Boatsetter Vs. GetMyBoat: Which Boat Rental Platform Is Better?

Renting a boat can be an exciting way to enjoy the water, whether for a day of fishing or a week-long sailing adventure. Boatsetter and GetMyBoat are two popular peer-to-peer boat rental platforms that connect boat owners with renters. But which one is better for your next rental? Here’s an in-depth look at the key features, pros, cons and FAQs of Boatsetter and GetMyBoat to help you decide.

Key Feature Comparison

Insurance$1 million liability & damage coverage includedOptional trip insurance available
Boat selection100,000+ boats130,000+ boats
Locations600+ US locations, Caribbean180+ countries globally
Boat typesMotorboats, sailboats, yachts, jet skisMotorboats, sailboats, fishing boats, paddle boards, kayaks
Rental periodsBy the hour, day or multiple daysBy the day or multiple days
VettingBoatsetter reviews boats and rentersNo vetting process
Support24/7 customer serviceSelf-service renter support
Fees10% service fee for renters3% transaction fee for renters

Overview of Boatsetter

Founded in 2012 in Florida, Boatsetter is one of the largest peer-to-peer boat rental marketplaces in the world. Boat owners can list their boats for rent by the hour, day, or longer. Renters can search boats by location, type, size and other features. Boatsetter handles booking, payments and insurance.

Pros of Boatsetter

  • Large selection: With over 100,000 listings globally, Boatsetter offers renters an extensive selection of motorboats, sailboats, jet skis and yachts of all sizes.
  • Booking flexibility: Rent boats by the hour, day, or multiple days. Easily compare pricing.
  • Insurance included: Boatsetter’s rental insurance covers damage, accidents and liability up to $1 million. Gives renters peace of mind.
  • Vetted boats and renters: Boatsetter reviews each boat listing and renter profile, conducting background checks for added safety.
  • 24/7 support: Boatsetter’s customer service team is available by phone and email round-the-clock before, during and after a rental. Helpful for any issues.

Cons of Boatsetter

  • Limited locations: While growing, Boatsetter is mainly focused in the U.S. and Caribbean. Not ideal for renting in other global destinations.
  • Fewer filters: Search options don’t include as many filters to narrow down boat features compared to some competitors.
  • 10% service fee: Boatsetter charges renters a 10% service fee on top of the rental price. An added cost.

Overview of GetMyBoat

Founded in 2013 in California, GetMyBoat is a fast-growing multinational peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace. The platform connects local boat owners with renters looking for an on-the-water experience.

Pros of GetMyBoat

GetMyBoat Rental
  • Global reach: GetMyBoat lists over 130,000 boat rentals in nearly 9,000 locations worldwide. Great for international rentals.
  • Advanced search filters: Narrow down boat rentals by type, size, # of guests, amenities and more. Easier to find the ideal match.
  • Competitive pricing: Lower service fees for owners means boat rentals may cost less than some competitors.
  • Variety of rentals: Choose from motorboats, sailboats, fishing boats, paddle boards, kayaks and other watercraft.
  • Flexible trip insurance: Optional GetMyBoat trip insurance covers cancellations, property damage and liability.

Cons of GetMyBoat

  • Limited guarantees: GetMyBoat doesn’t vet boats or captains. Quality assurance varies.
  • Minimal support: Customer service is mainly owner-driven. GetMyBoat doesn’t get involved in disputes.
  • Transaction fees: Renters pay 3% transaction fee per rental. Owners pay larger transaction and payment processing fees.
  • No hourly rentals: GetMyBoat rentals are only available by the day or multiple days. No renting by the hour.

Boatsetter Vs. GetMyBoat: A Brief Comparison

If you’re looking to rent a boat for a fun day on the water, you might consider Boatsetter and GetMyBoat. Here’s a closer look at what each option offers:

Selection and Variety:

  • Boatsetter: Boatsetter offers a wide range of boats to choose from, including sailboats, motorboats, yachts, pontoons, fishing boats, jet skis, and more. You can find options for small groups up to large parties. Their selection caters to different boating activities like leisure cruising, watersports, fishing trips, and sailing adventures. They have high-end luxury rentals as well as more affordable options.
  • GetMyBoat: GetMyBoat also provides a diverse selection of boats that suit different groups, activities, and budgets. You can choose from motorboats, sailboats, fishing boats, pontoons, kayaks, jet skis, and other watercraft. Their inventory is extensive and aims to accommodate various boating needs.

