JELD-WEN Vs. PGT Windows: A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to replacement windows, JELD-WEN and PGT are two of the biggest names in the industry. Both companies make high-quality windows, but they have some key differences that homeowners should consider when deciding between the two brands.

This comprehensive guide examines the pros, cons, features, and other factors that set JELD-WEN and PGT windows apart.

A Brief Comparison Table

Frame MaterialsVinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminumVinyl only
Glass OptionsLow-E, laminated, insulated, tintedImpact-resistant, laminated, insulated, tinted
WeatherproofingTriple-fin weatherstripping, StormArmor exteriorProprietary vinyl formula, structural reinforcements
WarrantyLifetime on vinyl and woodLifetime on glass, 10 years on vinyl
Cost$175 – $500 installed (basic vinyl)$300+ installed
Visual StylesVaried materials and colorsSleek, transparent vinyl
InstallationNailing flange, installation kitPocket replacement method
AvailabilityNational distributionConcentrated in coastal areas
Key StrengthVersatilityImpact resistance

Overview of JELD-WEN

Founded in 1960, JELD-WEN is one of the oldest and largest window and door manufacturers in the world. The company offers a full line of vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum windows along with interior and exterior doors. JELD-WEN windows are available at Home Depot and Lowe’s as well as through independent dealers.


Some of the key features of JELD-WEN windows include:

  • Wide range of styles and configurations including single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, fixed frame, bay, bow, garden, and specialty shapes
  • Energy efficient glass packages and weatherstripping
  • Vinyl and fiberglass frame options
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Variety of interior and exterior color options

JELD-WEN focuses heavily on energy efficiency andInstallation is quick and easy with the company’s pre-attached nailing fin and expandable foam installation kit. Many independent reviews praise the quality and long-term durability of JELD-WEN windows.

Overview of PGT Windows

PGT Custom Windows + Doors is a leading U.S. manufacturer of impact-resistant windows and doors. The company produces high-performance vinyl windows designed to withstand coastal weather conditions and hurricane-force winds. PGT windows are common in Florida and along the Gulf Coast.

Key features of PGT windows:

  • Impact-resistant glass and vinyl frames tested to withstand debris at high speeds
  • Energy efficient glass packages that meet ENERGY STAR requirements
  • Laminated, insulated, and tinted glass options
  • Limited lifetime warranty on glass and 10 years on vinyl
  • Designed for easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Exterior color options include white, bronze, black, and gray

PGT windows stand out for their strength and durability. Their impact-resistant design makes them ideal for coastal homes prone to extreme weather. Energy efficiency is another priority for PGT.

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Key Differences Between JELD-WEN And PGT Windows

In above we’ve covered about the basics of them. Now let’s explore their key differences:

1. Comparing Window Frame Materials

One of the biggest differences between JELD-WEN and PGT is the variety of frame materials.

JELD-WEN offers windows with vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum frames.

  • Vinyl frames are low maintenance, energy efficient, and cost less than other materials. JELD-WEN vinyl frames have sturdy welded corners.
  • Wood windows provide a classic, elegant look and are available with pine, oak, and other real wood veneers. They require more maintenance than vinyl or fiberglass.
  • Fiberglass frames offer durability and thermal efficiency with minimal upkeep. JELD-WEN’s fiberglass is dent and fade resistant.
  • Aluminum frames are ultra-strong, lightweight, and contemporary looking. JELD-WEN’s Endure aluminum windows feature a scratch-resistant powder coated finish.

PGT focuses exclusively on high-performance vinyl windows. The company’s proprietary vinyl formulations and impact glass make its windows resistant to hurricane-force winds, flying debris, salt corrosion, and intense heat/humidity. PGT vinyl needs little maintenance and won’t rot or warp like wood windows.

2. Glass Options Comparison

The types of glass used in the windows also affect durability, energy-efficiency, UV protection, and aesthetics.

PGT Windows

JELD-WEN windows are available with:

  • Low-E glass that blocks UV rays and improves insulation
  • Laminated glass for added strength
  • Insulated glass that sandwiches argon gas between two panes
  • Tinted, frosted, and textured glass for privacy or appearance
  • Triple-pane glass for maximum thermal efficiency

PGT offers similar low-E, laminated, insulated, and tinted glass options. Unique offerings include:

  • Impact-rated glass engineered to withstand wind-borne debris and hurricane conditions
  • Soundproof glass that reduces noise transmission
  • Solarban low-E glass that blocks over 70% of solar heat

JELD-WEN provides good glass options for energy efficiency and noise reduction. PGT’s impact-resistant glass gives it an edge for coastal climates.

3. Weatherproofing Comparison

Weatherproofing is crucial to prevent air and water infiltration. JELD-WEN and PGT both use advanced seals, structural enhancements, and installation products to create a tight seal.

