DuroMax Vs. Honda Generators: Which Brand Is Better For Your Needs?

When it comes to portable generators, DuroMax and Honda are two of the most popular and reliable brands on the market. But which one is right for your needs? This comprehensive guide compares the key features, pros and cons of DuroMax and Honda generators to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

PortabilityModerate weight and sizeVery lightweight and compact
DurabilityDurable but not as rugged as HondaExtremely durable and reliable
Noise LevelCan be loud, 65-75 dBVery quiet, 48-57 dB
Fuel EfficiencyGood, up to 8 hours runtimeExcellent, up to 20 hours runtime
PriceAffordable, $300-$1000Expensive, $1000-$4000
Warranty3 years limited warranty3-5 years limited warranty
Output3000-12000 watts1000-7000 watts
Electric StartAvailable on some modelsAvailable on most models
CARB ComplianceSome models CARB compliantMost models CARB compliant
Safety FeaturesAcceptable safety featuresAdvanced safety features

Overview of DuroMax Generators

DuroMax is a relatively new player in the generator market, founded in 2003 in Ontario, California. Despite being a young company, DuroMax has managed to establish itself as a provider of affordable and reliable power equipment.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of DuroMax generators:

DuroMax Generators
DuroMax Generators
  • Power output – DuroMax offers generators ranging from 3000 watts to 12,000 watts. This wide range means you can find a DuroMax generator for small home backup needs or large construction/work sites.
  • Portability – Most DuroMax generators range from medium to large in size and weight from 100-200 lbs. Not the most portable but still manageable for transporting short distances.
  • Durability – DuroMax uses reliable Copper wire, steel frames and high-quality components that provide good durability. However, they may not match the ruggedness of Honda models.
  • Noise level – The noise level can be an issue on some DuroMax models ranging from 65-75 dB which is loud for residential use.
  • Fuel efficiency – Most DuroMax generators provide 6-8 hours runtime on a full tank depending on the load. This fuel efficiency is decent but lower than Honda.
  • Electric start – Available on some DuroMax models but not all. Manual recoil start is standard.
  • Price – One of the biggest advantages of DuroMax is very affordable pricing, ranging from $300 for a 3000 watt generator up to $1000 for a 12,000 watt unit. Great value.
  • Warranty – DuroMax offers a 3 year limited warranty which is the industry standard for generators in this class.

Overview of Honda Generators

Honda is the undisputed leader in generator technology, known for their extreme durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency. But they also come at a premium price.

Here are some notable features and advantages of Honda generators:

  • Power output – Honda offers generators ranging from compact 1000 watt units up to 7000 watts for larger applications. Wide range but max output lower than DuroMax.
  • Portability – Honda generators are exceptionally lightweight and compact. Even their larger models are easier to transport than most competitors.
  • Durability – Honda generators are legendary for their reliability and ability to run for thousands of hours even in rough conditions. The GX Honda engines are extremely rugged.
  • Noise level – Honda’s inverter generator models produce just 48-57 decibels making them the quietest generators on the market. Great for camping and residential use.
  • Fuel efficiency – The GX engine can deliver up to 20 hours of run time on one tank of gas depending on the load. As much as 3x more efficient than some competitors.
  • Electric start – Most Honda models come equipped with convenient electric start. Some also have battery charging capability.
  • Price – The main tradeoff with Honda is their premium pricing ranging from $1000 for smaller inverter models up to $4000 for heavy duty 7000 watt models. You pay more but get superb quality and performance.
  • Warranty – Hondas come with a 3-5 year limited warranty depending on the model. This matches or exceeds the coverage offered by competitors.

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Key Differences Between DuroMax and Honda Generators

Now that we’ve provided an overview of each brand’s generators, let’s take a detailed look at how DuroMax and Honda compare across some of the most important factors for consumers.

  • Portability
Honda Generators
Honda Generators

DuroMax – The majority of DuroMax generators range from medium weight (100-150 lbs) up to large and heavy (200+ lbs). Mobility kits are available on some models to improve portability. But most units require at least 2 people for lifting and transport over long distances.

Honda – Across the board, Honda generators set the benchmark for portable power equipment. Even their largest inverter models weigh under 150 lbs making them easier to move than competing brands. The wheels, foldable handles, and compact form factors also contribute to Honda’s superior portability.

Verdict – For portability and ease of transport, Honda is the clear winner over DuroMax. Honda’s lighter weights and mobility features make them ideal for camping, RV, and work sites.

  • Durability

DuroMax – DuroMax generators utilize quality components like copper winding generators and steel enclosures. Owners report getting several years of reliable service from their DuroMax models with proper maintenance. However, they may not match the extreme durability of Honda models that can run for decades.

Honda – The GX Honda engines at the heart of their generators are universally praised for their reliability and ability to run thousands of hours under heavy load conditions. Even after prolonged use, Honda generators continue to perform thanks to their robust components and construction. They are built to withstand very tough environments.

Verdict – When it comes to pure durability, Honda generators are in a class of their own. The GX Honda engine is revered for its reliability. DuroMax makes decent generators but can’t quite match the extreme long-lasting durability of Honda models.

  • Noise Level

DuroMax – Most DuroMax generators have noise levels between 65-75 dBA which is quite loud. This noise level is disruptive for camping or residential use when you want a quieter operation. DuroMax does not currently offer inverter generators which are much quieter.

Honda – Honda’s inverter generator lineup like the EU2200i and EU7000is operate at just 48-57 decibels which is remarkably quiet. This makes them ideal for camping, RV, and home use when low noise is a priority. Even Honda’s conventional generators run quieter than comparable models.

