Menguin Vs. Generation Tux: Comparing Quality, Price & Service

Renting a high-quality suit for your next special event can be a convenient and affordable option. Menguin and Generation Tux are two of the top national suit rental companies.

But how do you choose between them? This detailed guide compares the key factors to help you pick the best rental experience.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureMenguinGeneration Tux
Suit QualityDesigner wool blendsFine Italian wool
Style SelectionClassic, traditionalModern, unique options
PricingAll-inclusive rental feesStarting prices, add-on fees
Shipping SpeedAs fast as 2 days5-7 days standard
Try at HomeBoth offerBoth offer
Customer ServiceMore responsiveMixed reviews
CancellationsRestrictive policyFlexible policy

Overview Of Menguin And Generation Tux


Founded in 2014, Menguin offers suit rentals starting at $99 with high quality wool fabric suits, convenient home try-on, and fast shipping. Their slogan is “look sharper, pay less.”

Generation Tux began in 2014 as well, offering suit rentals starting at $95. They focus on a convenient online process with premium suits and styles for men.

Both companies provide made-to-measure suits tailored to your exact sizes and proportions for the best fit. The rental process from measurement to delivery is handled completely online.

Menguin has faster delivery options, while Generation Tux offers greater style selection. But they share the same convenient home try-on model that eliminates in-store trips.

Comparison Between Menguin And Generation Tux

Suit Quality and Fabrics

Menguin sources their rental suits from well-known brands like Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, and Michael Kors. Fabrics are high-quality wool blends with nice drape and stretch.

Generation Tux partners with premium Canadian brand Tiger of Sweden for their slim fit tuxedos with modern styling. Their suits use Italian wool with natural stretch.

For the quality relative to rental pricing, both brands deliver excellent value. Menguin has a slight edge for using more recognizable designer labels. But Generation Tux suits feature fine Italian wool.

With either company, expect suit quality equaling or exceeding far more expensive retail suits. You get premium quality without the full cost of ownership.

Style and Fit Options

Generation Tux

One area where Generation Tux excels is offering the most extensive selection of stylish suit designs:

  • Over 75 suit style and color options
  • Fitted, slim, and oversize cuts
  • Unique styles like velvet suits
  • Contrast jackets and pants
  • Premium accessories

Menguin has a smaller selection of more classic navy, grey and black suit choices in standard fit. Their accessories are limited to basics like ties and pocket squares.

For finding the perfect suit style for any wedding or event, Generation Tux is the clear winner. Menguin focuses on traditional and basic styles suitable for most occasions.

Custom Measurement Process

The convenience of renting online comes from precise custom measurements to get a tailored fit. Both Menguin and Generation Tux offer easy measurement submission:

  • Detailed video guides on measuring
  • Chat support for any questions
  • Upload photos to verify measurements
  • Free re-measurements if anything doesn’t fit right

Menguin also has professional tailors review photos of how the suit fits on you for adjustments. Generation Tux relies on customer-submitted measurements alone.

Overall, getting accurate measurements is quick and painless for a custom fit without visiting a tailor. Menguin provides a bit more personalized service for the fitting process.

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Rental Cost and Fees

For rental pricing, Menguin and Generation Tux are very comparable:

  • Menguin: Rental suits $99+ with all fees included
  • Generation Tux: Rental suits $95+ with optional fees for upgrades

Menguin has no hidden charges – all accessories like ties, shoes and shipping are built into one flat rental rate.

Generation Tux starts cheaper at $95 but add-ons like shoe rental, expedited shipping, and tailored fit fees can add $30-50+ more.

When all is said and done, you’ll end up spending roughly the same amount for a complete high-quality rental from either brand once upgrades are factored in.

Delivery and Shipping

Menguin offers faster shipping than Generation Tux, getting your rental delivered in as little as 2 days when needed. Generation Tux takes 5-7 days standard.

For extra urgency, Menguin provides overnight shipping. Generation Tux has rush delivery for an added fee but it still takes 2 business days at fastest.

Given the last-minute nature of some events, Menguin’s expedited shipping options set them apart when timing is critical. You pay a bit more, but can get a high quality rental rapidly.

Try At Home Convenience

The other huge convenience both brands offer is free at home try on. You can check fit, styling, and make needed changes from the comfort of home:

  • Try on the suit when it arrives
  • Examine fit, styling, and quality
  • Easily request a free re-size if needed
  • Swap out accessories or styles if desired

There’s no risk or commitment until you approve the perfect rental. Menguin and Generation Tux make fine tuning your rental seamless.

For hectic modern lifestyles, the at home try on process is invaluable compared to an in-store fitting.

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Customer Service Reputation

Based on customer reviews, Menguin edges out Generation Tux when it comes to service experience. Menguin has faster response times if issues come up and is transparent about all fees from the start.

Some Generation Tux customers report inconsistent sizing, hidden fees, and slow resolution of problems. But overall service from both brands is good, with Menguin holding an advantage.

Considering the importance of getting the right rental on time, Menguin’s customer service stands out as more dependable.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

Generation Tux has more flexible cancellation policies compared to Menguin’s stricter terms:

  • Generation Tux: Cancel anytime for full refund
  • Menguin: Cancel more than 7 days before event for 75% refund

However, Menguin offers refunds and credits if anything is wrong with the rental quality upon delivery. Generation Tux assumes the customer is responsible for measurements and fit.

So Generation Tux makes cancelling easier, but Menguin has better assurances if your rental has defects or errors.

Pros And Cons Of Menguin and Generation

Menguin Pros

  • Designer suit labels
  • Faster shipping available
  • Transparent all-in pricing
  • Better customer service

Menguin Cons

  • Smaller style selection
  • Cancellation policy not as flexible

Generation Tux Pros

  • More stylish suit designs
  • Lower starting prices
  • Easier cancellation terms

Generation Tux Cons

  • Slower delivery times
  • Extra fees can add up
  • Less accountable customer service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Menguin and Generation Tux the same?

No, Menguin and Generation Tux are competing suit rental companies. They offer similar convenient online rental models but are different brands started separately in 2014. Generation Tux partners with Tiger of Sweden while Menguin sources from various designers.

Who are the competitors of Generation Tux?

The main competitors in the online suit rental space are Menguin, The Black Tux, Candid Tuxedo Rental, and Dapper Tux. Offline national rental chains include Men’s Wearhouse and Jos A Bank.

Who is the owner of Generation Tux?

Generation Tux was founded by CEO Neil Golani and is still run as an independent private company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have received over $18 million in funding from various investors.

What is The Black Tux equivalent to?

The Black Tux is another digital-first suit and tuxedo rental brand competing directly with Generation Tux and Menguin. All three companies offer a convenient home try-on experience for premium rental suits ordered online and tailored to your measurements.

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The Bottom Line

For most guests needing an affordable, high-quality rental delivered quickly, Menguin is the best overall choice thanks to their fast shipping, transparent pricing, and stellar customer service. They make rental formalwear smooth and hassle-free.

However, for access to unique modern styles like velvet jackets or contrast suits, Generation Tux can’t be beat for selection. Just be prepared for some additional fees and longer delivery times.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either brand if you need an easy, convenient suit rental for your next event. Compare their styles and your timing needs to pick the ideal rental experience for you.

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