Primo Water Vs. Culligan Water: Choosing The Best Water Service

Quality drinking water is vital for your health and wellbeing. Primo Water and Culligan Water are two major providers of home and office water delivery services across the U.S. This in-depth comparison highlights key factors to help you decide whether Primo or Culligan is the best water service for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsPrimo WaterCulligan Water
ServicesBottled water delivery, refill stationsBottled water, whole home systems
Water QualityReverse osmosis, 0.0001 micron filtrationReverse osmosis, carbon filtration
Equipment OptionsDispensers for bottled waterDispensers, softeners, whole home filters
Equipment Cost$6-$12 monthly lease$20+ monthly lease
Delivery AvailabilityMajor metros across 40 statesThrough local dealers in 90+ countries
Customer ServiceRated excellent, 5 starsMixed reviews between dealers
CostLower for bottled water and equipmentHigher equipment and service fees
ProsAffordable cost, quality water, good serviceTreats whole home water issues
ConsLimited whole home treatmentHigher costs, mixed service reviews

Primo Water vs. Culligan Water: Company Profiles

Primo Water: Primo Water stands out as a prominent provider in the realm of water services. Catering to a broad clientele, they offer bottled water delivery, water dispensers, and a unique self-serve purified water refill system, available at exchange points across the nation.

Primo Water
Primo Water

Their commitment to quality is evident through their purification techniques—utilizing reverse osmosis filtration complemented by ozonation disinfection.

At the heart of Primo’s mission is the vision to ensure that purified water isn’t just of supreme quality but also easily accessible and cost-effective for all.

Culligan Water: With a rich legacy dating back to 1936, Culligan Water has firmly established itself as a trusted name in water solutions globally.

Their comprehensive service range includes bottled water delivery, advanced water softeners, filters, and specialized drinking water systems. Culligan prides itself on leveraging state-of-the-art purification methods, notably reverse osmosis and distillation, to guarantee the purity of their product.

But it’s not just about providing water; Culligan emphasizes bespoke water treatment solutions. With a network sprawling over 90 countries, they ensure that their customers receive water solutions tailored to their specific needs.

In essence, while both Primo Water and Culligan Water share the goal of delivering high-quality water, they each bring unique strengths—Primo champions convenience and affordability, whereas Culligan excels in personalized water treatment.

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Key Differences Between Primo Water And Culligan Water

Now let’s dive into how Primo and Culligan compare across several key factors for consumers evaluating water services.

1. Water Quality and Purity

Of course, water quality is critical when choosing a drinking water provider. How do Primo and Culligan Water compare for purity?

Primo Water

Primo’s water purification process combines reverse osmosis filtration down to 0.0001 microns to remove contaminants. They also utilize ozone and carbon filtration for chemical and microbe reduction. Primo exceeds EPA drinking water standards for clean, fresh taste.

Culligan Water

Culligan employs reverse osmosis and distillation methods for their bottled water. For whole home systems, they offer multi-stage filters capturing particles and chemicals. Culligan also disinfects and enhances water with UV light and activated carbon. Their water meets or surpasses purity regulations.

Winner: Draw. Both Primo and Culligan utilize similar purification methods like reverse osmosis and carbon filtration to achieve high water quality standards exceeding FDA and EPA drinking water guidelines.

2. Water Delivery and Equipment

Water delivery convenience and equipment reliability also matter when getting drinking water for home or office use. How do Primo and Culligan compare?

Primo Water

Culligan Water
Culligan Water

Primo Water offers scheduled home or office bottled water delivery through major metro areas. Customers can choose 5-7 gallon bottles or smaller 3-5 gallon jugs. Their dispensers include bottom-loading and top-loading designs. Equipment leases cost $6-$12 monthly.

Culligan Water

Culligan provides scheduled bottled water delivery with options of 3-5 gallon jugs or larger 5-10 gallon bottles. Dispensers are available for purchase or lease. Whole house water softeners and filters install during plumbed-in water line services. Equipment lease fees run $20+ per month.

Winner: Primo Water. Their delivery services span more major metropolitan regions currently. Primo’s equipment leasing fees are also more affordable versus Culligan’s higher equipment rental costs.

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3. Customer Support and Service

Having knowledgeable and responsive customer support matters when choosing a ongoing water service. How do Primo and Culligan compare?

Primo Water

Many Primo Water customers rave about exceptional customer service experiences. They praise the friendly office and delivery staff, ease of managing orders online or by phone, and prompt issue resolution when needed. Overall service earns 5 star ratings.

Culligan Water

Culligan earns more mixed reviews for uneven customer support between dealers. Some locations provide excellent service while others are frustrating for customers needing assistance or repairs. More inconsistencies exist due to the franchise model.

Winner: Primo Water. Their direct company-owned operations achieve higher and more uniform customer satisfaction for knowledgeable support across all service areas.

4. Cost for Equipment and Service

For most consumers, cost plays a major role in choosing a water delivery provider. How do costs compare between Primo and Culligan?

Primo Water

Primo Water’s monthly equipment lease fees run just $6-$12 depending on the dispenser model. 5 gallon bottles cost $6-$7 and 3 gallons cost $4-$5 per unit. Unlimited refills from their dispensers at local retail locations are $0.25-$0.50 per gallon.

Culligan Water

Culligan equipment rental fees are higher, averaging $20+ monthly. Their 5-10 gallon bottled delivery averages $9-$12 per jug, while 3-5 gallons cost $6-$8 each. Culligan’s unlimited monthly service plans for system users start around $50 per month.

Winner: Primo Water. Their bottled delivery and self-service refill costs are more affordable overall, and equipment rental fees are significantly lower. Culligan’s bundled plans can offer cost efficiency for heavy users.

Watch this review video:

Pros and Cons Primo Water


  • Bottled water affordable convenience
  • Broad metro delivery availability
  • Excellent customer service ratings
  • Lower costs for equipment and water


  • Limited whole house system options
  • Not in all smaller cities

Pros and Cons Culligan Water


  • Customized whole house water filtration
  • Softening treats hard water issues
  • Established reputation with long history
  • Bundled plans for heavy users


  • Mixed customer service reviews
  • Higher monthly costs
  • Franchises vary in quality

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Primo and Culligan the same company?

No, Primo Water and Culligan are competitors providing different types of water services. Primo offers mainly bottled water delivery and refill stations while Culligan focuses more on whole house filtration systems in addition to bottled water.

Why is Culligan water better?

For whole house water treatment, Culligan systems can effectively filter out hard minerals and contaminants to soften water and enhance clarity and taste. Their customized systems address more intensive home water issues versus basic drinking water.

Is Culligan water spring or purified?

Culligan bottles their drinking water via purification methods like reverse osmosis, distillation, carbon filtration, and UV light. They do not source or package untreated spring water. These processes remove impurities for clean, fresh tasting water.

How does Culligan filter their water?

Culligan employs multi-stage water filters to treat home water supply lines. These utilize filtration media like activated carbon, resin beads, and proprietary technology like Cullex to reduce chlorine, chemicals, sediments, minerals, microbes, and particulates for softened, cleaner water.

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Final Thought

When deciding between Primo, Culligan, and other leading water delivery providers, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider your needs – filtered drinking water, softened whole home water, or both.
  • Compare water purity testing and filtration methods being used.
  • Review equipment options and monthly rental fees.
  • Confirm delivery service availability for your area.
  • Check customer satisfaction with service and support.
  • Evaluate cost for equipment, delivery, and filters.

Do thorough research to identify the best water service for your hydration, cooking, and cleaning needs while optimizing convenience, quality, and value.

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