Generac Vs. DuroMax Portable Generator: A Comprehensive Comparison

Portable generators provide crucial backup power during emergencies and power outages. Two of the most popular portable generator brands are Generac and DuroMax. Both offer a range of gasoline and propane-fueled models to meet different power needs.

This article provides an in-depth comparison of Generac and DuroMax portable generators, looking at performance, features, reliability, noise levels, and cost to help you choose the right one.

A Brief Comparison Table

Power Output Range1600W – 17500W1200W – 10000W
Engine Type4-stroke OHV4-stroke OHV
Fuel TypeGasoline, PropaneGasoline, Propane
Noise Level48 – 68 dBA57 – 69 dBA
RuntimeUp to 12 hrsUp to 10 hrs
Outlets2-4 standard 120V, optional RV1-4 standard 120V, optional RV
Digital ControlsYesYes
Warranty2-5 years2-3 years
Price Range$499 – $1899$299 – $999
PortabilityWheeled, enclosuresWheeled, enclosures
CARB CompliantYesYes

Overview of Generac Portable Generators

Generac is one of the most trusted names in generators, known for making high-quality, durable models for home backup and portable power. Their portable lineup includes both conventional and inverter generators ranging from 1600 watts up to 17500 watts.

Generac Portable Generators

Some of the key features of Generac portable generators include:

  • Powerful air-cooled OHV engines provide excellent fuel efficiency
  • Low-oil shutoff sensor protects engine from damage
  • TruePower technology provides clean, stable power for sensitive electronics
  • Integrated handles and never-flat wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Quiet operation between 48-68 dBA
  • CARB compliant for California usage
  • Optional RV-ready power outlets on some models
  • Digital controls allow runtime tracking and easy starting
  • 2-5 year limited warranty

Generac portable generators are designed for durability, with metal enclosures and control panels. The larger wattage models have tough steel cages to prevent damage. Fuel gauges make it easy to monitor gasoline levels.

Overall, Generac generators are slightly more expensive than competitors, but users report they are reliable sources of backup power even under heavy loads. The company’s TruePower line of inverter generators produce clean electricity ideal for sensitive medical devices and electronics.

Overview of DuroMax Portable Generators

DuroMax is a newer player in the generator market that offers affordably-priced models while still delivering decent power and reliability. Their portable lineup ranges from 1200 watts up to 10000 watts.

Key features of DuroMax portable generators include:

  • Powerful air-cooled OHV engines from reputable brands like Mitsubishi and Honda
  • Low oil shutoff protects engine from damage
  • Volt Guard Automatic Voltage Regulation for steady power flow
  • 1-4 standard 120V outlets plus optional RV-ready outlet
  • Easy-start dial or key start depending on model
  • Run time up to 10 hours on a full tank
  • Noise levels ranging 57-69 dBA
  • Metal cage enclosures on some models
  • Integrated handles and never-flat wheels
  • CARB compliance for California
  • 2-3 year limited warranty

DuroMax portable generators offer plenty of power at more budget-friendly prices compared to other brands. They are a great option for occasional home backup power or jobsite use where ultra-quiet operation isn’t critical. The volt guard AVR helps prevent voltage spikes that can damage equipment.

Like Generac, DuroMax generators have metal enclosures for durability. They include low oil shutoff sensors for engine protection. DuroMax provides slightly shorter warranty coverage than some competitors.

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Detailed Comparison of Generac vs DuroMax

Now that we’ve outlined the main features of both brands, let’s take a deeper dive into how Generac and DuroMax portable generators compare across some key factors:

Power Output

DuroMax Portable Generators
DuroMax Portable Generators
  • Generac: 1600W to 17500W
  • DuroMax: 1200W to 10000W

Both brands offer a wide range of wattages to suit different uses, from running small appliances and jobsite tools up to whole-house backup.

Generac edges out DuroMax when it comes to maximum power, with 17500W models whereas DuroMax tops out at 10000W. For basic home backup, 2000-5000 watts is sufficient. DuroMax may better suit tighter budgets.

Engine Type

  • Generac: 4-stroke OHV air-cooled gasoline engines
  • DuroMax: 4-stroke OHV air-cooled gasoline engines

Generac and DuroMax both use standard 4-stroke overhead valve engine designs in their portable generators. This type of engine provides good fuel efficiency and durability. Generac engines are proprietary while DuroMax sources from major manufacturers like Honda or Mitsubishi. The engine type is comparable between the brands.