Booking Process:

  • Boatsetter: With Boatsetter, you book rentals directly through their website or app. You can search availability, compare options, and submit booking requests 24/7. Approval from owners is usually prompt. The process is straightforward and intuitive for renters.

Watch this review video:

  • GetMyBoat: GetMyBoat allows you to book boats easily through their app or website as well. Their booking process is convenient and user-friendly. You can browse listings, check availability for your dates, and instantly book with just a few clicks.

Cost and Pricing:

  • Boatsetter: Boatsetter’s rental prices vary quite a bit depending on factors like boat type, size, age, location, and owner. Luxury yachts can be thousands per day but you can also find more affordable small boat rentals for a few hundred dollars. Fuel, cleaning, and other fees may apply.
  • GetMyBoat: GetMyBoat offers very competitive boat rental rates to fit different budgets. Smaller motorboat rentals start at around $100/day. Larger yachts and specialty boats are pricier. Fuel, taxes, and other surcharges will also be added to your total rental cost.

Owner Verification and Reviews:

  • Boatsetter: Boatsetter thoroughly vets and verifies owners before approving them. Boat renters can read detailed owner profiles and reviews from previous renters, providing transparency. This helps identify reputable owners.
  • GetMyBoat: GetMyBoat also verifies boat owners and allows renters to view owner ratings and reviews from past trips. This gives you insight into things like an owner’s responsiveness, professionalism, and how they maintain their boats.

Insurance and Safety:

  • Boatsetter: Boatsetter includes insurance protection with all rentals, covering damages, accidents, injuries, and other incidents. This provides important security and peace of mind for renters. Additional insurance can be purchased too.
  • GetMyBoat: GetMyBoat offers “Boater Protection” insurance that you can add on to any rental for an additional fee. This covers you for things like accidents, injuries, theft, etc. Gives you a safety net.

Customer Support:

  • Boatsetter: Boatsetter provides customer support by phone and email before, during, and after your rental. You can get assistance with booking, local recommendations, or help handling any issues that come up.
  • GetMyBoat: GetMyBoat also offers customer support via phone, email, and live chat. You can contact them with questions about listings, bookings, or get help resolving problems before or during your trip.

Additional Services and Experiences:

  • Boatsetter: Boatsetter provides add-ons like captain services, watersports equipment rentals, provisioning, catering, instruction, and more. This allows you to further customize your rental.
  • GetMyBoat: GetMyBoat lists enhanced boating experiences like fishing charters, water sports lessons, cruising tours, houseboat vacations, and multi-day trips. More ways to enjoy your rental.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you negotiate on Boatsetter?

Yes, Boatsetter allows renters to send custom booking inquiries to owners to negotiate pricing, availability or other rental details for unlisted days. Owners can send special offers too.

What is the Airbnb equivalent for boats?

Boatsetter is essentially the Airbnb for boat rentals. Like Airbnb, it’s a trusted peer-to-peer online marketplace that connects owners listing their boats with renters booking them directly.

Who is the founder of GetMyBoat?

GetMyBoat was founded in 2013 by Sascha Mornell, a passionate boater and yacht broker from California. He came up with a way to list boats for rent by the day from their owners.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a day?

On Boatsetter, daily yacht rentals range from $300-$800 for smaller motor yachts to over $3,000 for larger luxury yachts. On GetMyBoat, average daily yacht rentals are $600-$1,500 with luxury yachts over $3,000.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Seattle?

Typical yacht charters in Seattle start around $400-$600 per day for smaller motor yachts, over $1,000 for larger yachts. Luxury megayachts chartered through Boatsetter or GetMyBoat in Seattle run $5,000-$15,000+ per day depending on amenities and capacity.

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Final Verdict

So which boat rental platform comes out on top – Boatsetter or GetMyBoat?

For U.S.-based boat rentals, Boatsetter is likely the better choice. With its focus on domestic listings and rigorous vetting, you can book a wider selection of rental boats knowing they meet quality standards. Protection under Boatsetter’s robust insurance policy also provides greater peace of mind.

Globetrotting or international renters may prefer GetMyBoat thanks to its expansive worldwide listings and lower cost structure. Just be aware that GetMyBoat doesn’t screen boats or owners, so do your homework reading reviews before booking.

Ultimately, check both platforms when planning your next boat rental. Compare availability, pricing and policies. For enhanced security and support, Boatsetter has the edge – albeit for a slightly higher service fee. But for maximum choice across the globe, GetMyBoat can’t be beat. Either way, you’ll be set sail on a boat rental adventure in no time!

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