consistent based on reviews. With ReadyRefresh, water taste can vary more depending on the local source.

  • Price

Winner: ReadyRefresh

Overall, ReadyRefresh has lower minimum orders and more budget-friendly pricing tiers than Sparkletts, especially for smaller households. But prices can vary locally.

  • Customer Service

Winner: Sparkletts

Sparkletts gets higher ratings for their responsive customer service and quick resolution of delivery issues. ReadyRefresh gets more mixed reviews when it comes to service.

Which Should You Choose?

So when considering the pros, cons and key differences, which bottled water delivery service is better for you? Here are some factors to help you decide:

  • If you want flavored and sparkling waters, choose ReadyRefresh. Only ReadyRefresh has flavored waters and soda waters available.
  • If you want specialty waters, go with Sparkletts. For alkaline, mineral and fluoridated waters, Sparkletts has the edge over ReadyRefresh.
  • If you live outside the West Coast, ReadyRefresh is your only option. Sparkletts regional availability is limited, so ReadyRefresh is the way to go for nationwide coverage.
  • For smaller households, ReadyRefresh has more flexibility. With lower minimums and wider price points, ReadyRefresh accommodates smaller volumes.
  • If consistency is key, consider Sparkletts. Sparkletts edges out ReadyRefresh when it comes to taste, quality, and service consistency.
  • If budget is a concern, compare pricing locally. Pricing and minimums can vary in your area, so check both to find the most affordable option.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still trying to decide between ReadyRefresh and Sparkletts? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the two services:

Is Sparkletts water good water?

Yes, Sparkletts water is generally considered to be good quality water. They source from natural springs and use purification methods to meet FDA bottled water quality standards. The consistency in taste and mineral profile makes it a popular option.

Who are ReadyRefresh competitors?

Some of ReadyRefresh’s main competitors in water delivery include Poland Spring, Arrowhead, Sparkletts, Crystal Springs, and private local water delivery companies. ReadyRefresh is one of the nation’s largest water delivery services.

Is ReadyRefresh worth it?

For most households, ReadyRefresh is a convenient and worthwhile service. The variety of water options, lower order minimums, national availability, and budget subscription tiers make it a useful option for many water drinkers. Drawbacks can be taste inconsistency and delivery hiccups in some areas.

Who are Sparkletts competitors?

As a long-standing regional water company, some of Sparkletts top competitors are Arrowhead Water, Crystal Springs, Primo, Mountain Valley Spring Water, and ReadyRefresh. However, Sparkletts continues to dominate the West Coast bottled water delivery market.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing between ReadyRefresh and Sparkletts, there are good options on both sides. ReadyRefresh stands out for variety and flexibility, while Sparkletts is known for quality and customer service.

Take stock of your priorities, from budget to water types to quality to sustainability. Consider your household size, location, and delivery needs.

Weigh up the pros and cons and key differences to pick your best fit. Whichever service provides you with crisp, refreshing water without the hassle, congratulations – you’ve quenched your bottled water delivery needs.

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