Buck Mason Vs. Mack Weldon: Choosing Quality Men’s T-Shirts

A classic t-shirt is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. But not all tees are created equal when it comes to comfort, style, and durability. Two popular brands making high-quality men’s t-shirts are Buck Mason and Mack Weldon.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll compare Buck Mason and Mack Weldon t-shirts to help you decide which better suits your needs. We’ll look at:

  • Materials and fabric
  • Style and fit options
  • Sizing and shrinkage
  • Color and pattern choices
  • Price
  • And other factors to determine the best quality t-shirt!

Whether you want soft cotton, a tailored fit, or classic hues, read on for a detailed breakdown. Let’s evaluate how Buck Mason and Mack Weldon men’s t-shirts compare.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureBuck MasonMack Weldon
Fabrics100% cotton – ringspun & slub100% cotton, modal & silk blends
FitTailored slim athletic fitClassic/relaxed fit, more size options
ShrinkageMinimal, if wash properlyAlso minimal with cold wash
ColorsNeutrals and earth tonesBasics plus brights and patterns
Price$38-$68 per tee$38-$78 but often discounted

In-depth Comparison of Features Between Buck Mason Vs. Mack Weldon

Materials and Fabric

 Buck Mason
Buck Mason

The fabric and materials used are essential to t-shirt quality and comfort.

Buck Mason uses 100% cotton, either ringspun or slub cotton depending on the style. Their fabric is lightweight with a soft handfeel.

Mack Weldon also relies on 100% cotton, incorporating modal or rayon into some tees for added softness. They use jersey knits with smooth finishes.

For durability, Buck Mason offers thicker 12 oz cotton on select tees while Mack Weldon uses 18.5 momme silk-blend fabric on certain styles for strength.

Overall, the cotton fabrics from both brands are high-quality, providing excellent softness, breathability and comfort. Mack Weldon has a slight edge for adding modal and using durable silk blends.

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Style and Fit

Finding the right t-shirt fit is crucial for looking and feeling your best. Both Buck Mason and Mack Weldon cater to the modern man with tailored yet relaxed silhouettes.

Buck Mason tees feature a classic crew neckline in regular, tall and long sizes. Their shirts have an athletic fit through the chest and sleeves with a trim, flattering shape.

Mack Weldon offers crew and v-neck options plus short, standard and tall lengths. Their tailored fit provides more room through the body and sleeves compared to Buck Mason.

For sleeve length, Buck Mason comes out ahead with sizes specifically for lanky builds. But Mack Weldon wins for body shape inclusivity, fitting more athletic cuts to fuller figures.

Overall, Buck Mason offers a trendier slim fit while Mack Weldon suits more varied body types. Choose based on your build and style preference.

Sizing and Shrinkage

Mack Weldon

Getting accurate sizing and minimizing shrinkage are priorities when buying quality tees.

Both Buck Mason and Mack Weldon use high-quality pre-shrunk fabrics to limit shrinking. Their shirts hold their shape and size well through washes.

Buck Mason offers an ultra slim fit that runs smaller. But their classic and tall tees feature a true-to-size cut in small to XXL.

Mack Weldon also runs true-to-size in the body but their sleeves are slightly longer. Their broad size range from XS-XXL fits more men.

So if you have long arms, go with your normal size in Mack Weldon. For Buck Mason, size up for a looser feel or stick to your normal size for a tailored look.

Overall, both brands deliver accurate sizing with minimal shrinking when you wash in cold water and dry on low heat.

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Color and Pattern Choices

A t-shirt wardrobe needs versatile hues along with some fun colors and prints.

Buck Mason has over a dozen muted, earthy tones like black, white, grey, olive, and indigo. Their patterns include classic stripes, plaids, and the occasional floral.

Mack Weldon offers similar basic colors plus bolder brights and pastels. Their prints encompass camo, stripes, polka dots, and graphic tees.

Buck Mason has everyday neutrals down. But Mack Weldon provides more diversity for guys that like livelier shades and dynamic patterns.

