Vs. Levolor: Which Window Blinds To Pick?

When it comes to buying new window blinds or shades, two big names stand out: and Levolor. But which one offers the better selection, prices, and overall shopping experience?

In this detailed review, we’ll compare vs Levolor to help you decide which is the right choice for your home.

A Brief Comparison Table

Product SelectionMassive – over 10,000 options from various brandsMore limited – around 1,500 Levolor brand blinds
Available BrandsSells Bali, Levolor, Hunter Douglas, Graber, and moreOnly sells Levolor brand
PricesAffordable to luxury options, frequent salesPremium prices, less discounts
ConvenienceOne-stop shopping, easy DIY installationPurchase at various retailers, professional install often needed
Shopping ExperienceExcellent – easy online ordering, guidance, reviewsDepends on the retailer – generally good
QualityVaries by brand, many high-end optionsVery high quality materials and construction
WarrantyVaries by manufacturerLevolor offers lifetime limited warranty
Customer ServiceTop-rated support team available by phone, chat, emailHandled by the retailer, not Levolor

Overview Of is one of the most popular online retailers for window treatments. They offer a massive selection of blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, and more from top brands.

Some Key Facts About

  • Huge selection of over 10,000 window treatment options
  • Carries popular brands like Bali, Levolor, Hunter Douglas, Graber, and more
  • Free shipping and free returns make ordering low-risk
  • DIY measurement guides and installation videos for easy self-installation
  • Regular sales and special offers can help save money
  • Excellent customer reviews and ratings makes the process of buying blinds and shades simple. You can shop by room, style, brand, color, material, features, and more.

Their online planning tools, buying guides, and size charts allow you to measure, select, and order the perfect blinds for each window in your home.

Overview Of Levolor

Levolor is one of the most trusted and well-known brands in window coverings. They’ve been in business since 1914 and are renowned for their quality, innovation, and style.


Here’s an overview of Levolor’s key strengths:

  • Wide selection of vinyl, aluminum, and wood blinds in various colors/finishes
  • Levolor Riviera classic wood blinds are a bestseller
  • Offer cellular and pleated shades in diverse materials
  • Custom blinds available if you need non-standard sizes
  • Lifetime warranty on most products
  • Energy efficient options help insulate your home
  • Available at many home improvement stores and online retailers

Levolor blinds and shades offer the perfect balance of fashion, function, and innovation. Their products are designed to last while also providing features like room darkening, noise reduction, and privacy.

Key Differences Between And Levolor

So how does the experience of buying from compare to buying Levolor products from other retailers? Here’s an in-depth look at the pros and cons.


  • offers a one-stop-shop for all your window covering needs. You can browse top brands, compare products and prices, order free samples, and purchase everything in one place. Installation is straightforward with online guides and videos. The convenience factor is excellent.
  • Levolor: You need to visit various retailers’ sites or physical stores to view the full Levolor product lineup and compare options. To have Levolor blinds installed, you’ll likely need to hire a professional which is less convenient than DIY.

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  • With over 10,000 window treatments to choose from, has an unbeatable selection. You can find just about any style of blind, shade, shutter, and curtain from leading brands. Options for customization make it easy to get the perfect fit.
  • Levolor: Levolor offers around 1,500 blinds and shade options across its vinyl, aluminum, and wood collections. You’ll find bestsellers like the Riviera wood blinds in standard sizes. The selection is more limited compared to but still varied.

Prices & Sales

  • runs frequent sales which can save you up to 50% off. Their price match guarantee means you’ll get the best price too. With free shipping and returns, you can purchase affordably without risk.
  • Levolor: As a premium brand, Levolor blinds are priced higher than average. But the quality and lifetime warranty help justify the prices. You may be able to find Levolor products on sale at select retailers for more savings.


  • The products sold by are all from trusted, name-brand manufactures like Levolor and Hunter Douglas. So you can expect excellent quality from their selection. Their customer service also helps ensure you get the right product.
  • Levolor: With over 100 years of experience, Levolor is known for unparalleled quality control and materials. Their blinds look and function great while standing the test of time. If quality is your top priority, Levolor is hard to beat.

Customer Service

  • provides stellar customer service by phone, email, and chat. Their blind experts are available to guide you through measuring, installation, and any issues. Lots of positive customer reviews praise their helpfulness.
  • Levolor: As a manufacturer, Levolor doesn’t directly handle customer service for purchases through third-party retailers. You’ll need to rely on the seller if any problems arise. Levolor provides limited warranty assistance.

