Levolor Vs. Bali Vs. Hunter Douglas Blinds: Which is Best?

When it comes to window blinds and shades, Levolor, Bali, and Hunter Douglas stand out as top brands. But what sets them apart? This guide compares the key factors to consider when choosing between Levolor, Bali, and Hunter Douglas blinds.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureLevolorBaliHunter Douglas
Price RangeMid-rangeBudget-friendlyPremium/Luxury
MaterialsGood quality basswood, poplar, oak, etcSturdy hardwood, PVC, metal, compositesSuperior hardwoods, composites, metals
Ease of UseCordless lift, motorization availableCordless options, wand tilt, motorsCordless lift, PowerView, PowerWand
Energy EfficiencyGood insulating optionsBroad energy efficient selectionExceptional efficiency innovations
Design AestheticLots of colors, faux wood, trendy finishesStylish colors and texturesExclusive materials and patterns
Smart OptionsRTrack, MySmart motorizationApp control, voice assistant integrationAdvanced PowerView automation
WarrantyLifetime limitedLifetime limitedLifetime extensive coverage

Overview of Levolor

Levolor Blinds

Levolor is one of the most recognized names in window coverings. The New Jersey-based company has been in business since 1914. They manufacture a wide range of blinds and shades including cellular shades, wood blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, roman shades, roller shades, and more.

Levolor blinds are designed with quality materials and made to last. They are available in a variety of colors, textures, and opacities to fit any decor. Many Levolor blinds feature smart tech like powered remote operation and voice control compatibility.

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Overview of Bali

Bali is a brand of blinds and shades that is part of Springs Window Fashions. Bali offers cellular shades, faux and real wood blinds, vertical blinds, roman shades, roller shades, and other window treatments.

Bali aims to provide quality, stylish blinds at more affordable price points compared to other big brands. Their products are easy to operate and made to withstand years of use. Bali also offers energy efficient options as well as smart motorization and automation features.

Overview of Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is an American company founded in 1919 and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of window coverings. They are known for high-end blinds and shades offering superior design, craftsmanship, and functionality.

Hunter Douglas product lines include pleated shades, Vignette® shades, luminette privacy sheers, pirouette® window shadings, silhouette® window shadings, and wood blinds. Their patented innovations set a high bar for quality, durability, and performance.

Hunter Douglas window treatments are popular yet come at a higher price point than Levolor and Bali.

Key Differences Between Levolor, Bali And Hunter Douglas Blinds

Bellow we explore the comparison among levenor, bali and hunter douglas:

Bali Blinds
  • Quality of Materials

One of the biggest considerations when choosing blinds is the quality of materials used. You want attractive, durable blinds that will withstand years of use.

Levolor, Bali, and Hunter Douglas all use high-quality materials in their blinds and shades. Levolor offers blinds made from premium basswood, poplar, oak, maple, and other fine hardwoods. Their fabrics are anti-static and heat/fade resistant.

Bali blinds feature sturdy hardwood, PVC, metal, and premium composite materials designed to last. Bali uses quality light-filtering or room-darkening fabrics.

Hunter Douglas is known for exceptional craftsmanship using only the finest hardwoods, composites, textiles, and metals. Their materials give blinds a luxury look and feel.

While Bali uses good quality materials for the price, Levolor and Hunter Douglas use superior quality materials that make a noticeable difference in durability and performance.

  • Ease of Use

Consider how easy the blinds will be to operate and adjust before buying. Convenient operation features like cordless lifting, remote controls, etc. can make a big difference day to day.

Levolor offers a cordless lift and lock system on many of their vinyl and cellular shade lines for smooth, easy lifting. Levolor wood blinds feature a cord tilt mechanism for easy slat angle adjustment. Most Levolor blinds can be motorized for push-button or voice control.

Bali blinds are designed for effortless raising, lowering, and tilting. Cordless lift options allow smooth, hands-free shade control. Bali’s integrated wand tilt eliminates dangling cords. Motorization is available for most Bali blinds.

Hunter Douglas prioritizes convenience with features like Cordless Lifting System, PowerView® motorization, PowerWand®, Duolite® two-in-one dual shade system, and more for precision control of blinds. Their innovations allow for unmatched ease of use.

Bali offers easy-to-use basics, while Hunter Douglas takes convenience even further with their patented easy lift and control systems. This makes operation much smoother.

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient blinds or shades can help reduce heating/cooling costs by blocking unwanted light and heat gain/loss.

Many Levolor vinyl and cellular shades offer room darkening and insulating options to help reduce energy costs. Their insulating blinds have an R-Value up to 3.0 for added efficiency.

Numerous Bali blinds carry a Good Housekeeping Seal for energy efficiency. Options like blackout cellular shades, insulating shades, and Bali Solar Shades reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Hunter Douglas Duette® honeycomb shades, Pirouette® shadings, and Silhouette® shadings offer exceptional energy efficiency with their unique designs trapping air to reduce energy transfer.