Both brands allow you to build a well-rounded t-shirt collection. Buck Mason caters to minimalists while Mack Weldon suits maximalists.


Mack Weldon

For premium t-shirts, Buck Mason and Mack Weldon fall into a similar price range. But Mack Weldon frequently offers discounts.

Buck Mason tees retail for $38-$68. Their slub cotton and heavier cotton styles cost more.

Mack Weldon prices range from $38-$78 depending on fabric and limited editions. But discounts often bring shirts down to $20-$25.

Considering typical sale pricing, Mack Weldon comes out ahead for value. But loyal Buck Mason customers feel the consistent quality justifies the price.

For budget-friendly options, go with Mack Weldon. If you want luxury cotton regardless of cost, choose Buck Mason.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which company t-shirt is best?

For the best quality t-shirts, Buck Mason and Mack Weldon are top contenders. Buck Mason offers superb soft ringspun and slub cotton in a tailored, trendy slim fit. Mack Weldon uses modal and silk-blends for ultra-softness in a roomier classic fit. For the style-conscious guy who values luxe fabrics, Buck Mason comes out slightly ahead.
But Mack Weldon’s greater size inclusivity and fun prints also have appeal. Comparing these two excellent brands comes down to personal priorities around fit, fabric, price, and style. Overall both Buck Mason and Mack Weldon make some of the highest quality t-shirts for men.

Who makes the best quality men’s t-shirts?

Some of the top brands for quality men’s t-shirts are Buck Mason, Mack Weldon, American Giant, Asket, and Everlane.
Key factors that make these brands stand out are: using 100% cotton fabrics without blends, incorporating modal or silk for softness, offering a range of well-fitted silhouettes, producing durable construction and seam stitching, minimizing shrinkage, providing versatile color options, and maintaining reasonable pricing for premium materials.
Based on fabric quality, attention to detail, range of fits, and value, brands like Buck Mason and Mack Weldon edge out the competition for best quality men’s t-shirts overall.

Which t-shirt is best for slim guys?

The best t-shirt brands for a slim guy are Buck Mason, Asket, and J.Crew. Buck Mason is designed specifically for a slim athletic build with a tailored fit through the chest and arms. Their crew neck tees come in regular and tall sizes to ensure proper slim proportions.
Asket also offers a trim slim fit style made of lightweight jersey cotton. J.Crew’s broken-in tees feature slim sleeves and a tapered cut. For thin or lanky guys who want that ideal trim but not skintight fit, Buck Mason, Asket and J.Crew provide excellent slim-cut t-shirt options.

Which shirts don t shrink?

Quality t-shirt brands that offer minimal shrinkage include Buck Mason, Mack Weldon, Banana Republic, and LL Bean. They use pre-shrunk cotton, modal, and silk blend fabrics. As long as you wash in cold water and tumble dry low, their shirts maintain their fit and size excellently.
For some specific recommendations, Mack Weldon’s 18.5 momme silk blend tee resists shrinking. Buck Mason’s slub cotton holds its slim shape after washing. Banana Republic’s Supima cotton doesn’t shrink up. And LL Bean’s classic cotton tee keeps its relaxed fit. For shirts that stay the same size, look for these brands using high-quality preshrunk and blended fabrics.

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The Bottom Line

To summarize key differences:

  • Fabrics – Both use quality cotton with Mack Weldon adding modal and silk.
  • Fit – Buck Mason slimmer fit, Mack Weldon roomier and more sizes.
  • Shrinkage – Minimal for both if washing properly.
  • Colors – Buck Mason muted tones, Mack Weldon brighter hues.
  • Price – Mack Weldon cheaper with sales, Buck Mason luxury cotton.

For a trendy athletic-slim fit, distinctive colors, and luxe cotton, choose Buck Mason.

For roomier sizing, diverse prints, and better deals, go with Mack Weldon.

Both brands make excellent wardrobe staple t-shirts. Decide based on your budget, fit, and style preferences. Go forth and find your perfect tee!

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