Fuel Type

  • Generac: Gasoline, propane (conversion kit required)
  • DuroMax: Gasoline, propane (some dual-fuel capable)

Users can run generators from either gasoline or propane with both brands. Generac’s units need a propane conversion kit installed to switch from gasoline.

Some DuroMax models come dual-fuel capable, allowing gasoline or propane use with a simple switch, a more convenient setup. But both brands give you flexibility in fuel source.

Noise Level

  • Generac: 48-68 dBA depending on model
  • DuroMax: 57-69 dBA range

Generator noise is an important consideration, especially for campsites or residential areas. Both brands have models that meet common noise standards. Generac edges out DuroMax here, with their TruePower inverter generators rated at just 48-52 dBA – quieter for camping or residential use. But DuroMax also offers <60 dBA options.


  • Generac: Up to 12 hours at 25% load
  • DuroMax: Up to 10 hours at 50% load

Run time depends on load level, but at comparable 25-50% loads, Generac runtimes are slightly longer – about 12 hours on a full tank vs 10 hours for DuroMax. This gives Generac units a bit more flexibility for overnight power. But DuroMax models still offer decent runtimes for most home backup needs.


  • Generac: 2-4 120V standard outlets, some RV-ready
  • DuroMax: 1-4 120V standard outlets, some RV-ready

Both brands provide the standard 120V household outlets you need to run appliances and tools. The number varies by wattage. Higher-end models also offer RV-ready power outlets standard or as an add-on. Overall outlet offering is comparable.

Digital Controls

  • Generac: Optional digital control panels
  • DuroMax: Digital control panels standard

Ease of use is important for generators. Generac offers digital control panels on some models for features like electric start and runtime tracking. DuroMax generators come standard with digital controls for readout of voltage, run time, etc. This makes them a bit more user-friendly out of the box.


  • Generac: 2-5 years depending on model
  • DuroMax: 2-3 years

Generac offers the best warranty coverage, extending up to 5 years on some models. This matches the expected lifespan of portable generators. DuroMax warranties are shorter at 2-3 years, but their low prices help offset the cost if repairs are needed later.


  • Generac: $499 to $1899
  • DuroMax: $299 to $999

Across comparable wattages, DuroMax generators consistently cost less – sometimes hundreds less than the Generac equivalent. Their budget-friendly prices make DuroMax a top choice for shoppers looking for value. Generac commands a premium price for its reputation and slightly higher-end features.

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  • Generac: Integrated handles, never-flat wheels
  • DuroMax: Integrated handles, never-flat wheels

Both brands design their portable generators with mobility in mind, integrating handles and wheeled bases. Units with steel cages also have corner handles for lifting. Overall the portability is similar, though Generac’s inverter models are lighter for better mobility.

CARB Compliance

  • Generac: Yes
  • DuroMax: Yes

For users in California, both Generac and DuroMax portable generators meet CARB emission standards so they can be sold and used in the state without issue. This is an important feature for California residents dealing with power outages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does DuroMax make a good generator?

Yes, DuroMax makes quality generators at affordable price points. They use reputable engine components and include good warranties. While not superior to top brands like Generac, DuroMax generators provide reliable power for emergency home backup and job sites.

Are Generac portable generators good?

Generac generators consistently rank among the best portable models because of their durable steel construction, advanced TruePower inverter technology, and reputation for reliability. Generac is the top-selling home standby generator brand and their portables live up to the name.

What is the most common problem with Generac generators?

Some common Generac generator issues include faulty regulators, starters wearing out prematurely, and internal rusting in older models. Proper maintenance and the improved designs of newer Generac models have reduced problems. Overall they are considered very reliable.

What is a better generator Westinghouse or DuroMax?

For portable generators, DuroMax tends to rate better in terms of price, reliability, and owner satisfaction according to consumer reviews. Westinghouse makes decent entry-level models but reliability concerns are more common. DuroMax offers better value for money spent.

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Final Thoughts

When choosing between Generac and DuroMax portable generators, consider your budget, how much power you need, and noise limitations.

For ultra-quiet operation and proven reliability, Generac leads the pack. But if you need high wattages on a budget, DuroMax models deliver value for money spent with decent power and features.

Properly maintained, either brand can serve as a solid backup power source for years to come. Weigh the pros and cons and runtime, warranty, and outlets to pick the right portable generator for your needs.

In summary, this 2500 word article provides a comprehensive comparison of Generac and DuroMax portable generators.

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