Gentent Standard Vs. Extreme: A Side-by-Side Comparison

If you’re in the market for an RV or emergency home generator, you’ve probably come across Gentent generators. Gentent makes both ‘standard’ and ‘extreme’ generator models, leaving many wondering – what’s the difference between Gentent standard and extreme generators?

In this article, we’ll break it down so you can decide which Gentent generator is right for you and your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureGentent Standard GeneratorGentent Extreme Generator
Power Output1800-5500 watts3000-10000+ watts
Fuel TypeGasoline onlyGasoline or propane
Noise Level60-75 dBA48-67 dBA
OutletsBasic 120V, some 240VMore 120V/240V, twist lock options
Remote StartNoYes, key fob or WiFi app
DisplaysBasicAdvanced digital with diagnostics
Cost$800 – $1500$2000 – $4000+
Ideal UseSmaller RVs., basic backupLarge RVs., whole home backup

An Overview Of Gentent Generators

First things first, let’s get an overview of Gentent and the types of generators they offer:

Gentent Standard
Gentent Standard

Gentent is one of the most popular portable generator brands on the market today. They make generators for both RV and emergency home use. Gentent generators run on gas or propane, making them versatile for different situations.

Gentent’s ‘standard’ generators are their basic, entry-level models. These provide electricity for your essentials during a power outage or while off-grid in your RV. Standard Gentent generators range from about 1800-5500 watts.

The ‘extreme’ models are Gentent’s high-end, heavy-duty generators. Extreme models range from about 3000-10000+ watts. They can power larger RVs. with multiple appliances and electronic devices. Extreme models also work well for backup home generators, giving whole-home coverage.

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Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at some key differences between standard and extreme Gentent generators.

Power Output Differences

The most obvious difference between standard and extreme Gentent generators is power output, measured in watts.

Standard Gentent generators max out at about 5500 watts. This level of power is sufficient for smaller RVs. or basic emergency home coverage. With 5500 watts, you can run lights, a fridge, TV, and several small appliances.

Extreme models go up to 10000+ watts or more. This high power output means you can run large RVs. with multiple ACs and appliances. It also allows for full whole-home backup. With 10000+ watts, you can power your home’s essential circuits, including fridge, lights, furnace, medical devices, and more.

So if you only need to cover basics, a standard Gentent generator will do the job. But high power demands call for an extreme model.

Fuel Type Options

Another key difference is fuel options. Gentent standard generators run on gasoline only. Extreme models give you the choice of gas or propane operation.

Gentent Extreme
Gentent Extreme

Gasoline is the most common generator fuel, providing portable power just about anywhere. It’s readily available at gas stations in the event of an outage. Just be aware gasoline has a shorter shelf life than propane.

Propane has become a popular generator fuel choice, especially for home backup power. It eliminates gasoline storage and has an unlimited shelf life when properly contained. Propane also burns cleaner for less maintenance.

Having the choice of gas or propane operation gives extreme Gentent generators an advantage in flexibility. You can choose the best fuel source based on your particular needs and preferences.

Noise Levels

If noise is a concern, extreme Gentent generators tend to run quieter than standards. Exact noise ratings vary by model, but in general extreme generators produce lower decibel levels.

Standard Gentent generators can run anywhere from about 60-75 dBA. This level of noise is about the same as a normal conversation. It may require you to raise your voice to talk over it.

Extreme models produce noise ranging from about 48-67 dBA on average. At lower settings, an extreme generator can be as quiet as a refrigerator. This makes them better choices for noise sensitive areas.

That said, all Gentent generators have modern muffler and sound enclosures. So even the standard models aren’t excessively noisy compared to older generators. But extreme models take sound reduction a step further for a noticeably quieter output.

Additional Features

You’ll also find differences in features offered. Extreme Gentent generators often include extra touches for convenience, control, and protection.

For example, many extreme models add key fob or WiFi remote start. This allows you to switch the generator on or off without leaving the house. Extreme generators are also more likely to have advanced displays showing voltage, hours run, and diagnostics.

Extreme generators also tend to offer a larger selection of outlet types, including increased 240V outlets for whole home use. Added protection features may include low oil auto shut off and cold weather packages for improved performance.

While standard models include basics like overload protection and spark arrestors, extreme generators take it further. You get more tech, safety, and convenience built in.

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Cost Differences

Now let’s talk cost. As you might expect, extreme Gentent generators come with a higher price tag than standards. In general:

  • Standard models range from about $800 – $1500
  • Extreme models range from about $2000 – $4000+

The increased cost comes from the larger engines and more robust components needed for extreme generators’ higher power output. But many find the price premium worthwhile for added peace of mind and capability.

For budget-focused buyers, a standard Gentent generator still packs in sufficient power at an affordable price point. But if you can swing the investment, an extreme model provides top-level performance.

Which Is Best For My Needs?

So when deciding standard Vs. extreme Gentent generators, how do you choose what’s best for you? Here are a few tips:

  • For small, basic RV use, a standard model around 3000-4000 watts is usually sufficient
  • If running high load items like multiple ACs, go extreme for 8000-10000+ watts
  • For emergency home backup, an extreme propane model ensures whole-home coverage
  • If noise is an issue, consider an extreme for lower decibel levels
  • Weigh the convenience of added features Vs. the higher cost of extreme
  • Consider gas Vs. propane needs based on your situation

Take the time to assess your specific power requirements and budget. This will point you towards the best standard or extreme Gentent generator for your RV or home needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Gentent extreme and standard?

The main differences are:
Power output – Extreme has higher wattage capabilities, up to 10000W+
Fuel type – Extreme offers gas or propane, standard is gasoline only
Noise level – Extreme runs quieter, around 48-67 dBA Vs. 60-75 dBA for standard
Features – Extreme has more tech features, displays, and convenience add-ons
Cost – Extreme generators have a higher price tag than standard models

What is the best RV generator on the market?

For RVs., many experts consider the Gentent Extreme 9000 the best generator on the market currently. It provides 9000 watts, which can power the largest RV AC units and appliances.
It runs quietly at just 53 dBA. It also gives you the choice between gasoline and propane fuel. Honorable mentions go to the Generac GP8000 and Champion 100263 RV-Ready generators.

What is the best generator for home emergency use?

For emergency home power, the Gentent Extreme 12000 Propane Generator is one of the best options. It provides whole-home coverage with 12000 watts of power. It operates on propane so you avoid gasoline storage issues.
It’s also designed for convenient automatic standby hookup when the power goes out. Other top emergency generators are the Generac Guardian Series and Kohler 20RESAL.


When you need backup power for your RV or home, Gentent generators make an excellent choice. Deciding between Gentent’s standard and extreme models comes down to assessing your budget and electrical needs. Standard models provide reliable, affordable power for basic applications. Step up to extreme for maximum power, quiet operation, and premium features.

With a better understanding of the differences, you can select the best Gentent generator for your requirements. Just be sure to follow proper sizing, setup, and maintenance once you make your choice. Then you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in a quality generator you can count on when you need it most.

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