For maximum energy savings, Hunter Douglas and Bali offer broader lines focused on energy efficiency. Levolor has good options too but less selection.

  • Design and Appearance

You want great looking blinds that elevate your room’s decor. Aesthetics like color, texture, and shape determine the overall look and feel.

Hunter Douglas

Levolor blinds come in popular neutral colors, bold hues, trendy finishes like stains and distressed paints, faux wood textures, and attractive slat/vane shapes. Lots of variety to match any style.

Bali blinds feature on-trend colors, wood-look textures, and stylish flat, curved, and split slats or vanes to complement home decor. Bali aims for style at an affordable cost.

With Hunter Douglas, you get unmatched design flexibility including exclusive materials, custom colors, innovative operating systems, specialty shapes, and premium finishes. Their blinds look truly high-end and made-to-order.

For the widest selection of colors, textures, shapes, and overall aesthetic customization, Hunter Douglas leads over Levolor and Bali.

  • Smart/Automated Options

Many Levolor, Bali, and Hunter Douglas window treatments can be motorized or remotely controlled for convenience.

Levolor offers RTrack® and MySmartTM motorization systems that allow remote and voice control of blinds via smartphone, Alexa, Google Home etc. Their Levolor Designer App lets you set schedules and scenes.

Select Bali blinds work with their Bali Motorization App for scheduling, voice control through smart home devices, and automating blind control. SimpleHomeNet hub required.

Hunter Douglas has the most advanced automation capabilities through PowerView Motorization. PowerView blinds can be precisely controlled from anywhere via app, voice assistant, Pebble Scene Controller, Automate Pulse 2 hub, and more.

Hunter Douglas motorized systems are unrivaled for whole-home automation and precise control over blind position and movement. Bali and Levolor also have good smart options.

  • Price and Budget

Price is often a deciding factor when choosing window blinds. In general:

  • Bali blinds are the most budget-friendly option offering decent quality and performance for the price.
  • Levolor provides very good quality at mid-range prices. A good balance of value for money.
  • Hunter Douglas is the premium luxury brand with the highest prices but exceptional quality and innovations.

Here are estimated price ranges for 2″ faux wood blinds in a common size:

  • Bali: $60 – $100
  • Levolor: $100 – $200
  • Hunter Douglas: $200 – $500

Hunter Douglas costs significantly more than Levolor and Bali but delivers premium products. Bali is the budget option, while Levolor falls nicely in the middle.

  • Warranties

It’s important to consider the warranty coverage which reflects expected product lifetime.

Levolor blinds have lifetime limited warranties against defects in materials and workmanship. Materials like strings, cords, and ladders have 1-5 year coverage.

Bali blinds are backed by a lifetime limited warranty for materials and workmanship. 5 years for parts like strings, cords, and ladders.

Hunter Douglas offers outstanding lifetime guarantees covering materials, operation, and workmanship. Most parts have 5and years coverage.

All three brands provide strong warranty protection. Hunter Douglas warranties are more extensive, matching their higher prices.

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FAQ About Levolor, Bali, and Hunter Douglas

Are Levolor and Hunter Douglas the same?

No, Levolor and Hunter Douglas are not the same company. They are two distinct brands. Levolor is owned by Newell Brands. Hunter Douglas is an independent privately held company. Both make window blinds and shades but have different reputations, prices, and product lines. There is no ownership relationship between the companies.

Are Levolor blinds worth the money?

Yes, most homeowners find Levolor blinds worth the investment. They are known for making quality blinds from premium materials that look great and last a long time with proper care. The mid-range prices reflect the good value you get from proven longevity and performance. Levolor blinds add style, functionality, and light control to any room.

Does Hunter Douglas make Levolor?

No, Hunter Douglas does not make Levolor brand blinds or shades. They are completely separate manufacturers. Hunter Douglas does own several other brands like Graber, TimberBlind, and Lakeside that it produces. But Levolor is its own distinct brand owned by Newell Brands, not affiliated with Hunter Douglas.

Are Bali vertical blinds good quality?

Yes, Bali vertical blinds receive positive reviews from most customers regarding their quality and performance, especially for the reasonable prices. Bali vertical blinds feature durable headrails, slats/vanes made from quality PVC or other materials, smooth operation, and long-term durability. They effectively block light and provide privacy while complementing home decor. Overall, Bali makes vertical blinds that provide good value.

Final Thought

With all factors considered, here are some recommendations:

  • Bali is best for shoppers on a tight budget who still want good quality and performance.
  • Levolor is ideal for those who want very good quality blinds and a wide selection at mid-range prices.
  • Hunter Douglas is perfect for luxury homeowners who want the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, design, and functionality.

Think about which features matter most – like budget, ease of use, design aesthetic, energy efficiency etc. Look at many reviews and samples before deciding on Levolor, Bali or Hunter Douglas. With all three great brands, you have plenty of excellent options for new window blinds.

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