Verdict – For quiet operation, Honda’s inverter lineup wins hands-down. The super quiet 48-57 dB range of Honda inverter models beats even the lowest noise DuroMax generators. Honda also has quieter conventional generators.

  • Fuel Efficiency

DuroMax – Most DuroMax generators will run for 6-8 hours on a full tank depending on the load. This is decent runtime but moderately low compared to the exceptional efficiency of Honda models. Running wattage also impacts DuroMax fuel efficiency.

Honda – Thanks to the advanced GX Honda engine, their generators achieve outstanding fuel efficiency. For example, the EU2200i can run for up to 20 hours on a single tank of gas. Even at 50% load, runtime stretches up to 12 hours. This 3x efficiency edge gives Honda generators longer running times.

Verdict – Honda generators are vastly more fuel efficient due to the GX engine optimization and inverter technology on some models. You’ll get significantly longer runtime on a single tank with a Honda versus a comparable DuroMax model.

  • Price

DuroMax – A key selling point of DuroMax generators is their very affordable and budget-friendly pricing. Units start at around $300 for basic models and top out around $1000 for their largest 12,000 watt generators. This makes DuroMax one of the least expensive generator brands.

Honda – There’s no getting around the fact that Honda generators demand a premium price. Portable models start at $1,000 and their high-end inverter generators meant for home backup can cost upwards of $4,000. You pay more upfront but get Honda’s legendary quality and performance.

Verdict – If your budget for a generator is limited, DuroMax provides much more affordable options. Honda is worth the higher investment for critical applications where performance trumps price. But DuroMax gives you decent power at a fraction of the cost.

  • Warranty

DuroMax – DuroMax generators come with a standard 3-year limited warranty on parts and labor. This coverage is on par with other generators in this price range and category. DuroMax may lack support infrastructure compared to larger brands.

Honda – Honda stands behind their generators with lengthy 3-5 year warranties depending on model. Their dealer network is also extensive which makes warranty support easier if repairs are needed. Hondas are built to last so warranty claims are less common.

Verdict – Both brands provide average limited warranties in the 3-5 year range. Honda may have an edge with more established support channels but coverage duration is similar.

  • Output

DuroMax – With power outputs ranging from 3000 watts to 12,000 watts, DuroMax generators offer a wide selection suitable for home backup, worksites, or large events. Their upper end models can power an entire home. But runtime on large loads may be limited.

Honda – Honda generators top out at 7000 watts which trails the max output from DuroMax. But for most homeowners and professionals, Honda’s 1000 to 7000 watt range has capacity to spare while emphasizing efficiency and ease of use.

Verdict – If you need absolutely maximum wattage for huge loads, DuroMax can deliver more power. But Honda generators still offer ample output for typical needs while running longer on less fuel.

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  • Electric Start

DuroMax – Electric start capability is available on some DuroMax generators but not universally included. Many budget-priced DuroMax models will have manual recoil start only. Check specifications if electric start is a priority.

Honda – The vast majority of Honda generators feature convenient electric start via a starter battery. This allows easy start-up without strenuous pulling. Some Honda models also have electric start and battery charging.

Verdict – Honda wins out with wider availability of electric start models. DuroMax only offers electric start on some of its product line. Electric start is also standard on more inverter generator models from Honda.

  • CARB Compliance

DuroMax – DuroMax has worked to make their generators compliant for sale in California which has stricter emissions standards. They now offer a range of CARB compliant models. However, the selection is not as extensive as some competitors.

Honda – With their clean GX engines and eco-throttle system, most Honda generators are fully CARB compliant. This makes them accessible for sale and use in emissions-restricted areas. Honda has prioritized compliance.

Verdict – Honda has more extensive CARB certification across their product catalog. But DuroMax is catching up with a growing selection of CARB compliant options as well.

  • Safety Features

DuroMax – DuroMax generators include standard safety features like automatic low oil shutoff to prevent engine damage. They meet basic safety norms but don’t include advanced safety tech. DuroMax does not offer inverter generators which have more sensitive voltage regulation.

Honda – In addition to the basics like low oil auto shutoff, many Honda generators add extra features like automatic voltage regulators, parallel connection ability, and inverter models with precise power control. This adds an extra layer of electrical safety.

Verdict – Honda generators generally include more enhanced safety features and technologies especially on inverter models. But all portable generators must meet basic safety standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is DuroMax a good generator brand?

DuroMax makes decent quality generators that provide reliable power at an affordable price point. They are a good option for budget-conscious shoppers. However, DuroMax is not on the same level as elite brands like Honda that set the standard for performance and durability.

Is DuroMax a Chinese company?

No, DuroMax is an American company founded in Ontario, California in 2003. However, some DuroMax generators may be manufactured in factories located in China to reduce costs. The company headquarters remains in the United States.

What is the most reliable generator?

Honda generators are widely considered the most reliable thanks to the durable GX Honda engine and robust components that hold up over decades of use. Models like the Honda EU2000i and EU7000is are praised for their dependability even under heavy use.

Is DuroMax American made?

While DuroMax as a company is American owned and operated, their generators are produced in a mix of factories based both in the USA and overseas in China. Only some DuroMax models are marketed as American made so check specifications before buying if this is important to you. The customer service is based in the US.

Final Takeaways

When choosing between DuroMax and Honda generators, consider how you plan to use your generator. For home or recreational use where low noise and maximum runtime are priorities, Honda wins out.

The efficiency, durability, and quiet performance make them the preferred choice despite the higher cost.

For construction, worksites, or large power demands where price is a concern, DuroMax provides reliable wattage at a much more affordable price point.

Just don’t expect Honda-level refinement. Determine how much power and what features you need, then choose the generator brand that best fits your needs and budget.

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