JELD-WEN weatherproofing features:

  • Triple-fin weatherstripping
  • Integral J-channel that directing water runoff
  • Foam-filled Perma-Shield sill
  • Available StormArmor damage-resistant exterior

PGT weatherproofing includes:

  • Proprietary high-performance vinyl formula
  • Structural enhancements like hurricane tabs, corner joints, and zero-corner construction
  • Weather resistant sealants and setting blocks
  • Optional foam-filled frames and sash reinforcement

Both brands offer excellent protection against the elements. JELD-WEN may have a slight advantage with the StormArmor tech and triple-fin weatherstripping. But PGT’s impact-rated frames are engineered for maximum structural integrity.

4. Warranties

The warranty coverage provides peace of mind should issues arise with materials or workmanship.

  • JELD-WEN offers a limited lifetime warranty on vinyl and wood windows. It covers defects in materials and manufacturing.
  • PGT provides a lifetime limited warranty on glass and a 10 year limited warranty on vinyl and component parts. The glass warranty is transferable.

JELD-WEN edges out PGT with lifetime coverage for both glass and vinyl. However, PGT’s warranties are still strong for a vinyl impact window.

5. Cost Comparison

Pricing depends on the type of window, size, glass packages, and other custom options. On average:

  • JELD-WEN vinyl windows range from $175 – $500 per window installed. More complex designs and real wood interiors cost more.
  • PGT vinyl impact windows start around $300 per window installed. Larger sizes and special glass add to the total cost.

JELD-WEN offers lower pricing on basic vinyl windows while PGT commands a premium for impact-resistant performance. Shoppers should get an exact quote for their project based on window measurements and desired features.

6. Visual Appearance

Aesthetics often drive window selection, so it’s important to compare how JELD-WEN and PGT windows look.

  • JELD-WEN windows feature clean lines and narrow frames. Varied interior and exterior color options are available. Real wood veneer interiors provide warmth.
  • PGT vinyl windows have a sleek, contemporary style. The impact-resistant glass adds thickness and weight for a durable feel. Color choices are more limited.

Both brands allow ample natural light. JELD-WEN offers more versatility in color, texture, and material pairings. PGT has a more uniform look focused on vinyl and transparency.

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7. Ease of Installation

New windows are a major investment, so ease of installation is a consideration.

  • JELD-WEN windows come with nailing flanges and installation kits for DIY or professional replacement. The company provides detailed instructions.
  • PGT also designs windows for simple installation. Their vinyl windows use a pocket replacement method secured with screws. Minimal maintenance post-install.

Overall, either brand can be installed without major modifications to existing window frames. JELD-WEN may rate slightly easier for the pre-attached nailing flange. But PGT’s pocket insert method doesn’t require exterior removal.

8. Additional Factors

A few other considerations for JELD-WEN Vs.. PGT windows:

  • Availability – JELD-WEN has wider distribution through major home improvement stores. PGT is concentrated in coastal areas.
  • Lead times – Supply chain issues may cause delays. JELD-WEN has generally faster production capacity.
  • Service – Both have in-house installation teams. JELD-WEN has broader service reach.
  • Technology – PGT offers impact-rated windows not matched by JELD-WEN. But JELD-WEN has a fiberglass line.
  • Reputation – Reviews for both reflect quality products and good customer support. JELD-WEN has a longer track record.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much wind can PGT windows withstand?

PGT windows can withstand winds up to 150 mph and impacts from windborne debris up to 82 feet per second. Their impact-resistant design makes them ideal for hurricane-prone coastal areas.

What glass does PGT use?

PGT vinyl windows feature laminated or insulated glass units. Popular options are tinted, low-E, and soundproof glass. Their laminated glass provides storm protection while options like Solarban Low-E glass improve insulation.

What is the phone number for JELD-WEN windows?

JELD-WEN windows can be reached in the United States at 1-800-JELD-WEN (1-800-535-3936). This number connects you with a company representative who can answer questions or begin the process of requesting a quote.

Who is the founder of JELD-WEN?

JELD-WEN was founded in 1960 by Richard Wendt. The company began as a small Oregon-based door manufacturer and expanded into windows and other building products under Wendt’s leadership. JELD-WEN remains a leading global manufacturer of windows, doors, and millwork.

Final Thought

There’s no definitive winner between JELD-WEN and PGT. The right brand comes down to your home location, budget, and needs.

If you want maximum impact resistance for a coastal home, PGT is the way to go. For a versatile range of durable window materials and styles, JELD-WEN is hard to beat.

Use this comparison as a guide, get quotes for your project, and make an informed window decision. Weigh what matters most – cost, appearance, efficiency, or survivability. With proper installation, both JELD-WEN and PGT windows can provide lasting performance and satisfaction.

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