Watch the video to understand what blinds you should use for your front door!

Comparison Between Levolor And Bali Blinds

Bali is another popular brand sold by

How does it compare to Levolor?

Bali blinds are more budget-friendly than Levolor. They offer great value for money but materials and construction may not be quite as durable. The style options are also not as vast as Levolor.

However, Bali still makes attractive and functional blinds. For a more affordable alternative to Levolor, Bali is an excellent option to consider. Just expect to replace them sooner than lifetime Levolor blinds.

Does Levolor Make Good Blinds?

With their leading reputation and innovative designs, Levolor is considered one of the best blind brands on the market.

Here are some of the reasons why Levolor makes excellent blinds:

  • Use premium basswood and other woods in their blind slats
  • Offer durable and smooth-operating wand and cord controls
  • Engineer slats to give optimal light filtering and privacy
  • Test products extensively to ensure quality and performance
  • Provide effective warranties and continued support
  • Maintain stylish and on-trend designs with wide color/finish options
  • Innovate new technologies like wand-tilt blinds and smart home integrations

While Levolor blinds do come at a higher price point, the value is clear in their exceptional quality and flawless operation. Investing in Levolor window coverings pays off over time.

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Is Levolor Worth the Price?

Levolor blinds range from about $100 up to $1000 or more depending on the size, style, and materials. This puts them at the higher end of the market in terms of pricing.

But are they worth the investment? Here are some factors to consider:

Pros of Choosing Levolor

  • Unparalleled quality with strong, durable parts
  • Components less prone to breaking or malfunction
  • Excellent light filtering and privacy
  • Stylish designs fit any home decor
  • Lifetime warranty provides peace of mind
  • Resale value stays higher over time

Cons of Choosing Levolor

  • Upfront costs are higher than average
  • Budget buyers may not be able to afford them
  • Other brands offer solid quality for less
  • Some models can be prone to issues like sagging
  • Faux wood isn’t as impressive as real wood

Overall, if your budget allows, Levolor is likely worth the extra cost thanks to their outstanding craftsmanship and longevity. But those wanting to save money can find quality blinds for less with brands like Bali.

Is Levolor the Same as Hunter Douglas?

While both are leading blind manufacturers, Levolor and Hunter Douglas do have some key differences:

  • Hunter Douglas focuses more on custom/luxury woods while Levolor offers affordable vinyls.
  • Levolor pioneered innovations like wand tilt mechanisms and smart home tech.
  • Hunter Douglas has more limited style options but higher-end materials.
  • Warranties differ – Levolor offers lifetime while Hunter is more restricted.
  • Hunter Douglas sells direct online while Levolor distributes through retailers.
  • Hunter Douglas commands premium pricing over Levolor.

The bottom line is that while they are two of the best blind brands, Levolor and Hunter Douglas have their own unique strengths and advantages. Hunter Douglas excels in customization and premium woods while Levolor leads in innovation and broad appeal. Evaluate your needs to see which is the better fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Bali and Levolor the same company?

No, Bali and Levolor are owned by two separate companies. Bali is a brand of Springs Window Fashions while Levolor is owned by Newell Brands. They are two of the largest window covering manufacturers.

Does Levolor make good blinds?

Yes, Levolor is known for making high-quality blinds that look great and stand the test of time. Their materials, construction, and features allow their blinds to operate smoothly while maintaining durable strength.

Is Levolor worth it?

Levolor blinds come at a higher price point but their value is clear through exceptional quality components, smooth operation, attractive designs, and long-lasting construction. For buyers that can afford premium window treatments, Levolor is often worth the investment.

Is Levolor the same as Hunter Douglas?

No, Levolor and Hunter Douglas are two leading but distinct blind brands. Hunter Douglas offers more luxury custom woods while Levolor leads in mainstream innovation. Both make excellent window blinds and shades but have differences in products, pricing, and sales models.

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When comparing vs Levolor, there are great reasons to shop both brands. makes the buying process incredibly easy with their one-stop marketplace of all top brands, DIY tools, and helpful service.

Levolor manufactures industry-leading window treatments known for quality materials, flawless operation, and innovative features.

For the widest selection and easiest ordering, is hard to beat. But if you have your heart set on Levolor’s signature craftsmanship, their blinds are available at various online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Either option will provide beautiful, high-performing window blinds suited to any decor and task. Carefully measure your windows, evaluate your budget, and use the guidance above to decide where to buy your next dream blinds.

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